How To Effectively Teach Beginning Guitar Students and Make the Lessons Fun For the Student AND You

Did you think teaching beginning guitar students would be easy, but found out that it is harder than you thought? Do some of your students do 'ok', but others progress slowly and struggle, which is frustrating for both you and them? You probably don't always know why this happens or what to do about it. You may doubt yourself and begin asking questions such as:

Is it me or the student?
Am I using the right lesson materials (beginner guitar books)?
Do I have the right guitar teaching method?

This is actually very common. Teaching guitar to beginners is hard for most teachers, but (as you will soon see) it doesn't have to be for you.

Many guitar teachers don't really know 'what' to teach beginning guitar students nor 'how' to teach them. Because they do not know what to do or how to do it, they often give students the wrong things in the beginning which causes slow progress or no progress at all. The core of all these problems is that most guitar teachers either have no real guitar teaching method at all, or follow a guitar teaching method that 'seems' to be logical, but in reality is very ineffective, especially for beginner guitar students.

Teachers often use beginning guitar method books when teaching beginners. This is where the problems start. Consider this, many beginning guitar books are published in a series (book 1, book 2, book 3, etc.). Here is an industry statistic that might shock you, less than 3% of students who buy 'book 1', will ever buy 'book 2'... and less than 1% will buy 'book 3'!!

Doesn't that immediately tell you that something must be wrong with the effectiveness of those books? If those beginning guitar teaching method books were so good, sales for books 2 and 3 would be MUCH higher!

So...what is wrong?

The vast majority of beginning guitar teaching books are written in a very logical linear way. This type of logic makes perfect sense if you are teaching a topic which is linear. But you’re not teaching mathematics or a science. You are teaching music… an ‘art’ which requires a totally different approach to teaching and learning. Yet the conventional way beginner guitar books are written (and the conventional way beginning guitar students are taught by their teachers) is typically very linear.

LINEAR guitar teaching books don’t work well for beginners. Students progress slowly, or give up, leaving both teachers and students very frustrated. The way that many guitar teachers deal with this problem is to not use any book at all and instead make their own attempt at teaching beginning students with their own version of the linear teaching approach. This often produces mediocre results… some teachers simply ‘accept’ those mediocre results, while others begin searching (again) for a better method of teaching beginners that will work all (or least most) of the time.

I also used to teach from these traditional linear beginner guitar books. And I have found that many of my own students in the past were struggling to progress quickly. So I began to carefully analyze why they progressed slowly, got stuck, felt frustrated, became bored, didn't practice, or gave up.

After years of research and trial and error I moved away from the linear guitar teaching method and created the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method. Next, I wrote "The Beginning Guitarist's Book" series. Since that time I (and many other teachers I have trained) successfully use this innovative method of teaching guitar.

Master the Art of Teaching Guitar to Beginning Guitar Players

To avoid all the problems mentioned above and to become a great guitar teacher you need to have 2 main things:

1. Highly Effective Guitar Teaching Materials
2. A Highly Effective Guitar Teaching Method and Approach

You can get both right now... I put together a very special package that gives you the guitar lessons materials you need and the training that enables you to effectively teach your beginning guitar students.

Here Is What You Will Get:

Teach Beginning Guitar Students Book
  • The Beginning Guitarist's Book containing the proven lesson materials for fast results. All lessons are laid out in the innovative Geometric Guitar Teaching Method. You will always know 'what to teach' your beginning guitar students.
  • Audio Training on how to understand and apply the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method so that you can effectively help beginners progress easier, faster and better than traditional guitar teaching methods. Your students will be far more likely to continue taking lessons from you for a long time if they get more from their lessons from you and see faster results.
  • Because of all the additional benefits your students will get, you will be able to make more money and feel even more confidence and fulfillment as a guitar teacher! It's a great feeling to be able to have all of that at the same time!
  • A complete PDF transcript of your training so that you can either listen to the audio session, or read the transcript. In addition, you can always quickly refer back to all the concepts, ideas and training.

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewI'm sure you take your guitar teaching seriously, and I know that your current and future beginner guitar students will greatly appreciate the fact that you are getting access to the best teaching materials and methods available for beginners. And they'll appreciate you even more when you start right now.

Teaching beginning guitar students 'effectively' is very critical and requires a lot of responsibility from us teachers to make things right... Mistakes in this early phase of the students' development can really hurt their ability to learn to play guitar. Don't put this off, give your students the best possible instruction!

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