What Successful Guitar Teachers Do To Earn Money Teaching Guitar

by Tom Hess

I’ve been training guitar teachers to earn money teaching guitar since 2007.

And here are 20 immutable guitar teaching laws that all the top guitar teachers I’ve trained know and live by:

1. You are ready to teach guitar (i.e. attract guitar students and earn money teaching guitar) once you reach intermediate level as a guitar player.

2. Intermediate level = you played guitar for 12 months, can play barre chords, hammer ons and pull offs and can play a simple melody over a backing track. This musical skill level is enough for most people to become guitar teachers. 

3. Beginner guitarists are the most abundant & most lucrative group of guitar students to teach.

4. It doesn't matter how well you prepare to teach your 1st ever guitar lesson – it’ll never go the way you expect (it’ll usually go way better).

5. To attract serious guitar students who practice everything you tell them – charge more money. This (obviously) also makes it easier to earn money teaching guitar.

6. It’s way easier to keep your current guitar students longer than to always go “hunting” for new students to teach guitar to.

7. The stricter your lesson policy – the more time & energy you have to serve your best students.

8. Guitar teachers who follow up with unconverted prospective guitar students can grow their business up to 45%.

9. When you follow up with new leads within 5 minutes, you're up to 9 times more likely to turn them into your actual guitar students.

10. Many guitar students will gladly take (and pay for) more than one lesson per week if you give them that opportunity. 

11. Beginner guitar students often lack confidence they can learn guitar. (Most guitar teachers don’t realize this.) Give your beginner guitar students early & frequent wins in their playing when you teach guitar to them.

12. Intermediate guitar students often know bits & pieces of things, but can’t do anything with what they know. Help them apply their skills to real music when you teach guitar to them.

How To Teach Intermediate Guitar Students

13. Advanced guitar students often have 1-2 musical blind spots holding back all their strengths. Identify and fix them before making their strengths stronger when you teach guitar to them.

14. When you keep in touch with students who quit, you’ll be surprised how many of them eventually come back (to have you teach guitar to them again) and stay with you way longer than before. 

15. Teaching music lessons is one of the most stable professions in recorded history that survived every economic recession, global pandemic and world war. So, yes – you definitely ‘can’ earn money teaching guitar.

16. The above doesn't mean you can be passive and not prepare for economic downturns that affect EVERY business.

17. No amount of marketing or sales “tricks” will help you if you don’t give a damn about your students’ success.

18. At the same time, the world is full of GREAT guitar teachers who are flat broke because they don’t understand marketing and all they want to do is ‘teach guitar’. 

19. Almost all guitar students lack training on how to practice. (Psst! That’s your golden opportunity to earn money teaching guitar.)

20. You can train you guitar students to become musically creative. This guitar teaching article shows you how.

Tom Hess
About Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains guitar teachers from all over the world how to earn 6-figures per year teaching guitar, while working less than 40 hours per week.

Here is how to build your guitar teaching business to earn 6-figures or more, while you work part-time.

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