The Beginning Guitarist's Book - Level Two

by Chris Kalkbrenner and Tom Hess

The Beginning Guitarist's Book - Level Two

As a continuation of The Beginning Guitarist's Book - Level One, Level Two takes the beginning guitar student further into the ground-breaking beginner guitar book series.

Level Two picks up where Level One leaves off by continuing to take beginning guitar students through more advanced concepts, techniques and ideas of the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method™. To learn more, read about Level One.

Just like Level One, this book contains:

  • Songs and exercises that are easy to learn.
  • Lessons that sound cool and are fun to learn… in other words, they don't suck the way they do in virtually all the traditional beginner guitar books teachers use with their students.
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  • Learning materials that effectively help beginner guitar students progress easier, faster and better.
  • Lessons that keep the student focused on learning to play guitar and don't slow down their progress with the massive distraction of learning to read music notation as a beginning guitar player. As mentioned in the description of Level One, learning to read music notation is something that should be learned only after the student has progressed far beyond the beginner level of guitar playing.

The techniques used in my Beginning Guitarist's Books have proven over and over again to advance beginners to the next level easily and fast! If you are a guitar student reading this page, I recommend using this book with the aid of a teacher to guide you through the materials as quickly and effectively as possible!

Cost: $12.00

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