A Lifetime Of Limitation, Frustration and Damage To Your Guitar Playing.... Gone In Just Three Days

There is something very specific about your guitar playing that is causing you several big problems. You already know what this weakness is and that you definitely have it. What you may not yet know is just how much damage this is really causing you.

If you had to learn guitar all over again from the very beginning, you already know you would fix this weakness from the start.

Here are some of biggest, most frustrating and most damaging problems this weakness is causing you:

  • You cannot improvise great lead guitar solos because your brain is constantly burdened with trying to ‘find the right notes’ instead of ‘already knowing’ exactly and immediately where all best notes are!! You cannot be creative with this burden on our mind. You cannot be expressive with this burden on your mind. You cannot be you with this burden on your mind. It’s killing your potential… but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop it.
  • You cannot write your own songs easily because your mind is still burdened with just trying to ’figure out’ where all your possibilities are. Instead, you think, “I’m not sure what to do” and conclude that you lack ‘creativity’ when the truth is your creative mind has never fully been given a real chance to even be in a completely creative state… but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop it.
  • You don’t have all the names of the notes fluently memorized, do you? I’m not asking you if you can ‘figure it out’, or ‘find the names with a little thinking’… I’m asking you if you have ‘instant recall’ of every note, everywhere on the guitar. Because being able to ‘figure it out’ is simply not good enough. I’ll explain why in more detail later.
  • Even if you have fluently memorized all the names of the notes and can recall them ‘instantly’… so what? It doesn’t matter. Why? Because you memorized the wrong information.

    You do not actually need to know where B flat is on the G string. What you DO need to know is what the function of the B flat note is within every context it appears within a chord, arpeggio, scale and key. Knowing ‘where’ B flat is, is not important. Knowing where the 3rd of a G minor arpeggio is, or the 5th of an E flat major scale is, is ‘everything’. 

    Who cares if you know where B flat is ‘located’ if you don’t know what feeling it will create if you play it over a certain chord, arpeggio, scale, lick, melody, etc.? Now it’s easy to see why your mind has been unable to be fully creative, expressive and unique… you have not yet mastered that which you need to master… and it’s seriously killing your ability to become a much better musician… but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop it.
  • You may think you have your scales and modes memorized, but you don’t. And I’ll prove it to you right here. Grab your guitar before reading another word…

    In the fourth position, quickly play an A flat major scale from low E string up to the B string. Then immediately and seamlessly (without missing a single 16th note) jump up to the 11th position and descend the scale from the B string down to the A string. Then immediately and seamlessly (again in time and without missing a single 16th note) shift down to the 6th position and ascend up to the high E string. 

    Did you hesitate? Did you struggle even for a tiny moment? If the answer is yes, then you have NOT mastered your scales, period. It’s not good enough to be able to ‘figure it out’. Because in real life (when improvising, jamming, etc.), there is no time to ‘figure it out’… Either you know it… or you don’t. 

    And if you don’t know it, then one of two things will happen: Either you will avoid these kinds of position shifts when soloing (because you are afraid to make a mistake or have everyone hear your sloppy hesitation)… the result is boring solos, or you will try it and make mistakes and everyone will hear that you are struggling. 

    Either way, it’s limiting you and damaging your guitar playing potential… big time. You know it, I know it and other people will know it… but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop it.
  • Learning new things and applying what you are learning is hard for you. There is always an unnecessary & damaging barrier and time delay between learning and applying everything because you simply don’t know where everything is and what all the options are. Instead, you have to stop and try to figure it all out. But you don’t. Why? Because it’s boring and hard for you. Instead, you just want to play and do the fun and easy stuff. You tell yourself that one day you’ll finally learn & master your guitar fret board, all the notes, all the chord positions, all the arpeggio options, all the modes etc.… but you never do… It doesn’t have to be this way. You can stop it.

    Listen, I’m not intentionally trying to ‘make you feel bad’ about your guitar playing. I’m simply trying to bring to the surface everything that you know deep down is true, but you either don’t know how to fix it or have been too lazy in the past to fix it. The first step to fixing anything is admitting to yourself you have a problem.. and that the problem is hurting you…

Here’s The Worst Part:

If you ask 100 guitar players what they are thinking about while soloing (improvising), 97 of them won’t tell you the truth… because they are lying to themselves. The most common thing they will tell you is, “I’m thinking about what to play next”.

