The Fastest Way To Make Money As A Pro Musician

by Tom Hess

If you are like most people who enter the music business...

... you are likely working a day job you would like to get rid of, so you can build your music career income entirely from music business-related activities. 

And the fastest way to make money as a pro musician when you are just getting started is by...

Making Money Teaching Music

Here is why:

Making Money Teaching Music = Great Money Per Hour.

And I don’t mean teaching 1-1 lessons (where you have to charg high hourly rates to increase your music career income). If you teach music via group classes, you have multiple students all paying you for the same hour.

This makes your hourly music career income quite high (while keeping music lessons affordable for your students).

Making Money Teaching Music = “Built-In Multiple Streams Of Income”.

Every single one of your music students is a tiny income stream. This makes your music business income completely secure. You can lose a few students and still continue to make money as a pro musician.

The same can’t be said for most other ways to make money in the music business when you are starting to (such as one-off gigs or doing studio work).

Make money in music

Making Money Teaching Music = Freedom Of Time To Build Other Aspects Of Your Music Career

Because you make a high hourly rate, you end up working very few hours to maintain your lifestyle. That frees you up to build other aspects of your music career income. 

For example: you can work on your new record, find a band to join (or start your own band), play gigs, prepare for a tour and do other things help you grow in the music business. 

On top of this...

...making money teaching music not only lets you work fewer hours, but you even get to control what days of the week (and hours of the day you work).

Making Money Teaching Music = Something You can Build While Still Working Your Day Job

You can begin making money teaching music on nights and weekends. Then – very important – save all that extra money (don’t spend it). This music career income becomes your life raft that enables you to escape your job when the time comes.

After you have enough money saved to cover 4-6 months of expenses, you can quit your job and go all in on your new life in the music business. And not only will you have savings to tide you over during the transition, but you’ll also have all the students (who are still paying you) as well. 

This makes the transition from your day job and go on to make money as a pro musician with minimum risk, stress or uncertainty. 

And since teaching music stems off of something you already love to do (play music), chances are – you will continue doing it as part of your music career income.

Or, you can phase it out and make your income in the music business in other ways.

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Tom Hess
About Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful full-time careers in the music industry.

Work together with a music career coach and start a successful music career.

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