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How effective are you at getting guitar students? If you aren’t getting at least 5-10 new students per week, you are not doing as well as you could and should be. Does it seem unrealistic to get this many students every week? It’s not - the top guitar teachers I train get this many (or more) students in an average week. (If you cannot take on that many students, then something is wrong with your teaching model – for example, you only teach private lessons)

Good news: if you aren’t getting a lot of new students right now, the problem is not with you, your location, or your guitar teaching experience. Attracting lots of new guitar students really is very simple. Knowing what to do and how to do it is all it takes.

Here is what you need to know:  

  • The 5 most common reasons why you are not getting at least 5-10 new students per week (#4 will shock you!)
  • Simple (and super effective) conversion methods for turning people who contact you into actual guitar students
  • The best way to follow up with potential guitar students. This method can bring you as much as 9 times more new guitar students. (it’s so simple, it will blow your mind)
  • Exactly how much to charge for your lessons to make sure you always attract the most serious and most motivated students
  • The 3 most important questions you must ask all guitar students who contact you. These questions will increase the demand for your lessons
  • What potential guitar students really want from you (it’s not at all what you think) and how to easily give it to them - making them hungry to learn from you immediately
  • Why some guitar students are much more valuable to you than others and how to make those valuable students seek you out

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