The Blueprint For Making Any Guitar Solo You Play Sound Awesome And Unforgettable

Wouldn't it be great if you had a clear and simple process for making your guitar solos sound great ALL the time, instead of just sometimes?
I’m not talking about some rigid formula you have to follow that will make all your guitar solos sound the same or become a carbon copy of someone else. I'm talking about common principles of lead guitar playing creativity that all your favorite guitarists have mastered. These tools enable them to create great guitar solos with any notes/licks/scales they play, in any musical context. 
Imagine how awesome you would feel if you could do that in your lead guitar playing anytime you wanted. The good news is, you can…and you don’t need to be an advanced guitar player to do it. In fact, you will quickly become a much more advanced guitarist by learning to transform any guitar solo from average to awesome.


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You will learn:

  • How to master “musical refinement” - the process for taking an average guitar solo and making it great. This works EVERY time you use it and it is one of the biggest secrets the pros use to make their solos sound incredible.  
  • 3 questions you must ask yourself about every guitar lick you play to make your solos sound as awesome as possible. 
  • 4 different ways to apply vibrato in your guitar licks to add intense drama and passion to your guitar solos.
  • How to control the buildup and release of musical tension with every lick in your guitar solo to express the exact emotions you want your listeners to feel.
  • 3 simple guitar soloing techniques that will keep your solos from becoming repetitive and boring.
  • How to practice scales to visualize the guitar neck as one big scale pattern instead of isolated “chunks” of scale shapes. This will make you free to creatively use the entire fretboard for soloing and sound great when you do it.
  • How to use rhythm to make your guitar solos highly creative, no matter what notes you play in your guitar licks.

You will also get: a video demonstration of the process of turning an actual guitar solo from pretty good to great using all the tools you learn in this eGuide. This will help you to integrate these guitar soloing concepts into your playing faster and easier. The eGuide and video demonstrations are available for instant access on my website, so you can begin learning right away (nothing is shipped).
Get “The Blueprint For Making Any Guitar Solo You Play Sound Awesome And Unforgettable” right now for only $7 and learn the guitar solo secrets that will massively transform your lead guitar playing.


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P.S. Guitar players pay me thousands of dollars to learn these secrets to playing highly expressive guitar solos. Don’t miss your opportunity to get access to them for only $7 and start playing guitar solos you will love to call your own.

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