Guitar Event In Person Or Live Streaming

WARNING: On July 12, 2021, hundreds of guitarists will scream:


…at how much their playing improved by 4:50pm

And you can be 1 of them if you want.


Dear Guitar Player,

“You can make life-changing progress in 1 day”.

When 9 out of 10 guitarists read this, they cough: “Bullsh*t!” & close this page. They refuse to believe it. 

And sadly, they’ll never know just how close they were to turning their guitar playing dreams into reality. 

But that’s ok with me. 

Because I'm only writing to the 1 guitar player in 10, open-minded, brave & curious enough to say: "Show Me".

And if you are that one guitar player, this might be the most important page you’ll ever read.

Here is the deal:

Once every 4 years, I run a 6-day live guitar training event called “Total Guitar Mastery Training Week”.

But before I tell you about it - I have to give you the BAD NEWS: 

This intense, closed-door training is expensive (payment plans are available).

And it is definitely NOT for you, if:

Guitar Playing Mistake To Avoid You don’t like to be coached & can’t handle direct, no-bullshit, friendly-but-firm feedback from experts trying to help you. (See what I mean below.)
Guitar Playing Mistake To Avoid You’re so skeptical – you don’t believe anyone can help you. (Or on the flip side - you are looking for a “do this today & master guitar by tomorrow” magic pill that makes you great without effort.) I cannot help you if you have this mindset.
Guitar Playing Mistake To Avoid You fear being around WORLD-CLASS guitar players, who may be light years ahead of where you are today. Heads up: at this event, you’ll meet my top guitar students who play at a pro level. (You’ll see their playing in a moment.)

You may be nowhere near this level right now. 

That’s ok. 

And if this scares you a little – that’s ok too. (I would be scared too.) But if your fear is greater than your desire to become a better guitar player – this event is not for you. 

Frankly, this training is “too extreme” for most people (see why below).


A Growing Number Of Guitar Players Of All Ages, Skill Levels & Backgrounds Are Raving How It's The Only Thing That Ever Worked For Them.
Guitar Mastery Training Live Event Guitar Mastery Live Training Event
For example:
  • Gottfrid N.W. from Sweden won the “Virtuoso Of The Year” award after taking his speed to over 2000 notes per minute. Watch Gottfrid play.
  • Tommaso Z. from Canada increased his speed by 40% from 100-140 bpm on a 16th note triplet lick in only 6 days. Watch Tommaso play.
  • Mark T. from the USA fixed excess muscle tension he had for 34 years & cut his practice time by 50%. Watch Mark play.
  • Constantin E. from Germany won the “most improved guitar player” award after fixing technical obstacles in his playing. Watch Constantin play.
  • Yaroslav L. from USA increased his speed from 130 bpm – 200 bpm on a jazz lick in only 50 minutes. Watch Yaroslav’s story.
  • Sergey S. from Canada finally learned how to sweep pick, after struggling with the technique for years. Watch Sergey’s story.
  • Maurice R. from Canada used his new skills to leave his 6-figure day job & build a guitar teaching business. Watch Maurice’s story.
  • Dan M.  from the UK improved so fast – he became the youngest member of my elite “A-Team” of master guitar trainers. Watch Dan play.

Disclaimer: These guitar players are my top students. None of them practiced 8 hours per day, but they practiced more and worked much harder than the average person

If you attend Total Guitar Mastery Training Week, your results may be the same, more or less.

Still, if you are open-minded and are ok with being pushed outside your comfort zone, I fully expect, by 4:50 pm on July 12, 2021 to hear you say:

“This training is expensive – but it’s the best thing I ever did for my guitar playing. It already paid for itself many times over.”

And I expect your next thought to be:

“Holy Smokes!!!”

… as you realize - this was only day 1. And you have 5 more days to go.

Happy Guitarist

But before I explain the details, I have to tell you a story so profound - I'm going to remember it even on my deathbed.

How Did A Flesh & Blood Guitar Player From Australia Build World-Class Chops In 30 Minutes A Day? 

John Williams The year was 1996.

I was already a pretty good guitar player. And I was going to college to become even better. 

It was the year my college professor first told me about John Williams.

John Williams

(No, not “John Williams - the film composer”.)

John Williams - the classical guitar legend, with a career spanning over 60 years. In his prime, he often played 2-hour shows of classical guitar pieces with scary accuracy.

(If you ever played classical guitar, you know how unforgiving it is to ANY technique flaws.)

But the crazy part? 

By John Williams’ own admission, he rarely practiced more than 30 minutes a day


When I heard this, I thought: 

“Ok, so John Williams MUST have freakish levels of natural talent. NO WAY a normal person can get Williams-level chops in 30 minutes of practice.”

After all: I practiced up to 3 hours per day. And I don’t have a drop of natural talent in my body.

So how else could I justify someone playing better than me on 1/6 of the practice time?

Practice Time Diagram

Then my professor said the thing that made my jaw hit the floor. And forever changed the way I look at guitar.

It was about William’s “world-class-chops-in-30-minutes-a-day” secret. What was the secret?

His Guitar Practice Was Damn Near BULLETPROOF!

As it turns out:

John Williams never practiced alone (at least in his early years.)

