How To Make Sweep Picking Very Easy While MASSIVELY Improving Your Overall Guitar Playing

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Contrary to what you may believe, sweep picking is NOT a difficult technique to master! The main reason why guitarists struggle to sweep pick fluently is focusing too much on moving their hands as fast as possible, rather than training the elements that go into sweep picking mastery. Once you understand the correct elements that go into mastering sweep picking (and how to practice them), your progress with this technique (and all other guitar techniques) will go up exponentially.

By watching this sweep picking video, you will:

  • Instantly improve your sweep picking technique by discovering the main reasons why this technique is actually very EASY to master (despite what other guitarists think)
  • Start playing super advanced sounding sweep picking arpeggios with total ease
  • Clean up your sweep picking technique by eliminating inefficient motions in your hands
  • Learn how to creatively apply several easy-to-play sweep picking arpeggio patterns that sound totally unique and badass
  • Eliminate the mistakes you make now while sweep picking, by learning the key to picking hand accuracy and control with this technique

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