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Guitar Teaching Super Summit International
Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp

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Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp

Thursday, June 23, 2022
Friday, June 24, 2022
Saturday, June 25, 2022

In Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA

You’re Not A (Real) Musician If You Can’t Do This …

“If you can’t hear the notes in your head before you play (or improvise) them, you’re not a real musician yet!”

Does that hurt to hear?

It should …

… at least it did for me when one of my music professors said it to me.

It hurt because it’s true.

When you can’t hear the notes in your head before you play, you play the same old licks, the same old patterns, the same old clichés, and everything you play sounds the same. 

Or worse … you don’t hear music in your head at all.

Sad Guitarist

Your playing sounds and feels boring – light years away from the playing of your favorite guitarists.

It’s just mediocre.

Once in a while, something might sound pretty good, other times it just sounds lame. I hear this all the time from guitar players. Here are a few emails I received recently:

"Every time I improvise something, it's hit or miss. It's all trial and error (mostly errors)"

"When I jam with my buddies and make up a solo, it's so embarassing. I can't play what's in my head"

"Poeple tell me to play the music in my mind, but I never hear music in my mind. Help!"

I get it. I’ve been there. This is exactly what I went through, and it frustrated me for years. Until I finally got so disgusted that I did something about it.

I paid a top expert to spend a week TRAINING me to develop my ear and stop sucking. It was one of the very best investments I ever made - ear training literally changed my entire musical life.

And that’s when everything started to change. As a direct result of my improved aural skills ...

  • My improvising instantly improved
  • My songwriting instantly improved
  • My music theory knowledge instantly improved
  • Jamming with my friends instantly improved
  • Playing by ear instantly improved

And most importantly, playing guitar became a lot more FUN! 

Now, it’s your turn.

Happy Guitarist

How Most Musicians Try To Develop Their Ear …
So That They Can Play Guitar How They Want

Most musicians’ way of developing their musical ear is simply playing music for many years – gradually getting better over a painfully long period of time. This is especially true for guitar players. 

Using this very inefficient “method”, it takes DECADES to improve aural skills and master your ear (and guitar playing). It’s the slowest, hardest and dumbest way to learn anything.

There’s got to be a better way!

What about ear training classes, apps and courses?

Here’s the problem with those:

  • They’re boring
  • They’re hard to stick to
  • They don’t INTEGRATE ear training with all the other areas of your guitar playing. You don’t need pieces; you need to tie (integrate) everything together in order to actually use it. Ear training classes and apps don’t (and can’t) do that.

Hey, I’ll admit, ear training apps and courses are better than NOTHING. But if they really worked as promised, you wouldn’t still be reading. Yet here you are! :)

Enemies Of Guitar Playing FUN:

  • Not being able to hear notes in your head
  • Not being able to hear the notes BEFORE you play them
  • Not being able to instantly play the notes you hear in your mind
  • Feeling insecure about jamming with your friends because you don’t know if the next few notes you are about to improvise will sound good or not
  • Not being able to improvise reliably (because you can’t hear the notes in advance reliably)
  • Feeling frustrated when you lose musical ideas you had in your mind because you don’t know where the notes are on the guitar
  • Feeling frustrated because you try to create music using the trial-and-error approach ... and have a LOT of “errors”
  • Lack of musical creativity because you don’t know what to play
  • Struggle to write songs because your ear isn’t good enough
  • Struggle to learn songs quickly and accurately by ear

There IS A Short Cut To Developing Your Ear. Here It Is …

Actual live ear training with the world’s top trainers who will not only help you gain the aural skills you need, but will also show you exactly how to integrate your aural skills with all your other guitar playing skills … so that you can seamlessly synthesize everything together …

Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Live Event For Musicians
Your Goal
... is to completely master your guitar playing, which means:

Mastery is playing …

  • What you want
  • When you want
  • How you want
  • With whom you want
  • With the confidence you want
  • With the conviction you want
  • With the emotion you want

Your Goal

Mastery is playing …

  • What you want
  • When you want
  • How you want
  • With whom you want
  • With the confidence you want
  • With the conviction you want
  • With the emotion you want

... all while smiling from ear to ear, as you experience the adrenaline rush in every fiber of your body and soak up the admiration of everyone who hears you play - the priceless feeling of exhilaration that comes with being who you’ve always wanted to be as a musician.

