How To Create An Endless Number Of AWESOME Rock Guitar Licks For Your Rock Guitar Improvisations

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If you are like most guitar players, you struggle to improvise on guitar because you feel like you can’t come up with enough new rock guitar licks for your solos. Fact is, if you try to solve this problem by constantly searching for more and more new guitar licks to learn and memorize, you will get nowhere. The good news is that the solution to your problem is much easier than you may expect. To create awesome rock guitar improvisations, what you need to learn is how to take a single guitar lick and create lots of variations on it to instantly give yourself 20-30 new ideas to play.

Sounds hard? It’s not. Here is why:

All you need is to change how you play the notes. This will get your brain to focus on squeezing maximum emotion from each lick you play and your guitar solos will start to come alive.

Best of all, your improvising will feel a lot easier. That’s because you won’t have to come up with a new guitar lick for every second of your guitar solo anymore.

Instead, you’ll be able to take 1 cool guitar lick and develop it into 20-30 related ideas. This takes very little brainpower to do, and it frees up your mind to think of new ideas.

All the while, your audience is on the edge of their seat, soaking up every note of your guitar solo. 

Imagine how much easier rock guitar improvisation would become when you can use any new guitar solo idea to create dozens of new rock guitar licks with virtually no effort! The best part is that this method is quite simple to learn and easy to apply.

Give me a few minutes and I’ll show you:

  • Why the common approach for creating rock guitar improvisations is ineffective and how to make your guitar solos sound better with little effort
  • How to go from mindlessly noodling to playing rock star-level guiatr licks with a few simple ajdustments you can "sprinkle" on any guitar lick in just a few seconds. (I show you how I did with this a frustrated guitar student and had everyone in the audience applaud him soon after.)
  • How to take any rock guitar lick and very easily create dozens of cool sounding variations from it, so you never run out of lead guitar ideas to play
  • How to easily improvise rock guitar solos and sound like a real rock star!

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