Question: I want to be in a rock guitar band. I want to learn the guitar so I can do this. I don't care about fame. I just love music. Can you show me how to do this on guitar?

Tom Hess's Answer: The steps you need to take depend on what kind of band you would like to start (what style you want to play, do you want to play covers or write original songs etc…).

In general, you need to develop your technique regardless of what kind of band you want to be in.

Also, you should practice recording yourself often and playing to the metronome. Even if you don’t intend on taking your music to a professional level, having the ability to play TIGHT and in time with the drummer, and having some experience recording (even on a simple level) will allow you to make greater contributions to the band (as a songwriter and/or as a live performer).

Also, read this article about stage fright during live performances since most people experience this on some level. Learn about a Stage Fright Remedy for Guitar Players.

Of course the best way I can help you is via online guitar lessons with me. Learning on your own will take much longer, be much harder and simply not worth the massive amounts of frustration you are likely to experience when it can mostly be avoided by taking guitar lessons from an experienced guitar teacher.

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