Question: How can I learn to play guitar with more feeling? I’m a pretty good guitar player already. I can play some things that my friends cannot play on guitar. I just lack the ‘feeling’ that I want to play with.

Tom Hess's Answer: There is a huge number of things I could say here, but here are the biggest factors that contribute to “playing with feeling”:

Work on your vibrato technique! Vibrato is the most expressive technique we have as guitarists (and string players). Check out this article for some ideas on developing a good guitar vibrato technique.

Another CRITICAL aspect of playing with feeling is developing great guitar phrasing and how to apply it to your lead guitar playing. Many guitarists focus on finding new notes to play (such as searching for new scales, chords etc…), but in order to really take your soloing to a whole new level, you should also think a lot about HOW to play the notes. This is what guitar phrasing is all about.

So if you want to play guitar with massive amounts of powerful emotion and passion you need to develop your guitar phrasing!. If you want women to cry when you play guitar, you need to work on your guitar phrasing! If you want to become a truly great guitar player you MUST work on your Guitar Phrasing.

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