3 Things You Should Be Learning In Guitar Lessons In Order To Practice Guitar Effectively

by Tom Hess

When you take guitar lessons, you probably want your teacher to do the very best job possible for you, don't you?  The most important thing you can learn from your guitar teacher is how to practice guitar correctly to become the best guitarist you can possibly be.

Here are three things you should be learning during guitar lessons to make your practice more effective:

How To Integrate Skills Together

Guitar teachers who only teach you how to practice things in isolation are holding you back from making massive amounts of progress in less time. You improve many areas of your guitar playing at once while becoming a more balanced guitarist when you integrate skills together that you’ve already mastered.

For example: Practicing improvising scales over a backing track. Doing this helps you use the scale you know in a musical way to improve your ability to play the scale as well as your phrasing and creativity. This is a much more efficient use of your time than simply practicing the scale in isolation to a metronome.

How To Prioritize Your Practice Time

You should not be practicing everything you know for an equal amount of time. Different guitar skills have different priorities in relation to your goals. A great guitar teacher helps you understand this so you don’t spend too much time practicing things that aren’t important.

How To Fix Your Own Mistakes When You Practice Guitar

A great guitar teacher not only tells you what to practice, but watches you and trains you to practice more effectively during your lesson. This means he/she critiques the mistakes you are making to help you understand how to correct them on your own. This helps you get the maximum benefit from your practice time in between lessons.

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