He wasn’t allowed to even TOUCH his guitar, unless his father (himself – a pro guitar teacher) was by his side while he practiced. 



Williams’s father knew something most guitar teachers have no clue about. 

He knew the #1 reason why most guitarists practice for decades & still can’t play the songs they like

…while others improve at lightning speeds.


He knew the reason most feel embarrassed to play guitar for others.

(And why, when they do play – it sounds nothing like what they hear in their head.)

He knew why most players develop crippling bad habits that make it impossible to ever play well.

Most importantly: He knew EXACTLY what to do about it!

It has everything to do with:

Luck-Of-The-Draw Practice: The Real Reason You Are Not Playing Guitar The Way You Want Yet

When most guitar players practice, they do what comes naturally & “hope it works”. Some may read books on “how” to practice or try to copy what they see others do. 

But they never get real feedback, coaching, guidance and training on their practice habits. 

This is called: practicing by “luck of the draw”. 

If you practice this way & are lucky to have a lot of natural talent – you get really good, really fast. 

But if you don’t - you NEVER reach your true guitar playing potential.

(Imagine if doctors, accountants, airplane pilots, engineers and lawyers learned their craft this way!) 

Is there an alternative?

Yes. It's called "Bulletproof practice". And that is what John Williams’s father made his son do.


He trained his son in every practice session. He corrected Williams’s mistakes & made him practice the right way. ALL. THE. TIME.

And - talent or no talent – this left Williams no choice but to become a world-class player

What If YOU Had An Expert "Bulletproof" Your Guitar Practice Too?
guitar players at live events

By that I mean: Correct your every mistake. Prevent tiny, easily-fixable flaws from blowing up into lifelong bad habits.

What if someone erased any bad habits you may have now (even if you’ve had them for 30+ years)? And train you the way Olympic trainers coach their athletes. 

How much better of a guitar player do you think you’d be by now?

And let me ask you:

Has any guitar teacher done it for you

If your answer is “none” – now you know why you (and most people who ever pick up a guitar) never had the chance to play the way you want and deserve.

Now you know why you’ve only been admiring your favorite players from a distance, but never learned to play like them.
And now you know why you can’t blame “lack of talent” or “lack of practice time” for lack of playing ability

The real problem is: no one ever showed you how to do Williams’s “bulletproof” practice. 

You’ve been left on your own doing “Luck-Of-The-Draw” practice instead.

I don’t know about you, but to me - this feels downright unfair!!!

If you had a dad like John Williams...

Talent Or No Talent - You'd Have NO CHOICE But To Become The Guitarist Everyone Wants To Play Like. (Even If You Try To Fight It!) 

When I first discovered this back in 1996, I felt like I was on to something BIG.

big idea

And since I was already teaching full time (offline), I decided to set a little experiment. That is - to train my students, like Williams’s father trained his son. 

Problem was - back in 1996, I had NO IDEA if I could make it would work. I had no clue what it meant to “train” guitar players. 

I also didn’t know:

  • How exactly Williams’s father trained his son. After all, “training” only works if the trainer knows what he is doing. (I don't think Williams’s grandma could have trained him like his father did.)
  • If training could erase years (or decades) of bad guitar playing habits. Or if it only worked if you did "bulletproof practice" from day 1. (Like John Williams.)

More importantly, I didn’t know ANYONE else in the world doing this training for guitar players. 

Still… there was nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot.. 

I split guitar lessons with my students into part teaching – part training.

I’d make my students literally practice in front of me. As they practiced – I did my best to correct their mistakes, tell them what to focus on and keep them on track when they wanted to give up. And we would troubleshoot their problems together – on the spot. 

Guitar students at live events

And what happened?

I realized I had A LOT to learn about being a great trainer.

Some of my students struggled to do what I asked them to do. Others had a truck load of bad guitar practice habits that took a long time to undo.

But ENOUGH students began improving at such an alarming pace - I realized: 

“This Idea HAS LEGS!!!”

So, I started to study expert trainers in sports & other areas of life. I tested, tweaked & refined my skills as a trainer in the years that followed.

And as I got better & better at training others, I realized something critical.

It didn't matter anymore how much natural talent my students had or didn’t have. 

It didn’t matter what they already tried before. What other teachers he studied with. Or what books, courses, DVDs or YouTube videos he watched.

As long as the students in front of me did what I told them to do - they made progress. 

Every. Single. Time.

And it didn’t take years or months. It took just days… or sometimes hours or even minutes.

Guitarists who once had no idea what correct practice looked like, were starting to practice like pros… and their playing showed it.

Here is what good training looks like:

What that means for you is:

If you lack natural talent – you can make up for it with expert training & coaching. 

Training is the bridge from “Luck-Of-The-Draw” practice to “Bulletproof” practice.

It is the “Great Equalizer” that lets anyone play guitar as well as they want. The same way a gun lets a 70-year old woman defend herself from a young thug.

Since then, “training” has become the backbone of my teaching style. As inseparable as your head is from the rest of your body. 

In the decades that followed, I refined my training to work for virtually everyone. And I taught 100s of guitar teachers how to train their students inside my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. 

But once I saw what “Bulletproof practice” was doing for my offline students, I realized I had a huge problem.

