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Want To Become A Better Guitarist Fast? Enroll In Play Better Now Guitar Classes by “The Teacher Of Teachers”, Tom Hess That:

Boost Your Guitar Speed, Fretboard Knowledge, Rhythm Guitar Chops And Lead Guitar Creativity Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible

Dear Guitar Player,

If you want to play guitar better *without* practicing more…

… and if you want to feel confident you’re on track to become a better guitarist every time you touch your guitar… listen up: 

My name is Tom Hess and I'm excited to offer you:

“Play Better Now” Guitar Classes

Online guitar classes


In these guitar classes, I break down all the “secret” things talented guitarists instinctively do to build their awesome skills.

Then I teach you those things in bite-sized steps, so you can use them to improve your guitar playing.

And that means… 

When you practice the way I show you in these classes…

You start to play guitar better immediately – no matter how much (or how little) time you have to practice!

Yes, you read correctly.

Your practice time becomes almost irrelevant.

Because when you practice guitar exactly the same way as your favorite players practice…

… then who cares if you practice 20 hours per day, 2 hours per day or 20 minutes per day?

Every Minute You Spend With Your Guitar Will Enable You To Improve Your Guitar Playing.

And every day you’ll wake up being able to play guitar better than you could yesterday.

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As a current or former Breakthrough Guitar Lessons student, you already have (or had) live access to these classes within your lessons.

Now - what exactly is *in* these guitar classes that makes me so confident to promise that they will help you become a better guitarist?

“Play Better Now” Guitar Classes Teach You The Ins & Outs Of:
Playing (and improvising) soul-satisfying guitar solos, like this:
Playing guitar fast and clean, like this:
Playing aggressive rhythm guitar and writing songs you’d feel proud to call your own, like this:
And a lot more (see full list below).

Bottom line:

If you are an intermediate guitar player who has the basics* down …

It’s Almost Impossible NOT To Become A Better Guitarist From These Guitar Classes.

(*By “basics”, I mean:

You can change chords, bend strings and do hammer ons & pull offs. Plus: you know the major scale and the minor pentatonic scale.)

If you are past this level ☝️, you are ready for the Play Better Now Guitar Classes.


“Play Better Now” Guitar Classes Are Easy To Follow At Just About Any Skill Level. (Except Total Beginner*.)

*”Total beginner” means: you played guitar for less than 6 months and you don’t know any chords or scales. (If you played for several years, took a break and are now “getting back” into playing, you are NOT a “total beginner”. And that means “Play Better Now” guitar classes will help you play guitar better. A lot better.)

Here is why:

In each class, I start with a very simple concept you can grasp even if you are not an advanced guitar player.

And after I quickly show you the basic idea and how it can improve your guitar playing…

…I show you how to apply it in your playing with examples that range from very simple to very advanced. 

This means:

You Can Use The Main Idea Of Each Class To Improve Your Guitar Playing With Examples That Fit Your Skill Level.

(And as you become a better guitarist and learn to play guitar better, you can come back to these classes many times and go deeper with them using more advanced examples.)

This is how I'm able to make these guitar classes easy to follow for:

  • Intermediate guitar players
  • Pro-level guitar players
  • And everyone in between.

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As a current or former Breakthrough Guitar Lessons student, you already have (or had) live access to these classes within your lessons.

Next, and perhaps most importantly:

Training Regular People To Play Guitar Better Is My Superpower.

Guitarists pay thousands of dollars to fly to my training events from all over the world.

Guitar training

Guitar lessons

And here is something else you may not know:

guitar teachers from all over the world pay me thousands of dollars every year to train them how to teach *their* students

…and ask me to certify their music schools with the official GTM (Guitar Teaching Mastery) certificate of excellence.

Guitar Teachers Certification

For this reason…

I'm Known Around The World As: 
“The Teacher Of Teachers”

And when you get access to “Play Better Now” guitar classes, you’re getting a key to a virtual vault with:

My Deepest Insights On How To Become A Great Guitar Player.

Here is how “Play Better Now” classes work:

Every month, you can choose any 4 classes you want to watch from your account dashboard:

Guitar video classes online

Then you PRACTICE and train with the guitar classes you selected to improve your guitar playing.

(1 class is more than enough to keep you busy and focused for a week and help you become a better guitar player. And you get 4 of these per month.)

Next month - you get 4 more credits (for 4 more guitar classes on how to play guitar better), and so on.

This way, you can go through all the content gradually, while choosing the topics *you* want to improve your guitar playing with.

