3 Practice Tips That Improve Your Sweep Picking Creativity

by Tom Hess

Wish you knew some more interesting ways to play sweep picking arpeggios besides playing them as fast as possible again and again?

No problem!

Creativity is something that can be practice with sweep picking just like it can be practiced with any other aspect of guitar playing.

Practicing sweep picking creatively helps you integrate arpeggios into your solos and licks to make them sound like smooth, seamless musical passages.

Use these practice tips to make your sweep picking more creative and expressive:

Practice Tip #1: Get Better At Rolling Technique Using Creative Pedal Point

Pedal point refers to alternating between playing one note and another.

Try this:

Fret a note on any single string besides the thin/high E string.

Next, use rolling technique to move back and forth between the note you fretted and the same fret on the string higher (in pitch) right next to it.

This video demonstrates the concept in depth:

Practice Tip #2: Use Unique Arpeggio Patterns

Learning new sweep picking patterns that are less conventional than common ones challenges you to improve your technique.

Try this:

Play the following arpeggio slowly:

Use the pointer finger on the A string 12th fret

Middle finger on the D string 14th fret

Pinky on the G string 16th fret.

This pattern doesn’t have a hammer-on or pull-off, making it feel much different than most common patterns.

Practicing this pattern challenges you to maintain perfect synchronization between your hands to get it right (this makes you a better player in the process.

Practice Tip #3: Use Tempo Variation Practice

Tempo variation means gradually speeding up and slowing down how fast you play an arpeggio. Practicing like this helps you quickly identify the notes you struggle with.

Practice with this approach to isolate problem notes and ix them away from the other notes in the pattern. After fixing them in this manner, re-integrate them into the pattern again.

Now you have some ideas for how to get better at sweep picking creatively.

Learn why it is easier than you think to develop amazing sweeping skills in this sweep picking article.

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