This training only worked when it was done LIVE. IN PERSON.

John Williams’s father, after all, had to be in the same room with his son while training him. And now I knew why.

Here was the problem:

I was already teaching 100s of students online. Students whom I couldn’t see in person every week. And all of them deserved the same benefits of “bulletproof practice” too.

Plus, call it pride, vanity or ego if you want, but I want to be known as the best guitar teacher ever. (At least while I'm alive.) I want to be the teacher who turned more people into world-class guitar players than anyone else.

To do that, I had to prove my theory.

The theory that any healthy person with 10 fingers can become great at guitar without practicing 8 hours a day …


So I started thinking of ways to offer the life-changing benefits of “Bulletproof practice” to my online students. 

And in 2012, I ran the first Total Guitar Mastery Training Week for a small test group of 30 people. 

Their situations were as different as they can be.

  • Some people have studied with me for years – others only started a few months prior.
  • Some have been playing for 30+ years, but haven’t improved in the last 25.
  • Some were already top-level shredders who wanted even more insane chops.
  • Some were metal players. Others played acoustic jazz. One person played slide guitar.
  • Some were in their teens. Others were over 70. And everything in between. 

Each person paid thousands of dollars (plus travel, hotel and food expenses) to be in the room. Some flew from as far as Australia, South Africa and from all over Europe. 

Total Guitar Mastery Training Tom Hess Total Guitar Mastery Live Guitar Training With Tom Hess

But more than money, they put their trust into me. Their expectations were high and I HAD TO deliver. 

So the students, myself and 2 other world-class guitar trainers (whom I handpicked to train alongside me) went to work. 

For 6 days – 8 hours per day, we drilled the students on guitar playing mastery concepts I’ve been refining since 1996. We watched them practice every step of the way and never let up.

The result?

I let the trainees tell you in their own words:

Total Guitar Mastery Training Feedback:
These ordinary people had one thing in common: they really wanted to get better at guitar quickly. Most of them had to make serious sacrifices to attend Total Guitar Mastery Training. Here is what they have to say:

Scott Turner

"I knew coming here would be worth it, to train with the person who trained hundreds of virtuoso guitarists.”

Scott Turner | USA

B.C. Cliver

"I was pleasantly surprised the very first day, when things turned out way better than I thought they would.”

B.C. Cliver | USA

Colin West

"The instruction I got here is unbelievable. My technique has completely changed from what I was doing.”

Colin West | United Kingdom

ohan Tillgren

"It’s really inspiring to be around all the other crazy good students who have different ideas."

Johan Tillgren | Sweden

John Paul Estrada

"Everything improved - in both hands. I can hear the results already, even not plugged into an amp."

John Paul Estrada | USA

Brandon Reinhart

"I’ve had massive amounts of accuracy improvement. I know I struggled with this in the past. That’s been huge."

Brandon Reinhart | USA

Lee Gattenby

"I never realized how tense my left hand was. I saw immediate results within 2 days."

Lee Gattenby | USA

Tommaso Zillio

"I actually see my hands move a different way and feel them move a different way - it’s quite great!"

Tommaso Zillio | Canada

Jimmy Alford

"My playing stepped up to the next level. In terms of how I articulate all the notes and how I stay focused while practicing."

Jimmy Alford | UK

Daniel Cruzan

"Tom Hess's stuff made more sense to me than any other teacher out there. It cuts out a lot of the confusion I would have otherwise."

Daniel Cruzan | USA

Jesse Froebel

In 3 days, I’ve definitely improved. And all the people are here for the same reason - to improve.

Jesse Froebel | USA

Lutz Richter

"I already knew this must be great, because Tom Hess always delivers what he promises. It’s a rare thing and I found it here."

Lutz Richter | Germany

I’ve since ran Total Guitar Mastery Training Week 2 more times:

In 2014, we had to move to a new (bigger) hotel. And I brought on 3 more trainers (one of whom came to this event in 2012 and has since improved so much – he got more than good enough to train others). 

In 2017, we ran the event for a 3rd time at yet another (much bigger) hotel. 

And I brought on 2 more trainers. Look at the crazy turnout we had:

Tom Hess Live Event Attendees

And here is some of the feedback I got from guitarists in the photo above. (Many of these guitarists attended the event for the 3rd time.)

Feedback from students

In July of 2021, it’s happening again.

Total Guitar Mastery Training Week

July 12-17, 2021
In Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

Total Guitar Mastery Training Week

hand WARNING hand

This is NOT “guitar lessons”.

You won’t learn anything about scales, basic guitar techniques, ear training, improvising, rhythm or songwriting.

Here is what we are going to do instead:

  1. Me & my A Team of master guitar trainers do a deep dive into your guitar playing problems. You get an in-depth diagnosis of what's holding you back, keeping you stuck & getting in the way of playing the way you want.
  2. Then we prescribe solutions to each problem in your playing & prioritize them in the right order for you to focus on.

And finally: 

  1. We hold your hand every step of the way as you practice. We do it for 6 days – 8 hours per day. We continue to fix your mistakes as you make up for all the years (or decades) of not playing guitar the way you want. 

Want to join us?

