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Here are the live classes you already missed if you haven't been getting emails from me:

  • Guitar Playing Creativity Unlocked - The #1 (and #2 and #3) Ear Training Trick You Can Use Right Now To Create Better Music (Licks, Solos, Phrasing, Improvisations And Songs) Because You’ll Finally Know What All The Notes You Want To Play Will Sound Like BEFORE You Play Them.
  • Sweep Picking Made Easy – The #1 thing you can do right now to break through your current sweep picking limitations.
  • "Total Guitar Playing Tension Control - Say Goodbye To Tension Today And Experience A Lifetime Of Bigger, Better, Faster & Easier Guitar Gains"
  • Fast Picking Made Easy – The #1 (and #2) thing you can do right now to break through your current picking hand speed limitations
  • How Normal, Ordinary, Everyday People Are Making At Least 6-Figures Teaching Guitar Part Time - And What You Can Do Today To Become One Of Them - Even If You’ve Never Taught Before
  • The Truth About What It REALLY Takes To Build A Successful Music Career – The #1 (and #2) thing you can do right now to fast-forward to the next level... then the next level, then the next, and the next...

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