How To Become A Great Neoclassical Guitarist - FREE 14 Day Neoclassical Guitar Lessons Mini Course

by Luca Turilli

Luca Turilli - Neoclassical Guitarist   Are you frustrated because you haven’t yet reached the level of guitar playing you want to reach? Do you wish for your guitar playing speed to be faster than it is right now? Are you confused about what and how you need to practice to become a truly great neoclassical guitar player? Would you like to make real and measurable progress each time you sit down to practice guitar? I created this free mini course to show you how to get started to overcome these challenges and help you learn to play guitar in the same way that I learned to play before I became a world famous neoclassical guitar player. 

Over the next 14 days, I will teach you how to become a much better neoclassical guitarist. In this free mini course, you will:
  • Find out what you need to practice in order to become a great neoclassical guitar player so that you can eliminate all guesswork from your learning!
  • Discover the most common mistakes guitar players make when trying to increase their speed so that you can start making a lot more progress than before!
  • Learn the essential secrets behind mastering the sweep picking technique that will allow you to improve this area of your guitar playing much faster than a typical guitar player does.
  • Apply the techniques you are learning to playing real neoclassical guitar solos, so that you can stop feeling like a ‘guitar player’ and start feeling like a musician! 
  • Receive free tablature notation to my exclusive neoclassical instrumental song “Labyrinth of Madness” which I recorded specifically for this mini course to show you how to apply all of the examples you will practice in these free guitar lessons.
  • Learn my way of approaching guitar playing and practicing so that you have a great understanding of how I learned to play guitar and developed my own distinctive neoclassical guitar playing style.
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