Learn How To Teach Sweep Picking To Your Guitar Students

Effectively teaching lead gutar techniques such as sweep picking to your students requires emphasizing several specific movements. In addition, guitar students may interrupt you to give their opinion or play while you are trying to explain something important to them. It's critical to understand what you should/should not do in these situations so they get the most value from your lessons and improve faster.

Watch this guitar teaching video to learn how to effectively teach sweep picking to your students:

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The #1 guitar teaching tip to take from the video you just watched?

Teach less. Train more.

Training is the process where you get your guitar students to do what you want them to do.

And guess what:

Your guitar students only improve *if* they do what you tell them, for as long as you tell them, in the way you tell them.

Alas, most won’t.

Most will stop the moment they feel frustrated or bored. Many will forget key details of what you taught them in your guitar lesson (so they will practice the wrong way).

Others will think they don’t even need to practice (and that their lesson with you is all the “practicing” they need that week). Instead, they’ll learn songs or waste time watching YouTube guitar videos. 

The solution to this?


Spend some part of your guitar lesson time watching your guitar students practice. Have them do what you want them to do right in front of you.

If they practice wrong – fix their mistakes. When they get distracted – get them back on track.

If they get frustrated – inspire them. 

Oh, and if students complain that you are not “teaching” them enough?

Remind them why they come to guitar lessons. They come to guitar lessons to get a result. Which is: to play guitar better than they can right now.

And training is the way they achieve that result. 

Bottom line: start training your guitar students more

THIS is how you guarantee that your students get better faster than guitar students who study with any other teacher in your area.

And when that happens – word will spread quickly and you become *the* guitar teacher all new guitar students in your area want to study with. 

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