This is THE place you want to get to, as quickly as possible. If you agree with this - if this is the place you aspire to, and you want to get there now, not “someday”, then you will find my Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp to be THE most important and beneficial training you have ever experienced, at any price – I promise you that.

YOUR MISSION - should you choose to accept it - is to get perfectly, totally in sync, mentally, emotionally, strategically and behaviorally with excellent guitar players, so you can enjoy the results that excellent guitar players get.

Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Provides You With A Number Of Different Ways You Can Do That:


Here’s Exactly What We’re Going To Do:

You, me and a very limited number of other extremely motivated guitar players lock ourselves in a room, 8 HOURS a day … EVERY DAY … for THREE FULL DAYS … No distractions. No B.S. 

And we drill the critical aural skills into your brain so deeply that they stay there forever. 

Yes, you can really transform your aural skills (and as a result, your entire guitar playing) in just 3 Days – with the right training, the right coaching and the right guidance every single step of the way. 

Fact is, you can sit at home and practice all you want, but until and unless you learn (and actually do) the right things to train your ears, you’re wasting a lot of precious practice time. Sure, a lot of practice time on your own may help you, but getting the right training now will be the difference between getting a little better over time and getting MASSIVELY better quickly.  What I’m going to give you in 3 days, you will take with you for the rest of your life and every time you pick up your guitar, you’ll know exactly what, when, why and how to do things … compare that with whatever you are struggling to do now on your own.

Let’s GET THIS DONE ... once and for all … in three days.

live event for guitaristsLive event for guitar players

Here Is What You Get:

  • Play Guitar With Total Freedom
    When you learn what every note on the guitar will sound like before you play it, you can play anything you want, with total freedom. No more guessing, no more trial and error, no more “bad” notes, no more thinking about what to play, no more mediocre guitar playing.
  • Accurately, Reliably & Consistently Express Your Deepest Emotions Through Your Guitar
    You have deep emotions inside of you that are screaming to be expressed. We’ll train your ears to match the emotion you are feeling with the notes on the guitar so that you CAN play with real, authentic and unique emotion. Ever felt like people don’t really understand the real you? This is how you can show the world the real you without speaking a single word.
  • Kiss Mediocre Guitar Playing Goodbye And Improve Every Aspect Of Your Guitar Playing Rapidly
    Ear training (and improved aural skills) directly affect every other aspect of your guitar playing. (yes, even your physical technique). We help you turn your guitar playing into a grab-you-by-the-throat fountain of musical ecstasy so compelling that listeners can’t resist.
  • Hear Music In Your Mind BEFORE You Play (Or Improvise) It
    This ear training bootcamp gives you the aural skills you need to hear musical ideas in your mind before you play them ... and that is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill you need to create your own unique, creative and expressive ideas on the guitar.
  • Play The Music You Hear In Your Head
    There’s nothing worse than having a cool musical idea in your mind and then losing it because it took too long to figure it out on the guitar. We will train you to find your ideas very quickly (instantly is our goal!). Losing your ideas will become a distant memory of a dark chapter in your musical life.
  • Learn To Create Songs, Solos, Melodies, And Play By Ear Much Faster
    Every aspect of your guitar playing and creativity gets much easier (and happens for you much faster) when your ear is trained to hear music in your mind and know where that music is on the guitar. If you think playing guitar fast must be fun ... wait until you can hear music in your head and express your feelings on the guitar right away.
  • Break Free From The Amateur Trap
    Break out of the trap that so many amateurs fall into (and struggle to ever get out of): chasing all other guitar skills while neglecting their aural skills. The result? ... Their playing sucks. It’s lifeless. It lacks conviction, emotion and purpose because they really can’t hear what they play in advance ... so they play prefabricated licks and patterns ... and that’s exactly what it sounds like ... yuk! We train you to:
  • Gain The ONE BIG Skill That ALL The Best Musicians Have In Common
    Some great players play fast, others slow. Some focus on rhythm, others on lead. Some play jazz, others play metal. Some play aggressively, others play sweetly. Some sweep pick like crazy, others alternate pick everything ... but the ONE BIG skill ALL the best guitar players have in common is aural skills. They all trained their ears to become great. You CAN (and should!) too!
  • Perfect Improvisation Training, Predictive Emotion Playing, Expression Control, Play By Emotion, Aural Skill Imaging, And Ear Training Integration
    These specialized ear training bootcamp sessions are designed to help you develop your aural skills very quickly so you can become the killer player you want to be faster. There’s only one place on Earth you can get this kind of aural skills training. You can’t get this in a book, an app, a YouTube video, from a local guitar teacher or a major university. The only place you can get these transformative aural skills lessons is at my Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp.
  • The Absolute Most Fun You Will Ever Have With Your Ears
    The best way to develop your aural skills is to really enjoy the training. It’s not enough for the training to be the world’s greatest ear training ... if it’s not fun, you’re not going to want to do it ... and that means you won’t get the maximum result you could be getting. This is precisely why we make it FUN!
  • An Experience Of A Lifetime
    You (and nobody you know or have even heard about) have never experienced anything like this before ... because there has never been another ear training event like this anywhere else in the world.
  • Ironclad 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!
    You will be very happy you attended this ear training bootcamp – guaranteed! If you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day … I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that refunds can only be given under this condition).

