Question: How can I develop my own style of playing guitar?

Tom Hess's Answer: Your own guitar playing style comes a result of several things, which are:

1. Having something to say (musically, artistically and emotionally)
2. Learning and mastering the tools (musical skills) necessary for creativity and self expression on guitar.
3. Marinating in a pool of diverse musical influences who will shape and define the sound that will ultimately become your own.

Although the final goal (developing your own style) appears to be "intangible" on the surface, there are actually several very distinct (and tangible) skill sets that go into achieving this goal. Since they can be identified and analyzed, they can also be taught.

The fastest way to master the skills necessary to become an original guitar player is by studying with a proven guitar teacher who has helped many guitarists to develop creative guitar playing ability and establish their own guitar playing style. If you struggle with achieving this goal on your own, I recommend searching for a great guitar teacher to help you with musical self expression.

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