We are happy to have you, as long as you agree to 5 conditions below. This event is NOT everyone's cup of tea. So please read carefully...

1 Total Guitar Mastery Training Week Is NOT For Beginners.

This event is for you if you are at an intermediate level and higher. Here is how to tell if you qualify:

If you take Breakthrough Guitar Lessons from me (or have done so in the past), you ARE ready for this training. (Even if you are not as advanced as my top students.)

How can I know this? 

Simple: my #1 priority is to create maximum value for my guitar students. And frankly, I would be pretty dumb to create a guitar event my own students couldn’t come to :)

But what if you and I never worked together?

You have 2 ways to find out if you are ready:

  • email me a 60-second audio or video recording of your guitar playing to and I will tell you. (Show me a sample of what you practiced most recently.) 


Don’t worry – we won’t lie to you and tell “you are ready” if you aren't. We also won’t twist your arm or try to “convince” or “hard-sell” you to come.

We only want you here if you: 1. Are truly ready for this. 2. Actually want to be here. I’d much rather turn you away if this event is not a good fit for you than have you come and be disappointed.

2 You Must Be Ready For Blunt & Direct Expert Feedback On Your Playing (And Not Take It Personally).

I won't sugarcoat it: this training is very intense. That's because I am dead-serious about delivering "Holy Smokes!" amount of progress to everyone in the room.

So expect to be challenged, pushed & even a bit frustrated at times.

If you are not ready for this - that's ok. It simply means this training is not for you. You've been warned :)

Total Guitar Mastery Training Feedback:
These guitarists flew from over 51 countries and paid thousands of dollars to endure 48+ hours of the most intense guitar training ever created. Why? I let them tell you in their own words:

Crosby Moen

"There is a lot of things I’ve already improved and it’s only been a few days. The smallest things make the biggest difference."

Crosby Moen | USA

Andrew Lee

"The progress I’ve seen in 6 days is unbelievable. My technique has improved all around. It’s amazing to see results like that."

Andrew Lee | USA

Hugo Leonardo

"My weakest link was legato. I’ve been struggling with it for a year. After I came here - I went to a level I never thought I’d reach."

Hugo Leonardo | Switzerland

Wiebe Ophorst

"When I came here, I could play at 160 bpm in 16th notes. Now I am picking at 260 beats per minute and I’m just halfway through this."

Wiebe Ophorst | USA

James Krumbock

"I can feel my playing has improved - my hand positions have improved and I feel much more relaxed."

James Krumbock | UK

Niklas Eskilsson

"Total Guitar Mastery Training Week identified many issues for me that I didn’t know I had and partially solved all of them."

Niklas Eskilsson | Sweden

Jacob Melling

"I knocked out a roadblock that’s been in my way for over 10 years. One thing had a cascading effect and fixed many different problems."

Jacob Melling | USA

Patrik Bieri

"The way Tom Hess teaches improved my guitar playing in so many different areas in just 6 days. It’s amazing for me."

Patrik Bieri | Switzerland


3 You Must Agree To Practice At Least 1 Hour Per Day For 12 Weeks Before The Training Begins.

Total Guitar Mastery starts on July 12, 2021. But your playing starts improving on April 19, 2021.


With my first bonus gift to you: 12 Full Weeks Of Total Guitar Mastery Pre-Training. (You receive the first module 12 weeks before the event starts – on April 19, 2021).

I want you to know all the main concepts we’ll be using at the event before you come here. 

This does 3 things:

  • It helps you start using them in your playing as early as April 19, 2021 and become a better guitarist before you even show up at Total Guitar Mastery Training Week.
  • It helps me and my team to do what we do best – train you & work with you directly on your guitar playing. We don’t want to read to you like you are 5 years old. We want to hit the ground running and make you better the minute you come here. 
  • It prepares your hands and your brain for this training. 

If this sounds like "way too much work", sorry, but Total Guitar Mastery Training Week is not for you.

4 You Must Agree To Put Your Skepticism Aside & Let Me (And My "A Team" Of Master Guitar Trainers) Train You.

They say, “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. But I believe that: “proof is worth 1000 assurances”.

So instead of assuring you that my students get results, watch them play and be the judge :)

Disclaimer: these are (some of) my all-time best students who have been with me for many years. They worked MUCH HARDER than the average person. Most importantly, they were all very coachable and did everything I asked of them.

I'm not promising you will play like them if you come to Total Guitar Mastery Training Week.

What I AM promising is to train you THE EXACT same way I trained them. (Actually, it’s going to be better for you. Because each time I run the event, myself & my team are better trainers than before.) 

If you put in the same work my top students did – there is no reason you can’t learn to play just like them.

By the way: it doesn't matter if you play acoustic, electric or bass guitar. Or if you play classical, country, jazz, heavy metal or blues. If you meet the minimum skill level standard – you can attend this training.

And there is one last condition:

5 You Must Put Skin In The Game.

Heads up: this event has always been “reassuringly expensive” & always will be. At the same time – it’s within reach (financially) for anyone truly serious about their playing. 

