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There are only two easy steps left to get started!

There are only two easy steps left to get started!

Remember, You Get All Of This:

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International:
  • My proven 6-figure and 7-figure guitar teaching blueprint
  • My proven guitar teaching business templates
  • BIG secret success pieces COMPLETED, FINISHED AND DONE
  • Direct face-to face individual attention
  • Maximum Student Success Training® Certification
  • Top-Shelf Guitar Teacher Training® Certification
  • Student Retention Specialist Training® Certification
  • Integration Mastery Training® Certification
  • Music School Mastery Training® Certification
  • A lifetime of guitar teaching and guitar teaching business building know-how
  • White hot motivation to thrust your guitar teaching and business forward
  • And An Experience Of A Lifetime...

Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp:

  • Direct face-to face individual attention
  • A complete, accurate and expert assessment of your aural skills
  • A personal and specific diagnosis of your aural skills problems AND the solutions to overcome them
  • Burned in ear training and practicing skills
  • The process of absolute mastery
  • A massive increase in how fast you will improve your ears and overall guitar playing
  • Big breakthroughs in your aural skills and in your guitar playing as a result
  • A lifetime of ear training / aural skills know-how
  • White hot motivation to boost your guitar playing forward
  • An experience of a lifetime…


  • The best live, innovative, exclusive and powerful master classes & workshops
  • Compact, high impact, one-on-one lessons with me
  • One-on-one lessons with 7 other world class teachers
  • Ask me anything about anything you need answers to or guidance for
  • Meet many friends from all over the world
  • Learn from and jam with other cool musicians who are as serious, dedicated and passionate about music as you are
  • Opportunities to perform either solo, over backing tracks or with another player/friend attending HESSFEST
  • Get immediate, direct and constructive feedback on your playing/improvising
  • You WILL leave HESSFEST a better musician compared to when you arrive
  • Massive amounts of fun

Plus, You Will Also Receive:

  • My Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Come To The Event And Are Not 100% Satisfied at the end of day 1. Please note that all payments are final and refunds can only be given under this condition.
  • Big Bonus Gift #1: The Guitar Teaching Super Summit International 3 Ring Binder
  • Big Bonus Gift #2: 8 Months Of Guitar Teaching Super Summit Success Pre-Training before the event even begins
  • Big Bonus Gift #3: Your FIVE Certificates Of Guitar Teaching Training Completion
  • Big Bonus Gift #4: 1 FREE Ticket To Guitar Teaching Super Summit International for your spouse (*conditions apply)
  • Big Bonus Gift #5: 1 FREE Ticket To HESSFEST for a friend (who is not a current or former client of Tom Hess)
  • Big Bonus Gift #6: The Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp 3 Ring Binder
  • Big Bonus Gift #7: 10 Weeks Of Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Preparation Before The Event Begins
  • Big Bonus Gift #8: Your Certificate Of Ear Training Breakthrough Bootcamp Completion
  • 13 Full Days & Nights Of Kick Ass Fun!


Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business Review

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