3 Simple Ways To Become A Successful Professional Musician & Set Yourself Apart From The Majority

by Tom Hess

Navigating the music business doesn’t have to be as risky and unstable as you think. The majority of musicians fail to grow their careers for the long-term because they make the same mistakes along the way.

For example, most musicians:

  • Don't treat their music career as a business (and are unable to make a living from it)

  • Don't have clear musical goals in mind that they pursue relentlessly

  • Give up too soon when times get tough

You put yourself in position for massive success plus separate yourself from thousands of musicians who never made it when you take the opposite approach to each of these points.

Treat Your Music Career Like A Business

This means thinking like an entrepreneur and developing a long-term plan for how you will make a living with music. Don't get stuck working a 9-5 day job while only doing music when you have the energy. This trap kills the music career of far too many musicians!

Sit down and think of 10-20 ways you can make money with music. Then take action to work on them each week. Before you know it, you see yourself transitioning away from your day job and into the music career you always wanted.

Make money in music


Set Big, Clear Musical Goals & Don't Settle For Less

Setting small goals rarely inspires you to achieve significant things in music. Just imagine your goals was simply to play in a band versus (the bigger goal of) touring the world with a band and playing massive festivals. See the difference?

Whatever your musical goals are now, make them even BIGGER. Even if you do not reach them as fast as you want, you are much more likely achieve bigger accomplishments than if you set really small goals.

Push Yourself Farther Than Anyone Else Is Willing To Go

Most musicians give up at the first sign of a challenge and never do much in their music careers. Want to make it big in this industry? Push yourself to excel during challenging times and find a way to achieve the result you want no matter what it takes.

The more you do this over time, the better you get at it – until you become a totally unstoppable machine!

Note: The points discussed here are just the beginning. Find out how to achieve more than you ever thought possible in music by reading this free music business advice.

Tom Hess
About Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful full-time careers in the music industry.

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