How To Teach Vibrato To Your Guitar Students To Help Them Sound Musical & Expressive

by Tom Hess

Want to know any easy way to give your guitar students confidence in both their own musical ability and your ability to help them improve?

Here it is:

Teach them how to use good vibrato technique to breathe life into their notes and sound more musically expressive.

Vibrato is the single-most critical lead guitar technique that determines how good your students sound whenever they play.

Good vibrato technique instantly makes your guitar students’ playing sound more musical and impressive.

Your students notice this and feel good about it.

(And so does their friends and family).

This results in your student feeling great about their playing and becoming very motivated to learn more to get even better.

Watch this video to learn how to help your students master vibrato technique:

Teaching vibrato to your students is not only fun, but it takes little preparation on your behalf.

Apply What You Learned Here With This Quick Tip:

Help your students apply vibrato technique into licks, solos or riffs they already know by having them use vibrato on any note(s) they want. Then make corrections when there are mistakes in their technique and show them how to practice to improve consistency on their own (at home).

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