The truth is, 97 of them are REALLY thinking these kinds of things:

”Where are the notes in the next scale position lower on the guitar neck?”

“Where are the notes in the next chord within the scale I am in? Where are they in the next position?”

“Key change? Uh oh, where are my scales in that new key?”

“I want to jump up or down a few positions on the guitar, what scale position starts there?”

“Where is the arpeggio shape near the 11th fret for the next chord that will be played?”

Every great guitar player once has to ask himself the same questions… the difference is the great players got sick and tired of having to be burdened with this stuff and made a simple choice to dedicate the time and effort to get beyond it. The result is, they are now able to focus entirely on being creative and expressive… instead of focusing on the mechanical / music theory stuff.

Guess who has more fun playing guitar, people who can be free to express themselves or those who struggle every single time they pick up the guitar… (?)

Even if you have to hesitate for half a second, it still hurts your guitar playing, improvisation, soloing and creativity.

The real cause of all these problems you are dealing with is:

You learned about the fretboard, where the notes are, scales, chords, arpeggios, but you never mastered any of it. Instead, you learned it only to the point where you kind of know it, but you have to stop and think about it for a moment (even if it’s only a very short moment). You started, but you never finished the job – you never took the final step that you know you must take in order to master this critical area of your guitar playing.

Listen, here’s the bottom line: If you want to play guitar great… or even ‘good’, you MUST finally get over these limitations once and for all! It’s not a choice…it’s an absolute essential requirement.

“…But Tom Hess, It Takes Many Years To Truly Master The Fretboard. That’s just how it is…” - No! It Takes Only Three Days!

No, it doesn’t have to take years to finally master this! With the right training and coaching, you can get there in just 3 days! – not 3 years, not 3 months, not 3 weeks… 3 days!

Fretboard Domination Coaching

June 14-16, 2019

in St. Charles, Illinois, USA


Here Is What You Get

  • Direct Face-To-Face Individual Attention so that you get targeted and specific guidance to uncover and then destroy the things that are holding you back. And next, to replace those things with my innovative, powerful and PROVEN strategies, training and items you need to once and for all master your guitar fretboard.

  • A Complete, Accurate And Expert Assessment of your ‘real’ current fretboard knowledge & recall skill level, strengths and weaknesses.

  • A Personal And Specific Diagnosis Of Your Guitar Fretboard Problems AND The Solutions To Overcome Them. Often, you may not really know what your problem is, you just know you ‘can't’ do something or something you are doing is not working for you. Perhaps you assume the problem is one thing, but in reality the ‘real cause’ of the problem is something else. Once you have the ‘real’ diagnosis and the ‘real’ solutions to fix them, you will then receive the following...
  • BURNED IN Training And Practicing Skills. You will NOT forget what you learn here. How can I be sure? Because we won’t teach you something and then let you go home and struggle to remember and implement it alone at home. Instead, you will learn something, then we will BURN IT INTO your mind and hands so that you can remember exactly what and how to do things FOREVER! Fact is, if you forget something once you get home, then what you learned is useless to you. We are not going to let that happen!
  • The Process Of Absolute Mastery. This event is not simply about learning stuff, it is about the entire process of mastering both new things and all the older things you learned before but have never fully mastered. Most guitar players will never experience what it’s like to truly master something. At this event, YOU WILL! This will be a key part of your training here…

  • Accountability For Your Success. Telling you what to do is not good enough. Showing you how to do things is still not good enough. Being right there and holding your hand through the entire mastery process while being accountable for your mastery is what is going to bring you the BIG results. THAT is what this event is all about... 

  • An Experience Of A Lifetime… You (and nobody you know or have even heard about have never experienced anything like this before because there has never been another event like this before… anywhere else in the world, period. You’re going to love this!

