Teach And Grow Rich

Teach And Grow Rich

The Ultimate Money Boost Event For Success-Minded Guitar Teachers


Think you can't get rich teaching guitar?

Let's find out...




1.   Keep doing the same things you’ve always done and hope for more students (with more money) to fall out of the sky.

2.   Blame all your problems on a lack of skills, your competition, your local area, the government, your childhood, or anything else beyond your control.

3.   Wait for things to change – without changing how you think, what you do, how you do things, or how consistently you do what needs to be done.

4.   Skeptically ‘try a few things’ then give up quickly because you falsely expected instant, enormous results while putting in only halfhearted effort.

5.   Engaging in lots of negative, limiting and destructive self-talk, such as, “I’m, not good enough to teach” ... “I’ll never be wealthy”, “I’m a good player, so I deserve more students” ... “Life’s not fair” ... etc., talking yourself straight out of success.

6.   Delivering a few hundred flyers once, or twice, then wait for students to magically appear – while you sit at home wasting time on and off social media sites all day.

7.   Wait until “The time is right” to take the actions you know you need to take. Wait until January 1. OR the start of summer. OR after summer ends. OR the next full moon. Or until you “feel motivated”. Or until you can afford to take action. OR until you’re ‘less busy’, ‘less stressed’, or ‘less overwhelmed’. OR until...

8.   “Save money” by staying home and missing out on the Teach And Grow Rich event. “Besides, I’ve already heard it all before.” “I’ve already got more than enough to do.” ... Or some other silly excuse.

… ok, well if that stuff can’t work, what can?


How Guitar Teachers Can Get Rich

(five ways are impractical for most, one is ideal for (aspiring) guitar teachers like you) 

1.   Marry rich. (Ask your spouse if it’s too late for that.)

2.   Inherit a fortune. (Ask your family if they’re wealthy. If yes, check if you’re in the will. Then, find out how long they plan to stay alive. Plan accordingly.)

3.   Win the lottery. (Good luck, you’ll need it. You’re twice as likely to be struck by lightning.)

4.   Invent the next generation smart phone, A.I. robot, or the next Barbie doll. (Again, good luck.)


5.   Rub your lucky horseshoe, 4-leaf-clover, or rabbit’s foot every morning. I guess it can’t hurt (unless you’re the rabbit).

6.   Learn to develop a solid, high quality guitar teaching business supported by true marketing systems, maximize its profitability, extract from it an income of $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 a year or more and save and invest wisely. Create exceptional value in growing the business via student loyalty, retention, a variety of new offers and services to your students, target market dominance and effective marketing. (This is very, very likely to happen if you attend the Teach And Grow Rich event.)

How Will You Grow Your Business In 2025? 


Like Everyone Else

Or Like Us?

Instantly, you’ll know exactly what to do in 2025 (and beyond) and actually get much of it done – Even if you think, “I’ve already got so much stuff to implement”, you’re going to get new things done quickly at this event. Guaranteed! 

Tommaso Zillio

Are you teaching guitar (or any instrument) and your business does not grow? You don't even know if you want your business to grow because you're already stuck in the daily grind of teaching a few students you have? Or maybe you are not happy about how your business is going, and want to do it full time and make it BIG but you don't know how? 

Well, I wish there was a simple answer to your question, but the reality is that success (and even more importantly, enjoying your success) is made by many small pieces. You have to get most of them right to move forward. 

That's the purpose of Tom Hess's event. You will go through every aspect of your teaching business, from the large-scale plan to the nitty-gritty details, and you will see what you are doing right, what you could do better and how to get there. 

Chances are that just in the first morning of the event, you'll get a breakthrough in your business. Yes, it sounds like an exaggeration. Yes, it's hard to believe. And yet, that is what happens every time. 

Thanks to Tom Hess''s Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program or events, not only music teaching business is successfully, but I get to enjoy working in it more. I love teaching and with the systems I learned, everything is easier. here. Life is good. 

- Dr. Tommaso Zillio, Canada


Here's Why You CAN’T Miss This Event...

This event is going to give you exactly what you need to grow your guitar teaching business successfully while most others (your competitors) are declining in the current state of inflation and recession.

Why are many of them failing? I’ll tell you why:

  • Fact is, any monkey can make money teaching guitar when the economy is BOOMING. But most don’t know what to do to thrive (or even survive) in a challenging economy…

  • A few do know, but get the order wrong. They focus on the wrong things, at the wrong time, or focus on the right things at the wrong time. If you look at what they do all day long, you would likely see them do the same things in a bad economy as they would in a good economy - this is an amateur mistake.

  • Others always seem to be busy working in their business, but they’re tinkering - not being productive in the areas that matter most.

  • … and the rest are simply lazy.

So, OF COURSE they are struggling – even though many of them brag LIE to everyone (and sometimes to themselves) on social media about how well they are doing. A truly successful business owner can smell their BS from a mile away.

But YOU are different! (You wouldn’t still be reading this if that wasn’t true).

What you need is the knowledge, insight, foresight, guidance and certainty that YOU are doing the exact right things in the right order and in the right way for the situation you currently find yourself in so that you catapult yourself to where you want to be, should be and deserve to be.

This event will give you precisely that. I share things with you that I’ve never shared before anywhere for any price.

These might be the single most important 3 days of your life.

When you have an understanding of all the building blocks of how to teach and grow rich, you can absolutely earn deep multiple 6 figures teaching guitar - other people just like you already do – if they can do it, so can you.

