Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Training Week - Ultra Badass Package

This is the biggest, coolest, most intense live guitar training package ever assembled anywhere on Earth. You are going to attend the following events:

1 Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week
2 Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Elite Force Special Training

Plus, lots of bonuses (see details below)

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery ELITE FORCE Special Training

June 23-25, 2019
(immediately after Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Training Week  - at the same location)
in St. Charles, Illinois, USA

Tom Hess Guitar Elite Force Special Training

With ELITE FORCE Special Training you will get Three More Full Days (8 Hours Each Day) of the world’s best guitar training, but it gets even better for you because in your 3 extra days you will be in a very tiny private group of only some other Elite Force students.

That means your ELITE FORCE Special Training will be even more hardcore, intense and mind-blowing than the already kick ass training you are going to go through at Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week. Why? Because it’s going to be you, some other students and a rotating team of ultra elite trainers all locked in a room for the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM POSSIBLE EXTREME GUITAR TRAINING IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

Here Is What You Get:

  • 3 Extra Days Of Creativity, Phrasing, Improvisation and Soloing Training - 6 days is great, but 6 days of killer training plus 3 MORE days of ELITE FORCE Special Training is much better.
  • Absolute Maximum Level Training Intensity – Training this intense will push your guitar playing development to the limit – FORCING your playing to massively improve, expand and soar.
  • More Individual Feedback and Coaching For You – your ELITE FORCE Special Training group is tiny in size (you and only a few other students), but virtually limitless in its maximum power to remove the limitations you now have in your playing and put you on the fast track to ultimate mastery.
  • Total Solidification Of Everything You Learned, Trained And Experienced In The First 6 Days Of Your Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week – The most important aspect of any training is that you are sure to remember it perfectly when you go home… this is something the Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week definitely will do for you. The next level of mastery is to not only remember all of your training but to already make it a perpetual ‘habit’ in your playing all the time. Your ELITE FORCE Special Training will put that habit forming process into overdrive for you.
  • ELITE FORCE Special Training gives you ‘higher level’ training even beyond the super Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week – With more time (3 extra days), and a tiny group, we will take your training to the final level of mastery training: INTEGRATING all your new skills together!!!
  • Official Elite Force Status – If the Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training event is like joining the US Military, the ELITE FORCE Special Training is like becoming a Green Beret, Navy Seal or other special elite force… and only you and a small group of guitar players will be in this elite group.


June 13-16, 2019
in St. Charles, Illinois, USA

Guitar Playing Live Event HESSFESTLive Event For Guitarists HESSFEST

HESSFEST – A 4-Day/4-Night Guitar & Music Event Jam Packed With The Best Master Classes, Seminars, Lessons, Jamming, Performances, And Hanging Out With More Than 100 Other Musicians Just Like You Who Have Traveled From All Over The Planet To Be There

Have you ever had a time in your life when all you did was learn super exclusive knowledge and insider secrets about music & guitar from the world's leading guitar teacher?

4 Days and 4 Nights of nonstop music learning, guitar playing, jamming, master classes, lessons, seminars, performances, hanging out, having fun day and night. There is only one event on Earth where you can be, do and have all of that: HESSFEST.