Plus… You Get These HUGE Bonuses For Free To Maximize Your Ear Training Bootcamp Results …

The Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp BlueprintBig Bonus Gift #1: The Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Blueprint with all my ear training strategies, tactics, and secrets in a 3-ring binder – Having this in your hands will not only enable you to get the maximum possible results from the ear training event itself, but will also solidify for you everything that you have learned, done and experienced here once you go home… Years from now, you’ll have everything at your fingertips and know exactly what and how to do things … forever! This blueprint is so extremely valuable and contains such Top-Secret Training secrets that I’ll only give it to LIVE ear training bootcamp attendees, and only after signing an agreement not to sell, copy, share or redistribute the course in any form or fashion.

Total value = $1,000
10 Full Weeks of Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Pre-TrainingBig Bonus Gift #2: 10 Full Weeks of Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Pre-Training before the event even begins – To maximize the results you will get at this incredible Tom Hess live event, you need to learn the main concepts we’ll be using at the ear training bootcamp, before you get here. Why? Because the more you learn and do things before you arrive, the more time I can invest directly into your ear training (and less time explaining fundamental concepts you should have learned before) … So, I’m going the extra mile (in advance) to ENSURE your ears and guitar playing will be completely transformed at this event! This ultra-exclusive private aural skills training will prepare you for the ear training event and ensure that you become a better guitar player EVEN BEFORE you attend this event!

Total value = $684
Certificate Of Ear Training Event CompletionBig Bonus Gift #3: Certificate Of Ear Training Event Completion - This certification document will look great on your wall and not only is it cool to have, but if you are a guitar teacher, you will also gain superior authority, credentials and certification to charge more money for your guitar lessons, classes, and programs. Your competitors will not have these certifications, but you will!

Value = Priceless!


Sunday, June 19, 2022
Monday, June 20, 2022
Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Wednesday, June 22, 2022

In Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA


HESSFEST – A 4-Day/4-Night Guitar & Music Event Jam Packed With The Best Master Classes, Seminars, Lessons, Jamming, Performances, And Hanging Out With More Than 200 Other Musicians Just Like You Who Have Traveled From All Over The Planet To Be There

Have you ever had a time in your life when all you did was learn super exclusive knowledge and insider secrets about music & guitar from the world's leading guitar teacher?

4 Days and 4 Nights of nonstop music learning, guitar playing, jamming, master classes, lessons, seminars, performances, hanging out, having fun day and night. There is only one event on Earth where you can be, do and have all of that: HESSFEST.

