How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice Guitar Correctly

by Tom Hess

To be an effective guitar teacher, you must know how to teach your guitar students to practice guitar correctly. Without this skill, your students struggle to make progress and your reputation as a guitar teacher suffers.

Teaching your guitar students to practice consists of:

  • Telling your students what to do.
  • Making sure they do what you tell them when they practice guitar at home.

This video shows how to teach your guitar students to practice guitar:

Most guitar teachers tell their students what to do but do nothing to ensure that their students practice correctly at home. This kind of teaching leads to hit or miss results for most of your guitar students.

Question: “But Tom Hess, how can I ensure that my students practice correctly at home? I cannot be at home with them when they practice!”

Answer: Yes, but you can do the next best thing: ask them to practice in front of you during their guitar lesson. This ensures they do everything correctly under your supervision and develop the right guitar practice habits. These habits stay with your students when they practice guitar at home.

Guitar teachers who train their students to practice have a long list of really amazing guitar students.

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