Fix Sloppy Sweep Picking Once & For All (Easy Guitar Hack)

by Tom Hess

Let's face it: NOBODY likes the sound of sloppy sweep picking.


…there is a simple technique that makes it easy to sweep pick clean (even if you use a lot of distortion).

Best part?

This technique cleans up the rest of your playing too (no matter how sloppy it may sound today).

Watch this video to learn the key to flawlessly clean sweep picking:

Question: “Tom Hess, what about muting higher (in pitch) strings? Is there a technique for this?”

Answer: Yes. There are 2:

The first one is to use your fretting hand index finger to cover up the higher strings when you play.

It looks like this:

Muting guitar string with fingerprint side

The second one is using the fingers on your picking hand not holding the pick (either the ring or pinkie fingers).

It looks like this:

muting guitar string with picking hand

You now know the best ways to clean up sloppy guitar string noise and play guitar clean.

The next step to turbocharging your guitar playing is to combine these tips with a guitar lesson strategy customized for you. This gives you everything you need to finally learn to play guitar the way you’ve always wanted.

I want to help you transform your guitar playing into totally awesome, top level playing, so you can feel great about yourself as a musician. To get started, go to:

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