We’ve had guitar players fly from India, Vietnam, Poland, Lebanon, Ukraine, Croatia, Paraguay, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina and other countries with weak economies. (In total, guitarists from 51 countries attended my events over the years.)

attendees map

If you (like me) believe “you get what you pay for”, you wouldn’t want this event to be cheap. You probably already tried “cheap” and “free” ways to fix your playing. And isn’t that why you are reading this page right now? 

Plus, if I really can help you make “Holy Smokes!!!” amounts of progress in your playing…

Would you even believe me if I promised to do it for a few hundred bucks?

So, take a deep breath…

The tuition is $1997. (Payment plans are available.) 

And no, this does NOT include your hotel, flight and food costs. 

If this is more than you want to invest in your guitar playing – that’s ok. And if paying this amount takes food off your family’s dinner plate – please pass on this & save your money. This event is not for everyone. 

But I found – the more you pay for something, the more you value it. The more likely you are to actually show up, do what I tell you & get results.

Plus, the high price raises your (& everyone else’s) expectations. And that’s the way I like it.

Your high expectations put more pressure on me to (over) deliver on my promise to you. Because if I don’t – I risk something much more valuable than money: my reputation. 

And much of my success has come from giving people MORE than what they expect & pay for – when they put their trust in me.

Plus, the price limits the group size – to give you (& everyone else) more attention & more value. 

Although as you can see from the photos – the “high” price hasn’t exactly done its job of keeping the event small. Plus, my team & many attendees have told me many times I should be charging more for this training.

So that means: 2021 may be the last year I offer the event at this low of a price. (Next time, I may well DOUBLE the tuition.)

Total Guitar Mastery Training Feedback:
Want to see even more proof of results guitarists are getting at Total Guitar Mastery Training? Check out these videos:

Marco Basic

"My notes are ringing out much better and you can feel the improvement of 2-hand synchronization."

Marco Basic | Croatia

Constantin Einzmann

"I felt like I was blind for the 15 years I played guitar. There were so many details of technique I never knew existed."

Constantin Einzmann | Germany

Mike Larson

“You’re dealing with some of the best guitar teachers in the world, and you can’t get that just anywhere.”

Mike Larson | USA

Joseph Murphy

"I go back to my room and it's like WOW, I can't believe I figured that out and improved so quick. It definitely works."

Joseph Murphy | USA

Yaroslav Litus

"After taking a single class, my speed went from 130 bpm to 200 bpm. This is measurable results."

Yaroslav Litus | USA

Sergey Stephanoff

"I finally learned how to sweep pick. Having trainers give you a hand when you have questions - it's very cool."

Sergey Stephanoff | Canada

Brandon Reinhart

"I can sweep more cleanly. I can sweep more quickly. And I can do it immediately. And that feels pretty good."

Brandon Reinhart | USA

Nicholas Anderson

"I got rid of a lot of tension in my playing, both in my left hand and in my right hand. And I’ve seen my speed increase."

Nicholas Anderson | USA

Now you might be wondering:

Is there a chance this training doesn't work for you?

Of course. To date, my success rate (of doing this training with thousands of people) has been 100%. But there is always a risk someone will be the very first guitar player I can’t help. And you might be that unlucky person. But even then – I’ve got you covered. (See my money-back satisfaction guarantee below.)

And here is something else: 

I created this event, knowing full well most guitar players have long given up on their dreams. Most are so skeptical - they feel Instant Disbelief when someone offers to help them. 

And I know most will read this page, see all the proof of this training working for other people & still think it’s “too good to be true”.

That’s why I heavily reward those who still believe in themselves & have faith that someone will do what they promise to do. And have the guts to act on their instincts.

And that’s why, when you join us for Total Guitar Mastery Training Week 2021, you get these bonuses FREE to maximize your results:

Tom Hess Total Guitar Mastery Training WeekBig Bonus Gift #1: “Total Guitar Mastery Success Implementation System” with all my training, strategies & guitar mastery tactics.
I asked myself: “If I were to put in print the most valuable gems of guitar wisdom I’ve learned in 33 years of playing guitar, what would I say?”
This was the result.
It’s not for sale anywhere, for any price (but if I did sell it, I’d set the price at $1000).
I give it as a gift to all who attend Total Guitar Mastery Training Week live. And I only put it in your hands AFTER you sign an agreement not to sell, copy, share or redistribute in any from or fashion.

Here is a sneak preview of what you discover inside:

  • 7-point “guitar mastery checklist” my top students swear by. I never revealed it in articles or YouTube videos (and never will). Print it, put it on the wall in your practice room and underline Point 6 twice. The longer you’ve been stuck in a rut – the faster this checklist gets you “unstuck”.
  • The #1 difference between amateur & pro-level guitar practice. If I could only practice one way for the rest of my life - this would be it.
  • How to stay laser-focused while practicing, even if you get distracted easily. Tip: Do this away from your guitar – so your brain has LESS to think about while you practice.
  • My Hollywood-inspired “see-more-with-your-eyes-closed” drill that helped me relax muscle tension, clean up sloppy playing, improve timing, get my hands in sync & play better on stage. I first saw it in a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Then my guitar teacher showed me how to use it to improve my guitar playing. 100s of my students have since done the same. You can be next.
  • A failsafe way to fix your guitar playing problems. If you are observant, you can see me use it in many YouTube videos where I solve (seemingly) "impossible" problems in my students’ playing – often in a few minutes. Otherwise, here it is.
  • How to quickly recover from mistakes on stage without anyone noticing. All your favorite guitar players do this instinctively (but never talk about it publicly). Here is what they do and how you can do it too. 
  • How to “trick” your body to keep playing - even when your hands are tired. Super useful if you play long live shows. Follow my 10 steps & build scary endurance, reduce risk of injury & make other guitar players jealous when they can’t keep up with you. 
  • A “stupidly simple” way to make your fretting hand do 50% less work to play notes. (Imagine what this does to your raw speed potential.) Most guitar skills take a long time to master – this is not one of those. But you might feel REALLY ANGRY if no one ever taught it to you before. 
  • 11 skills you’d better be practicing RIGHT NOW if you ever want to play on stage, audition for a band or record in the studio. Had I known them when I started, I would have saved myself many embarrassing moments.  
  • The ultimate test for your guitar playing. How good are you REALLY? Find out here. (Then take the steps that follow to plug the holes in your knowledge & skills.)
  • Why your speed, phrasing, vibrato and improvising skills are “fool’s gold” without the skill of “consistency”. Here is why and how to practice it.
  • Lightning rounds – the ultimate way to practice, so you play at your best, even on your worst days
  • How to "outfox" sloppy 2-hand synchronization using nothing but ordinary trills... with a little twist.  
  • How to play TWO notes that drip with power & sound like this. (Yes, you are hearing 2 notes with heavy ornaments, played by one of my top students - a trainer at Total Guitar Mastery Training Week). Do what I say in this section and I can almost promise you’ll play like this too. 
  • The #1 thing you should listen, look for & study in your favorite guitar solos to make your playing drip with emotion. (It’s not technique, scales, note choice or even rhythm). My favorite guitar solos for this 1 thing are: King Diamond: the 7th Day Of July 1777, Yngwie Malmsteen: I am a Viking and Jeff Loomis: Miles Of Machines (from 2:22-2:59). Plus, it’s something women LOVE hearing in your playing.
  • How I, my students and other pros practice to never run out of (good) ideas to play in guitar solos. This is hands down my favorite way to practice guitar. Use it to turn any cool lick into dozens of KILLER licks. 
  • 3 little-known ways to “engineer” musical creativity & use what you know in real music. I first learned this in high school - while working as an apprentice machinist with my father. If you are a “left-brain” type person with an analytical & methodical mind – you will LOVE this. 
  • 2-String mastery cells that turn your wrist into a shred machine (and help you memorize scales all over the fretboard at the same time).
  • Mind-expanding drills that force your brain to think faster while improvising or shredding at lightning speeds. Warning: these are not easy to do (so almost no one does them). But they work like magic for anyone who does.
  • Why the most disciplined, motivated and well-meaning guitar players often waste 25-33% of their practice time & not realize it. Here is how this happens and what you can do about it.
  • How to improve your technique, your ear, your musical memory, your creativity & just about every other skill, simply by warming up. The trick is to use exercises that are easy for your hands to play, but engage your brain fully. If you live in a cold climate & spend 30+ minutes warming up – this is a lifesaver. 
  • Guitar warm up no-no – AVOID this idiotic drill like you avoid a rattlesnake. It often creates bad habits, teaches you to practice mindlessly and leads to guitar playing plateaus. It’s also the #1 warm up exercise taught online.
  • A simple way to tweak & layer “easy” exercises so they always challenge you – no matter how fast you play.  
  • The “Julius Ceasar way” to make your big guitar playing challenges feel flea-size small. (I started doing this after seeing how recording engineers fix mistakes in recordings.) I’ve yet to see it not work for anyone who uses it.
  • The “power continuum” that turns really good players into world-class master players – sometimes in just 1 practice session. You can hear Steve Vai use it all over his song: “Tender Surrender”.

Total Guitar Mastery Pre-TrainingBig Bonus Gift #2: 12 Full Weeks of Total Guitar Mastery Pre-Training before the event even begins – To maximize the results you will get at this incredible event, you need to learn the main concepts we’ll be using at the event, ‘before’ you get here. Why? Because the more you learn and do things before you arrive, the more time I can invest directly into your guitar training (and less explaining fundamental concepts you should have learned before)… So I’m going the extra mile (in advance) to ENSURE your guitar playing will be completely transformed at this event! This ultra exclusive private training will prepare you for the event, and ensure that you become a better guitar player EVEN BEFORE you attend this event!

Total value = $684
Tom Hess Total Guitar Mastery CertificateBig Bonus Gift #3: Certificate Of Total Guitar Mastery - This certificate looks great on your wall & is something you can feel very proud of.
Plus, if you teach guitar – you gain an instant credential other teachers in your area do not have. And that means you can charge more money for your guitar lessons.

Value = Priceless!
1 FREE Ticket For A Friend Big Bonus Gift #4 (When you choose the "Ultra Badass Package" below): You Get 1 FREE Ticket For A Friend* To Attend The Legendary HESSFEST Live Event on July 8-11, 2021 *You can give your free ticket to any friend you want over the age of 18 who is also not a current or former client/student of mine.