Here Is Why You Are Going To Love HESSFEST

  • You Get One-On-One Guitar Lessons With Me. You may have one guitar lesson with me on a topic of your choice so that you overcome your biggest challenge and make immediate breakthroughs in your guitar playing. Like a good doctor, I’ll quickly diagnose the root cause of whatever is holding you back and give you the cure. 
  • You Experience The Latest And Greatest Master Classes and Seminars Every Day – These innovative, exclusive and powerful master classes are filled with strategies, tactics and insights you will not find anywhere else. With this secret sauce of guitar mastery, you leap forward, become a better musician, remove frustrations and feel confident as you play.
  • You Get One-On-One Lessons With Up To SEVEN More World Class Guitar Teaching Masters. These 7 master teachers travel all over the world to be with you and specialize in rock, metal, blues, acoustic and music theory. All these personal guitar lessons alone are worth much more than the entire ticket price for the entire event! 
  • You Meet & Spend Time With Some Of The Most Passionate Musicians And Students From Literally All Over The World. If you have been to one of my live events before, then you already know exactly what I’m talking about and you know how massively life changing it is! These people are the best friends you can find. They, unlike most friends at home, support you, are very positive, encouraging, above average and share your passion for guitar and music.
  • You Learn From & Jam With Other Cool Musicians Who Are As Serious, Dedicated And Passionate About Music As You Are… and the best part is, they are all very cool people who are easy to talk to, are very open, welcoming and approachableso even if you are a shy person or feel insecure about your guitar playing, you’ll feel comfortable right away. 
  • You WILL Leave HESSFEST A Better Musician Compared To When You Arrive! You get a massive injection of musical steroids. How? You become totally inspired and on fire with motivation to practice & improve your music skills. This causes you to make better choices, take better actions and use better tools… all of which leads to greater results and makes you become better faster. 
  • Massive Amounts Of Fun! Coming to HESSFEST is like going to Disney World or Las Vegas. It’s the ultimate fun for musicians. You experience moments that you remember and smile about forever. This is why people come back every year!
  • Great Hotel At Affordable Rates: In addition to all the master classes, 1-1 lessons, performances, jamming and other music fun, you will be staying at a comfortable (but not expensive thanks to our low special group discount rate!) hotel with large lounge areas, restaurants, bars and a swimming pool. Plus, free local bus shuttles to area shopping. And of course lots and lots of music fun with cool people!
  • Ironclad 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee! You will be very happy you attended – guaranteed! If you are not 100% satisfied by the end of the first day of the event… I’ll gladly refund 100% of your tuition! (Please note that refunds can only be given under this condition).

If you watched the video above, then you already know that you DEFINITELY want to attend HESSFEST… How do I know that? I know because EVERYONE wants to come to HESSFEST, and everyone who has ever been to HESSFEST loves it – and you will too.

Look How Far People Travel To Come To HESSFEST!

Canada Mexico England Ireland Germany
Holland Belgium Sweden Norway Finland
Denmark Poland Russia Malta Italy
France Estonia Greece Slovenia Croatia
Austria Switzerland Spain Lebanon Israel
South Africa New Zealand Australia South Korea India
Singapore Czech Republic Argentina Japan Syria
China Malaysia Ukraine United States Brazil
Paraguay Lithuania Hong Kong Sri Lanka Vietnam
El Salvador United Arab Emirates Bangladesh Chile Scotland
HESSFEST Guitar Playing Live EventGuitar Playing Event Tom Hess HESSFEST
Live Guitar Playing Event HESSFESTLive Guitar Playing Event Tom Hess

Tickets are limited and HESSFEST sells out every year. 2022 will be no different. Get your ticket before someone else gets your ticket!


Here is your schedule for the Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Ultra Titanium Package events:

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International
6-13-2022 - Monday
6-14-2022 - Tuesday
6-15-2022 - Wednesday
6-16-2022 - Thursday
6-17-2022 - Friday
6-18-2022 - Saturday

6-19-2022 - Sunday
6-20-2022 - Monday
6-21-2022 - Tuesday
6-22-2022 - Wednesday

Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp
6-23-2022 - Thursday
6-24-2022 - Friday
6-25-2022 - Saturday


Here is what you are going to get when you choose the Ultra Titanium Package:

1. Guitar Teaching Super Summit International $2,997.00 value
2. Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp $997.00 value
3. HESSFEST Event Ticket Free $697.00 value
4. HESSFEST Event Ticket Free For A Friend *You can give your free ticket to any friend you want over the age of 18 who is also not a current or former client/student of mine. $697.00 value

Plus You Get These Huge Free Bonuses:

5. Guitar Teaching Super Summit Success Implementation System $1,750.00 value
6. 8-Months of Guitar Teaching Super Summit Success pre-training $1,588.00 value
7. Free Guitar Teaching Super Summit Success International Ticket For Your Spouse *See details here $2,997.00 value
8. The Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Blueprint $1,000.00 value
9. 10 weeks of Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp pre-training $684.00 value
10. FIVE Certificates Of Guitar Teaching Expertise  Priceless!

Complete Package Value 
cross$13,407.00 Total Value
You get EVERYTHING in the Ultra Titanium Package Deal for only: $3,997

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