Guitar Practice Tip That Helps You Reach Your Musical Goals Faster

by Tom Hess

You reach your musical goals faster when you learn to manage your musical frustration. All guitarists occasionally feel frustrated with their guitar playing and musical progress. The majority let their frustration overpower them. They quit playing guitar and quit striving to reach their musical potential. The rest continue to persevere and become great musicians.

How To Overcome Musical Frustration

To overcome musical frustration, develop consistency in your guitar practice habits. Practice guitar every day (or as close to it as possible). Building consistency becomes easy when you set aside a specific window of time for guitar practice every day. Build the rest of your day around your guitar practice, vs. trying to fit guitar practice into your day.

Consistent guitar practice makes you progress much faster and builds momentum for great results in your guitar playing.

Here are additional guitar practice tips that help you practice guitar correctly and reach your guitar playing goals faster:

Guitar Practice Tip #1: The Right Way To Practice Guitar Requires You To Set Goals For Each Practice Session

Everybody knows that to practice guitar correctly, you need to set goals for your guitar playing overall. 

But most guitar players set their goals too far into the future. They set their guitar practice goals for 6 months, 12 months or even further out.

The problem with this? 

This way of practicing guitar doesn't give you enough feedback on your guitar practice efforts. 

So, you improve slower and it becomes harder to find motivation to practice guitar.

A better strategy is to set micro guitar practice goals. These are goals so small – you can reach them in one guitar practice session. 

For example: “Repeat this guitar lick 500 times, while focusing on a specific element of guitar technique.” Or: “increase my speed with a certain guitar technique (e.g. sweep picking) by 2 bpm in 20 minutes.”

These tiny goals are like steps that guide you to the advanced guitar playing levels you want to reach.

You should set these tiny guitar playing goals for all areas of your guitar playing (not only guitar technique.)

Guitar Practice Tip #2: Use Focus Rotation When You Practice Guitar

A big challenge you may run into when you practice guitar is paying attention to all the elements of guitar playing you need to focus on without getting distracted.

You know that to practice guitar correctly, you need to focus. But when there are many things to focus on (picking hand technique, fretting hand technique, playing in time, playing with good phrasing, etc.) it can be hard to pay attention to everything with only 1 brain.

The solution?

Focus rotation.

And here is a great guitar practice tip on how to use focus rotation in your guitar practice: 

Select just one of the things you need to pay attention to. And focus on it with your full concentration for about 1 minute.

Then, rotate your focus and practice guitar while paying attention to the next element of your guitar playing. 

After a minute, rotate your focus again to focus on another element. 

Continue your guitar practice this way, until you rotated through everything you need to pay attention to for the day’s guitar practice session. 

This approach lets you improve many elements of your guitar playing with only one exercise without much effort. 

Follow this process during your guitar practice and you almost can’t fail to reach an advanced level of guitar playing quickly.

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