Plus… You Get These Big Bonus Gifts:


Big Bonus Gift #1: The Fretboard Domination Coaching 3-Ring Binder filled with fretboard memorization and music theory concepts, strategies, tactics, secrets and training. Having this in your hands will not only enable you to get the maximum possible results from the event itself, but will also solidify for you everything that you have learned, done and experienced here once you go home… Years from now you’ll have everything at your fingertips and know exactly what and how to do things… forever! This binder is so extremely valuable and contains such Top Secret Training secrets that I’ll only give it to LIVE attendees, and only after signing an agreement not to sell, copy, share or redistribute the binder in any form or fashion.

Total value = $1,000


Big Bonus Gift #2: 10 Weeks Of Fretboard Domination Coaching Pre-Training Before The Event Even Begins. At the event, you learn innovative fretboard memorization and music theory concepts, approaches, strategies secrets and tools four hours per day. You get all this great education in advance so that you get even more out of the event. As a result of this highly specialized pre-training, you’ll become a better guitar player even before the event begins!

Total value = $684


Big Bonus Gift #3: Learn Guitar While You Sleep Video Series – For some, the very idea of learning anything while you sleep sounds laughable… Before you laugh or dismiss the possibility of learning while you sleep consider who has used it: Michael Jordan (arguably the greatest basketball player in history), Carl Lewis (Olympic champion won 10 Olympic medals… 9 of them gold), Boxer Ken Norton (utilized visualization in his victory over Muhammad Ali in 1976), Phil Jackson (NBA-record eleven championships), John Wooden (won 10 National College championships), Mark McGwire (single season record: 70 home runs), Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicklaus, NASA astronauts, Top managers of fortune 500 companies, etc. etc. The principle of learning guitar (or anything else) through visualization has been proven very effective. I’ll show you exactly what to do and how to do it so that it can work for you… while you sleep!

Value: $197

Tuition To Attend The Fretboard Domination Coaching Is $497

You already know that there is nothing else like this anywhere else in the world, in fact, you have never even heard about anything like this before unless you’ve been to one of my previous training events. And you also know by now if this event is right for you or not… but just in case there is any chance you are not 100% sure yet, consider this:

  1. Massive Access to the very best guitar trainers anywhere in the world, period. – This is where these same elite trainers are going to be right in the room with you, not simply ‘teaching you stuff’, but literally sitting right in front of you and coaching you on EXACTLY what to do every single step of the way and then training with you as many times as it takes until you ‘get it’. Then we are going to ‘BURN IT IN’ your mind so that you’ve GOT IT… FOREVER! Imagine how you’ll feel once that happens for you!
  2. This event is the only place on Earth that you can attend and achieve everything that you’ve been struggling with your entire musical life (as described above) and get it FINALLY SOLVED!
  3. Best investment of your money. Even though it’s not possible to get this training anywhere else, what would it cost you if you could get it? 24 (8 hours per day for 3 days) hours of training x $70 an hour from some mediocre guitar teacher = $1680 (note: a mediocre guitar teacher wouldn’t have a clue how to do anything like this type of elite guitar training anyway) Or you could pay me for private 1-1 time (24 hours x $250 an hour for private live guitar lessons = $6,000). But let’s forget about money and just talk about your time…
  4. Best investment of your time. If you do not attend Fretboard Domination Coaching, how long will it take you to train yourself? Obviously, you’ve been trying to learn & master this stuff your entire guitar playing life and you haven’t been able to get it done in all that time… so how many more years do you want to struggle doing that? 2 years? 4 years? 7 years? 10 years? … or would you rather get it done in just 3 days? Your time is valuable. It’s worth more than $zero…

    Investing $497 to get this done in 3 days is really nothing compared to the real costs you’ve already spent up to now in terms of time and the huge amount you would spent in the future in terms of time if you don’t attend. Attending this event is a no-brainer... Think about it…

The time for talking is done. Now it’s your time to take action so that you can be one of the guitar players to reserve a spot at this event before it’s sold out (If you have been to or seen any of my events over the last several years, then you already know they ALWAYS sell out FAST... I have never offered this specific event before, That means the demand will be very, very, very high. This event WILL sell out fast.

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Tom Hess


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