Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Master Guitar Before Becoming A Guitar Teacher

by Tom Hess

Here are 3 huge reasons why you should NOT wait until you master the guitar to get started teaching guitar:

1. Total Mastery Of Guitar Is A Mirage

No matter how great your guitar playing skills become over time, there is always something to improve on. Mastery is like a mirage because: the closer you get to it, the more ways you learn to improve your current skills and the further away mastery gets.

Focusing on mastering guitar before you begin teaching is usually based on being afraid of not being good enough, not knowing how to teach effectively, looking bad in front of others or many other fears.

You don’t need to be an incredible guitarist to teach guitar effectively. As long as you are at least intermediate (or close), you have the ability to deliver great results for your students and build a massively successful guitar teaching business.

2. The More Advanced You Become As A Musician, The Harder It Is To Relate To Less Advanced People

This doesn't mean that virtuoso musicians can’t be great teachers, it simply means advanced musicians usually have a harder time relating to less advanced people. This makes guitar teacher training even more important for you when you are in this situation.

Guitar Teaching Fears And Solutions

3. You Become More Likely To Procrastinate And Never Get Started

The longer you wait to teach guitar, the less likely you are to ever get started. Procrastination becomes a habit that is hard-wired into your brain and you end up settling for working 9-5 at a normal day job. Nothing feels worse than going to a job you hate for 40 hours every week while wishing you could just work on music all day. Teaching guitar lets you surround yourself with music AND get paid much more than what you make at your job (on part-time or full-time hours).

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Tom HessAbout Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains guitar teachers from all over the world how to earn 6-figures per year teaching guitar, while working less than 40 hours per week. 

Learn how to earn a great living by building your guitar teaching business.

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