Plus - I frequently create and add a new class (designed to help you become a better guitarist) into the "Play Better Now" video vault.

Why can you “only” choose 4 classes per month?


I want to make it as easy as possible for you to *USE* these classes to improve your guitar playing quickly.

That’s why I set everything up to help you play guitar better by going through each class fast…

… instead of feeling overwhelmed by how many classes there are.

These guitar classes are NOT “entertainment”. They are for improving your guitar playing fast by practicing, integrating and applying the things you are learning.

Derk Stiepelmann
Forum Hero
Guitar forum member Derk Stiepelmann
Posted November 14
What can I say? These classes are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! THIS IS INSANE VALUE! Thank you Tom Hess!
Vaughan Macegan
Forum Pro
Guitar player Vaughan Macegan
Posted July 22
I seem to say this after every lesson, so, I'll say it again:

Best Lesson ever!
Andrew Bamford
Forum Veteran
Guitarist Andrew Bamford
Posted May 28
These classes are awesome. Thanks Tom Hess!

That said, as powerful as these are at helping you improve your guitar playing:

“Play Better Now” Guitar Classes Are NOT Guitar Lessons

Meaning, these classes do NOT include:

- personalized guitar lessons based on your exact strengths, weaknesses and goals as a guitar player

- an actual teacher (me) to guide you through your specific obstacles

- regular feedback on your guitar playing

- virtually unlimited access to me for questions and help with your playing

- access to LIVE video classes with me

- access to the student support forum

- free access to the Become Unstoppable - Life Advice For Guitar Players coaching

- help with undoing your bad guitar technique habits

If you want those things - you can get them in Breakthrough Guitar Lessons (if you already are a Breakthrough Guitar Lessons student, you do not need Play Better Now Guitar Classes).

That said, if becoming my guitar student is not an option…

Play Better Now Guitar Training Classes Can Potentially Help You Improve Your Guitar Playing The Way Nothing Else Could.

Improve your guitar playing

Remember, each month you get 4 video guitar classes (approximately 45-70 minutes in length), covering all the ins & outs of:

Playing and improvising soul-satisfying guitar solos with the skills you have today. Meaning: no matter your skill level, you’ll begin playing (better) guitar solos NOW!
Using arpeggios in your guitar playing in non-typical ways that are easy to play, but make you sound very advanced and sound great in every style.
Guitar technique, 2-hand sync and guitar practice secrets that increase your guitar speed AND make your fast playing sound cleaner.
Fretboard knowledge, so you can freely play all over the guitar and sound like you know what you are doing when you solo.
Ear training secrets that let you play the music you hear in your head (instead of falling back on the same old licks and patterns you always play).
Playing head-banging rhythm guitar riffs. Pro tip: if you want to join a band, this is the #1 skill to work on (since most guitarists suck at playing rhythm… and EVERY band needs a good rhythm player!)
Writing songs you’d feel proud to call your own, instead of being limited to playing the music other people wrote.
Phrasing (milking every drop of emotion from every note and making your listeners feel what you want them to feel, even if you are playing simple melodies.)

… and pretty much every other skill you need to play guitar at a level most guitarists only dream about.

I’ll show you what to do to play guitar better and walk you through the simple steps of getting it done.

All you have to do is hit “play” on each class, follow along and smile as you feel yourself becoming a better guitar player than you ever were before.

And you can start immediately, if you like.

Your tuition is just $50 per month.

Click the button below to get access:

Get Started Now

As a current or former Breakthrough Guitar Lessons student, you already have (or had) live access to these classes within your lessons.

Michael Hall
Forum Semi-Pro
Michael Hall - guitar student of Tom Hess
Posted April 20
Thank you Tom Hess, I really appreciate you doing this for us all! This is amazing!
Mark White
Forum Semi-Pro
Guitar classes student Mark White
Posted January 1
Tom Hess,

Thanks So much for these classes! I have found myself doing things while improvising and stopping, asking myself where did that come from? The answer of course are these lessons both the breakthrough and the Monday night video class. So thanks again SO MUCH!
Vaughan Macegan
Forum Pro
Guitar video lessons student Vaughan-Macegan
Posted May 20
The skills and abilities that Tom Hess has never ceases to amaze. Just being able to come up a phrase in key in his head and just play it - is something I have never seen before.

Now I'm sure some of his higher students have this ability as well, it's just that I have never been exposed to this stuff before.

Its like the saying, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"! In this case it's musical ability.
Gabrielle Timlin
Forum Pro
Guitarist Gabrielle Timlin
Posted July 22
Love these! Thank you!