The Practice And Progress Log Book

by Tom Hess

Practice And Progress Log Workbook For Guitarists

You want to get the very most out of your learning and practicing, right? Did you know that what you learn and how you practice are only 2 of the key pieces you need to make that happen? To get the maximum benefit from everything you learn and practice, you need to:

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  • Plan your weekly guitar practice objectives. These are things you plan to achieve in 7 days of guitar practice. 
  • Set your daily guitar practice goals. These are small "micro goals" you can expect to reach after just 1 practice session. (Few guitar players ever think to set these goals. That is why they struggle to improve fast. But with this Practice And Progress Log Book, you won't be one of them.)
  • Create a new practice schedule for each day and week, so you know what to do on each day and can begin practicing the moment you pick up your guitar. (No time wasted scrambling to decide what to practice at the last minute!).
  • Record your actual practice time each day to keep yourself accountable.
  • Track and log your daily progress in tangible and quantifiable ways.

    Here is why all this helps you improve your guitar playing faster: 

    When you set daily and weekly goals for your guitar practice, you get the one thing most guitarists never get enough of:

    Regular Feedback.

    Why is this important? 

    You get to see how consistent you are with your guitar practice efforts. And you can compare them with the results you are getting (or not getting) from your guitar practice. 

    And that feedback helps you decide what to change in your guitar practice. You get to see what you should do more of (or less of) to improve faster.

    This is something you can’t easily get if you are learning guitar on your own. 

    And if you take guitar lessons…

    … your guitar teacher can easily see how to tweak your guitar lesson strategy to help you stay on track towards your musical goals. 

    To be clear:

    This Practice And Progress Log Book doesn't contain any guitar playing exercises (or things to practice). If you are looking for that – you need a guitar teacher.

    It gives you a system to tracking your guitar practice sessions, so you can get the most from the guitar exercises you do practice.

The Practice and Progress Log Book is a workbook designed to help you do all of this. It has been proven to be very effective and music teachers, music schools plus tons of students are using this book right now and experience exceptional results from their music lessons! Every guitar and bass student regardless of age, style, skill level or musical goals will benefit greatly from using this book.

Cost: $12.95

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