3 Guitar Practice Elements That Make You Progress Faster

by Tom Hess

You become a great guitar player when you maximize:

  • The quality of your guitar practice - your ability to maximize the results you get from your practice time. 
  • Consistency of your guitar practice - your commitment to practicing guitar on a regular basis.
  • Quantity of your guitar practice - the actual amount of time you practice guitar.

These elements are not created equal. Quality and consistency of your guitar practice are far more important than quantity. Maximize the quality and consistency of your guitar practice time first. This helps you make a lot of progress no matter how much practice time you have.

This video helps you make your guitar practice more effective:

Question: “Tom Hess, are you saying that the amount of time one practices guitar is unimportant?”

Answer: No. I'm saying that the most important elements that shape your musical progress are within your direct control. You may not always have as much time to practice guitar as you’d like. But you always make progress when your guitar practice is effective and consistent.

This article shows you what it takes to become a great guitarist and musician.

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