Practice Away From The Guitar 

Can’t Practice Guitar As Much As You’d Like To? No Problem! 

You want to practice guitar more, but you don’t always have your guitar with you because you’re at work, or school, or driving your car, or you cannot disturb others around you.
You don't have (enough) time to practice your guitar.
You waste some of the guitar practice time you DO have by practicing things that can be practiced away from the guitar... If you saved that stuff for times when you don't have your guitar with you, then you can maximize the time you DO have WITH the guitar.
… or maybe you already have enough time to practice, but you simply want to improve your guitar playing even faster by also practicing when you are without your guitar!
You can probably imagine some of the things you could be practicing without your guitar on your own, however, there are many more things you could be (and should be) practicing away from the guitar that you have never thought about before.
More importantly, you need to know how to practice these things when you don’t have a guitar in your hands.

Practice Away From GuitarImagine how much better your guitar playing will sound, how much more fun playing guitar will be and how much faster these things will happen for you when you:

  • Are no longer limited by how much guitar practice time you have
  • Can practice guitar anywhere without a guitar in your hands
  • Maximize your practice time by separating what you work on with your guitar and what you work on without a guitar so that you improve your playing much, much faster
  • Become a better guitar player while driving your car, while eating lunch, while standing in line at the grocery store, while taking a shower, or while falling asleep


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Neil Dela Cruz | Manila, Philippines : "Awesome! Just freakin awesome Tom! I was already frustrates with the thought of how would I maximise my time away from the guitar. Then this lesson came and blew my mind."
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Andre Lubensky | Hannover, Germany: "Hello Tom! Thank you for this excellent lesson! I'm really often away from my guitar and have a constant lack of time doing my non-musical job as a systems analyst. That's why I appreciate this lesson and your greatly successful effort to create it very much!"
Matteo Miller | San Diego, California, USA: "This lesson changed my life! :)"
Andrew Hope | London, UK: "Drowning with day job work so struggling to keep up a bit at the minute, but even I have moments in the office where I can do something from these lessons which is great for my mental health and keeps me in touch with music even when my life is being eaten up by work!"
Eric Davis | Georgetown, Texas, USA: "This was awesome for me, as I had actually been aching for some more stuff to do away from the guitar. Great lesson!"
JJ Minerick | St. Petersburg, Florida, USA: "This stuff is great!!! I waste so much time at school, this is perfect to get some practicing in during school."
Kevin Dokken | Roseau, Minnesota, USA: "Very powerful ideas, definitely going to utilize them!"
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