Do This First Before You Start A Band In The Music Industry

by Tom Hess

Are you looking to start a band in the music industry?

Then there is one thing you’d better do first that will make or break your band’s music career success... as well as your own success as a professional musician. 

What is it?

Become financially stable in your music career (and life).

That means: have a way to earn money in the music industry (and/or outside of it) that enables you to not only support yourself and your efforts to become a professional musician in all the obvious ways...

(Such as buying better gear, for example)...

But also – to attract (and be more selective about) new musicians to join your band (and easily replace the band members who are not the right fit).

Plus: being financially stable gives you the ability to say ‘yes’ to opportunities that may not pay your band (or you) a lot of money right away (but can be huge for growing your music career long-term).

Here are some tips for becoming more financially stable as you take steps to start a band in the music industry

Think In Terms Of Multiple Streams Of Music Career Income.

Not only is it rather challenging to become financially well-off in the music industry from a ‘single’ source of income (especially when you are just starting your journey to become a professional musician)...

But it’s also quite risky. 

If anything happens to your one source of music career income... your music industry future is in big trouble. 

My advice is: focus on building several income streams that each bring in a moderate amount of money (but – combined – add up to a very nice music career income).

Pro tip: make your music career income streams independent from each other. This makes your income far more stable as you proceed to start a band (or pursue any other music industry goal).

On that note:

Teaching Is Possibly The #1 Way To Support Your Music Career Goals (And To Help You Start A Band).

Not only does teaching music automatically give you a number of independent income streams (each of your students is an independent source of income)...

But your student also help you with your efforts to start a band. How? Your music students are – in essence – your built-in fan base who are likely to come to your band’s shows and buy your music and merch.

Develop Skills That Go Beyond Just Playing Your Instrument

This will help you find more ways to make money faster in your music career (whether it is building a teaching business, booking gigs, selling merch, or doing anything else).

Some of these skills might include: sales, marketing, public speaking, copywriting, graphic design, negotiation, management and more.

Being even moderately skilled at ‘some’ of those skills will help you become more successful as you proceed to start a band and reach your goals as a professional musician.

Make money in music

Everything I said above still applies whether you decide to start a band to grow your music career...

Or if you choose to join an existing band that’s already going places in the music industry.

Speaking of which...

‘Should’ you even start a band to build your music career? Or is joining an existing band the better move for you as a professional musician? 

This music industry article will help you decide.

Tom Hess
About Tom Hess: Tom Hess is a guitar teacher, music career mentor and guitar teacher trainer. He trains musicians how to leave their day jobs and build successful full-time careers in the music industry.

Work together with a successful music career mentor to build your music career success plan.

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