Total value = $697
Total Guitar Mastery Success Implementation System
package value $1,000.00 FREE
12 Weeks Of Pre-Training $684.00 FREE
Your Certificate Of Guitar Training Completion Priceless FREE
One Free* Ticket To HESSFEST *See details above $697.00 FREE


Most importantly, your satisfaction is backed by…

My Ironclad 100% Money back guarantee! You will be very happy you attended – guaranteed! Don’t make your decision now. Instead, register, attend the event, test my strategies. And if you aren’t 100% convinced this is not one of the very best investments you have ever made in your musical life … and you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day of the event… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that all payments are final and refunds can only be given under this condition).

Total Guitar Mastery Training Week - 
Ultra Badass Package

So, you want even more awesome guitar training? ... a LOT more killer training? I’ve created for you the most badass package of guitar training ever! Check this out:

Here’s what you are going to get when you choose the Ultra Badass Package:

1. Total Guitar Mastery Training Week Event
 $1,997.00 value
2. Total Guitar Mastery ELITE FORCE Special Training Event
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3. HESSFEST Event Ticket 
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Plus You Get These Huge Free Bonuses:

4. HESSFEST Event Ticket Free For A Friend *You can give your free ticket to any friend you want over the age of 18 who is also not a current or former client/student of mine. $697.00 value
5. Total Guitar Mastery Success Implementation System $1000.00 value
6. Total Guitar Mastery 12-Week Pre-Training $684.00 value

Complete Package Value 
package value$6,072.00 Total Value
Total Guitar Mastery Training Week – Ultra Badass Package Deal  $2,997

Plus you get these additional bonuses free:

1. Priority 1-1 lesson time with Tom Hess at HESSFEST
2. Priority Event Registration

arrow Read the full details about the Ultra Badass Package Here arrow



The way I see it, you now have 3 options:

Option 1: you can do nothing, close this page & continue playing guitar the way you have. There is nothing to stop you from doing this right now. If you are happy with your guitar playing today, and aren’t serious about becoming even better – this is the best option for you. 

Option 2: you can wait to join Total Guitar Mastery Training Week in 2025. This may be the right thing to do (if you’re ok with waiting 4-5 years… and possibly paying DOUBLE to attend next time).

Option 3: you can join us at the upcoming event in 2021. 

By this point, you should know what’s best for you.

Here is what to do if you want to join us at Total Guitar Mastery Training Week

    1. Scroll down.
    2. Click on the orange button that says "Add To Cart"
    3. Then, on the next page, follow the very simple instructions (it's very fast and easy to do)

Once that is done, I’ll show you exactly how to book your hotel room (at our special low $99 discount rate) and then book your airplane tickets (you will get easy step-by-step instructions once your tuition payment is processed).

Yes! Tom Hess, I want to get access to all of this now.

Total Guitar Mastery Training Week

July 12-17, 2021
in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA



plus I also want

Big Bonus Gift #1: The Total Guitar Mastery Course

Big Bonus Gift #2: 12 Full Weeks of Total Guitar Mastery Pre-Training

Big Bonus Gift #3: My Certificate Of Guitar Training Completion

Sold out

Sorry, You Are Too Late. This Event Is Sold Out!!!!! To not miss out on HESSFEST as well, get your ticket for HESSFEST now via

Pay via a card or PayPal

Yes! Tom Hess, I want access to all of this now.

Total Guitar Mastery Training Week
Ultra Badass Package
(Incl. Total Guitar Mastery Training Week, ELITE FORCE Special Training and HESSFEST)

July 8-20, 2021
in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA


plus I also want

Big Bonus Gift #1: The Total Guitar Mastery Course

Big Bonus Gift #2: 12 Full Weeks of Total Guitar Mastery Pre-Training

Big Bonus Gift #3: My Certificate Of Guitar Training Completion

Big Bonus Gift #4: HESSFEST Event Ticket Free For A Friend

Sold out

Sorry, You Are Too Late. This Event Is Sold Out!!!!! To not miss out on HESSFEST as well, get your ticket for HESSFEST now via

Pay via a card or PayPal

Still have questions?

I really want to attend Total Guitar Mastery Training Week and can afford it, but I am not sure of my schedule in July 2021. What can I do?

Send me an email at and tell me about your situation. I may help you find a solution.

Where will I be staying?

The event takes place in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA.

You will get full details with the hotel address and a link to book your (deeply discounted) hotel room after you register for Total Guitar Mastery Training Week.

Are hotel, flight and meals included in my event tuition?


What about COVID-19?

Let me tell you what happened in 2020 (with the events we held in June).

Our goal was to hold the events live in person, as we always do. Nobody saw COVID coming. But our commitment was still to deliver on the promise I made to everyone who had their event ticket and give them a super massive breakthrough.

So, because we couldn't hold events in person this year - we live-streamed them.

The feedback was so great, many people told us this was the best event ever and immediately booked their ticket for next year's Total Guitar Mastery Training Week ... even with all the uncertainty about COVID.

Why? Because they trust I will find a way to deliver on my promise behind the event and give them the musical results and breakthroughs they want, no matter what ... (WITHOUT putting their health at risk).