Take what you learn and do at this event to spark a huge electrifying surge in your cashflow and even double or triple your income and profits.

Who This Is For:


Experienced teachers and music school owners who are already earning $100,000 - $500,000 annually and want to both grow bigger and simplify their lives.
Teachers and music school owners who are struggling with their existing teaching business and want to break through to the next levels quickly.
People who haven’t started teaching yet but want to get on the right track from the beginning and cut through all the typical mistakes new teachers make.

Guitar business coaching

Here Is Just Some Of What You Get:

  • What’s Working Now (Some things don’t change, but others absolutely DO change, and you need to keep up with them or you risk falling behind. Times are changing and the clock is ticking!)

  • Learn how to use the awesome potential power of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in your business to grow faster than you could ever do without it!

  • You’ll know exactly what to do next to build your teaching business to the next level and we’ll do some of it right here, together. (if you think, “I’ve already got so much stuff to implement”, you’re going to get new things done quickly at this event. Guaranteed!)

  • The Rock-Solid 7-Figure Growth Structure that enables you to teach and grow rich (it can work even if you half-ass this and only implement some of it, but in my experience, if you get the entire structure in place, the odds will be stacked so high in your favor you almost can’t lose)

  • Stop searching for “better” students (which are hard to find) and instead learn how to take ordinary people and make them better students (“better students” in this case means people who stay with you for many years, upgrade to higher levels, and become model students for everyone else to emulate. Having more of THESE students adds great value to your business.)

  • What It Really Takes To Go From Scratch To Wealth Fast, Against All Resistance And All Obstacles (virtually everyone you see does the exact opposite of this... which is probably why virtually everyone else you see has a weak income, struggles, whines, blames and complains. Don’t be one of them.)

  • You get an in-depth analysis of YOUR guitar teaching business to be 100% sure you don’t get ‘stuck’ at the 6-figure level of income. (If you are not yet earning 6-figures, don’t think “I’ll be happy just getting to 6-figures, I don’t need to earn more.” Once I bring my clients to 6-figures, they ALWAYS want to earn much more. You need to make some important adjustments to get from $100,000 to $500,000. You need to think bigger and make sure that everything you are doing in your business is truly scalable to at least 500k or more. I show you exactly what, how and when you need to do things to be sure your business does not get stuck at 6-figures. There is a very specific path you need to follow to get there and you need to be on that path. 

  • Need help with something specific in your teaching business? Don’t know exactly how to do something? Or maybe you’d just like help hiring a teacher, or getting your flyers delivered, or you’d like to have someone review your lessons policy? 

    Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Here are just a few examples of how you can get specific help at this event’s mastermind sessions:

    • Follow up system review (so you can know if what you set up is a good idea)
    • Lesson planning (there are very experienced teachers here to help)
    • Overcoming mindset challenges
    • Website review
    • Evaluation form review
    • Conversion / sales process help
    • Marketing system review
    • ... or anything else you need specific help on

  • My Ironclad 100% Money back guarantee! You will be very happy you attended – guaranteed! Don’t make your decision now. Instead, register, attend the event, test my strategies. And if you aren’t 100% convinced this is not one of the very best investments you have ever made in your musical life … and you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day of the event… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that all payments are final, and refunds can only be given under this condition).

The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is AWESOME, but you do most of the actual work alone, at home. 

At this event we do it with you, live – some stuff is done for you, the rest is done with you, so you get stuff actually done in 3 days and you build REAL personal connections with your virtual friends in EGTIC who are also attending this event.

You’ll learn as much from being in the room with them for 3 days as you will a year on the forum.

Instantly, you’ll be like family to the most ambitious guitar teachers and music school owners on earth – even if no-one knows who you are yet... guaranteed!”

Piotr Sierzputowski

Meeting and sharing ideas with like-minded people from all around the world can help you discover really huge things you can quickly use to achieve your most impossible goals.  This what I’ve experienced here and since then I have achieved things I would never thought were possible for me.

- Piotr Sierzputowski | Poland

Make This Your Best Year Ever So You Can Be On Your Way To Live Life Without Limits

How to teach guitar for living

Jeff Wiggins

Thanks for helping me build a better business and life! And thanks for helping me give my students the best guitar lessons!

- Jeff Wiggins, USA

Janez Janezic

I attend the events regularly because of the immense value I get here - knowledge from some of the best teaches in the world; a whole lot of concepts and principles to apply to my teaching. Most importantly, the motivation to build the life I want to live. Thank you THMC for changing my life for the better. See you next year! 

- Janez Janezic, Slovenia


This special event is not about getting to “the next level”. 

It’s about catapulting you to the next 10 levels.

It’s not simply about learning new strategies and tactics that are proven to work, it’s about getting them implemented in your business.

Because great ideas are worthless if they are not put into action and making money for you – that’s what this event is about and why you don’t want to miss out.

NOTE: Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Platinum Membership Required: In order to attend the Teach And Grow Rich event, you must be an active member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (not already a member? Get started here).

You get all of this for only $1497...

So go ahead and order your ticket right now and you'll be on your way to enjoying the life you deserve!

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Teach And Grow Rich – The Ultimate Money Boost Event For Success-Minded Guitar Teachers

June 16-18, 2025
In Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA


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To your success

Tom Hess

P.S. - Every minute you wait is another student you miss who will just go to a competitor down the street or around the corner. Take action now and get your business to GROW.

Rene Kerkdyk

Attending the events is like an instant upgrade to your teaching business. You leave the event knowing exactly what to do to seriously improve your business and make more money.

- Rene Kerkdyk | Germany