Here Is Why You Are Going To Love HESSFEST

  • You Get One-On-One Guitar Lessons With Me. You may have one guitar lesson with me on a topic of your choice so that you overcome your biggest challenge and make immediate breakthroughs in your guitar playing. Like a good doctor, I’ll quickly diagnose the root cause of whatever is holding you back and give you the cure. 
  • You Experience The Latest And Greatest Master Classes and Seminars Every Day – These innovative, exclusive and powerful master classes are filled with strategies, tactics and insights you will not find anywhere else. With this secret sauce of guitar mastery, you leap forward, become a better musician, remove frustrations and feel confident as you play.
  • You Get One-On-One Lessons With Up To FIVE More World Class Guitar Teaching Masters. These 5 master teachers travel all over the world to be with you and specialize in rock, metal, blues, acoustic and music theory. All these personal guitar lessons alone are worth much more than the entire ticket price for the entire event! 
  • You Meet & Spend Time With Some Of The Most Passionate Musicians And Students From Literally All Over The World. If you have been to one of my live events before, then you already know exactly what I’m talking about and you know how massively life changing it is! These people are the best friends you can find. They, unlike most friends at home, support you, are very positive, encouraging, above average and share your passion for guitar and music.
  • You Learn From & Jam With Other Cool Musicians Who Are As Serious, Dedicated And Passionate About Music As You Are… and the best part is, they are all very cool people who are easy to talk to, are very open, welcoming and approachableso even if you are a shy person or feel insecure about your guitar playing, you’ll feel comfortable right away. 
  • You WILL Leave HESSFEST A Better Musician Compared To When You Arrive! You get a massive injection of musical steroids. How? You become totally inspired and on fire with motivation to practice & improve your music skills. This causes you to make better choices, take better actions and use better tools… all of which leads to greater results and makes you become better faster. 
  • Massive Amounts Of Fun! Coming to HESSFEST is like going to Disney World or Las Vegas. It’s the ultimate fun for musicians. You experience moments that you remember and smile about forever. This is why people come back every year!
  • Great Hotel At Affordable Rates: In addition to all the master classes, 1-1 lessons, performances, jamming and other music fun, you will be staying at a comfortable (but not expensive thanks to our low special group discount rate!) hotel with large lounge areas, restaurants, bars and a swimming pool. Plus, free local bus shuttles to area shopping. And of course lots and lots of music fun with cool people!

If you watched the video above, then you already know that you DEFINITELY want to attend HESSFEST… How do I know that? I know because EVERYONE wants to come to HESSFEST, and everyone who has ever been to HESSFEST loves it – and you will too.

Look How Far People Travel To Come To HESSFEST!

Canada Mexico England Ireland Germany
Holland Belgium Sweden Norway Finland
Denmark Poland Russia Malta Italy
France Estonia Greece Slovenia Croatia
Austria Switzerland Spain Lebanon Israel
South Africa New Zealand Australia South Korea India
Singapore Czech Republic Argentina Japan Syria
China Malaysia Ukraine United States Brazil
Paraguay Lithuania Hong Kong Sri Lanka Vietnam
El Salvador United Arab Emirates Bangladesh Chile Scotland
HESSFEST Guitar Playing Live EventGuitar Playing Event Tom Hess HESSFEST
Live Guitar Playing Event HESSFESTLive Guitar Playing Event Tom Hess

Tickets are limited and HESSFEST sells out every year. 2019 will be no different. Get your ticket before someone else gets your ticket!


Here is your schedule for the Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Training Week - Ultra Badass Package events:

6-13-2019 - Thursday
6-14-2019 - Friday
6-15-2019 - Saturday
6-16-2019 - Sunday

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week
6-17-2019 - Monday
6-18-2019 - Tuesday
6-19-2019 - Wednesday
6-20-2019 – Thursday
6-21-2019 – Friday
6-22-2019 – Saturday

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery - ELITE FORCE SPECIAL TRAINING
6-23-2019 – Sunday
6-24-2019 – Monday
6-25-2019 – Tuesday

Here Is What You Are Going To Get:

1. Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week Event
 $1,997.00 value
2. Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week ELITE FORCE Special Training Event $997.00 value
3. HESSFEST Event Ticket $497.00 value

Plus You Get These Huge Free Bonuses:

4. HESSFEST Event Ticket Free For A Friend *You can give your free ticket to any friend you want over the age of 18 who is also not a current or former client/student of mine. $497.00 value
5. Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Mastery Training 100+ Page Training Manual $1000.00 value
6. Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Mastery 12-Week Pre-Training $684.00 value
7. Certificate Of Guitar Creativity Training Completion Priceless!

Plus you get these additional bonuses free:

1. HESSFEST VIP Front Rows Seating
2. Priority 1-1 lesson time with Tom Hess at HESSFEST
3. Priority Student Performance Critiques at HESSFEST
4. Priority Event Registration

Complete Package Value
cross $5,672.00 Total Value
Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week – Ultra Badass Package Deal 

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