Point is: the event is happening in 2021, no matter what. And everyone who has a ticket will be able to attend it and get the big boost in their speed & accuracy (without risking their health to do it).

What if this doesn't work for me?

If you read this entire page & still doubt I and my team of trainers can help you – there is no pressure to attend. This event is not for everyone and it may not be for you. 

That said, I’ve yet to see anyone show up to any of my training events, do what I told them to do and have it “not work” for them. 

Of course, there is always a chance you might be the very first guitar player whom I can’t help. You might become the 1 blemish on my otherwise perfect track record. That IS possible. But even then – I’ve got you covered.

You are protected by…

My Ironclad 100% Money back guarantee! You will be very happy you attended – guaranteed! Don’t make your decision now. Instead, register, attend the event, test my strategies. And if you aren’t 100% convinced this is not one of the very best investments you have ever made in your musical life … and you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day of the event… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that all payments are final and refunds can only be given under this condition).

Do I get a refund if I buy my ticket, but can’t come?

Here is the refund policy:

My Ironclad 100% Money back guarantee! You will be very happy you attended – guaranteed! Don’t make your decision now. Instead, register, attend the event, test my strategies. And if you aren’t 100% convinced this is not one of the very best investments you have ever made in your musical life … and you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day of the event… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that all payments are final and refunds can only be given under this condition).

What if my situation is unique?

Schedule a (free) 15-minute phone consultation with one of my top trainers (who will be training you at this event). Tell him your situation & get all your questions answered. 

Will this work for my style?

Yes. Your style doesn’t matter. We’ve trained guitar players in metal, blues, classic rock, jazz, fusion & classical styles. We trained acoustic players, bass players, as well as 7 & 8-string guitar players.

The training process is exactly the same. 

Will this work for acoustic guitar playing?

Yes. (See previous question.)

Will this work for bass guitar?

Yes. (See previous question.)

How much time do I need to practice to attend this event?

Most guitar players who come here practice between 30-90 minutes per day. (Only a few consistently practice longer than that.)

That said - at this event, you will practice guitar a minimum of 8 hours per day – for 6 days.

So you should plan to increase your practice time to an average of 60-120 minutes per day in the 2-3 months before the event. This prepares your mind (and your finger calluses) for long days of playing during your training.

Can I attend Total Guitar Mastery Training Week if I have a hand injury and/or a health condition?

What I say below may sound crazy (so be skeptical if you want).

But guitar players with these health conditions & disabilities have been to my events:

  • 2 students were totally blind.
  • 1 student was legally deaf. 
  • 2 students had focal dystonia. (They admittedly struggled. But we tailored the training to their ability to play.) 
  • 1 student was recovering from a recent liver transplant. (He had to wear a special mask over his face during the training.)
  • 1 student flew across the country with a wheelchair.
  • 1 student had Autism.
  • 2 students had Asperger’s disease. 
  • 1 student had a terminal heart condition.

Did all of them make the same progress as my top students? No, of course not. But they made enough progress to want to attend my events more than once (in several cases). And if you join us in 2021, you’ll meet some of these people too.

Bottom line?

If you are healthy enough to drive – there is no reason this training can’t work for you. (That is - if you apply what I train and coach you to do & you meet the minimum skill level standard.)

What if I have other questions?

Schedule a (free) 15-minute phone consultation with one of my top trainers (who would be training you at this event) & get all your questions answered. 

Don’t worry – we won’t lie to you and tell “you are ready” if you aren't. We also won’t twist your arm or try to “convince” or “hard-sell” you to come. 

We only want you here if you: 1. Are truly ready for this. 2. Actually want to be here. (The trainer you will be speaking to has strict instructions from me about this.) I’d much rather turn you away if this event is not a good fit for you than have you come and be disappointed.

You can also email me directly at


Look at what guitarists are saying:

Total Guitar Mastery Training Feedback:
Most of these guitarists practice less than 1 hour per day at home. They are not blessed with any natural talent. But here is what happened to their playing once they let me "bulletproof" their practice habits:

Joseph Crowley

"It's been a big help - big improvement. My picking has improved. And I am more relaxed while playing."

Joseph Crowley | USA

Eric Schumann

"All the trainers are amazing in that they see what you are doing and help you improve on your technique."

Eric Schumann | USA

Graehme Floyd

"The speed at which I play, accuracy, clarity are through the roof... I’ve really cleaned up my playing."

Graehme Floyd | Canada

Sigve Solbakken

"This has been a lifetime experience for me. It’s life-changing. So I will definitely come back."

Sigve Solbakken | Norway

David Warner

"This was mind-blowing training. I've literally seen results in one hour of playing on occasions. Fantastic."

David Warner | UK

Samantha Holmes

"Day 1 and I was seeing improvements already. Tom Hess gets straight to the point."

Samantha Holmes | USA

Simon Candy

"Tom Hess is, in my opinion, the best guitar teacher on the planet."

Simon Candy | Australia

Gavin Haley

"The quickest I could have picked was 180 bpm. Within 3 days, my ability to pick went up to 260 bpm."

Gavin Haley | USA

Yes! I want to transform my guitar playing at Total Guitar Mastery Training Week 2021. Please remind me as registration nears – I don’t want to miss it!


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