Question: I don’t know what I should be practicing on guitar, and how much time I should spend on what and stuff. What should I practice on guitar? Thanks in advance!

Tom Hess's Answer: The things you should practice on guitar are dictated entirely by your musical goals. So this means that your first step needs to be to find what things or areas of musicianship you need to master before your goal can be reached. After you know what these things are, the next step is to organize them in a guitar practice schedule. When you approach practicing guitar in this way, you will not be distracted by working on things that may be fun to do but do not help to make you the guitarist you want to be.

So the very first thing I would advise you is to become crystal clear on what your music goals are.

After that, you need to find out what steps go into reaching your goals. A very good place to get this insight would be on my Musical Goals page.

Select the specific goals that apply to you and I will tell you the specific things that need to be practiced and learned for you to reach them. I will also explain to you “why” each item is important and how it will enable you to reach your goal in the fastest way.

After you know what things to practice on guitar, the next step for you would be to put together a practice schedule using these topics. Assign a certain amount of time to each area and work on it. If you need help, check out a very cool resource that will help you create a personalized Guitar Practice Schedule.

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