Guitarists: Break Your Bad Habits - Here’s How

What if you could undo decades of bad guitar playing habits, replace them with new ones and start playing guitar better than you ever could before? 

You may think that replacing all of your bad guitar playing habits takes a very long time… but it doesn’t have to. 

I want to give you a 10-step blueprint that helps you beak any guitar technique habit in just days or weeks instead of months and years.  

Build crazy fast left hand guitar speedIn this guitar playing eGuide, you learn: 

  • How to know exactly what bad habits are holding back your guitar playing, so you don’t waste time practicing the wrong things.
  • The fastest process to fix any bad habit, without trial and error or guesswork.
  • The exact way to use a metronome to train new (correct) habits into your guitar technique, so you play better quickly. 
  • The right way to do slow practice that is fun & effective at the same time.
  • What to do if your bad habit “comes back” as soon as you stop paying attention to it (this is very frustrating for many people… but won’t be for you).
  • How to track your progress, so you always know you are on the right track towards your goals.
You also get: video demonstrations of each step, to make sure you practice guitar perfectly and get results quickly.
The eGuide is available for instant download on my website, so you can begin learning right away (nothing is shipped).
Imagine how much better your guitar playing will become when you stop struggling with your guitar technique. Download the blueprint to breaking your bad guitar technique habits today for only $7 and start playing guitar better than you ever thought you could. 
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P.S. This guitar practice blueprint helps you break any bad habit even if you’ve played guitar for 30+ years and don’t have a lot of time to practice. Click here to get started.

"I really enjoy being coached by Tom Hess, because he really
knows what he’s doing, and I know that if I just follow
what I’m told to do, the results speak for themselves."
- Darryl Powis, UK


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