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Teaching guitar can be highly rewarding, both in terms of personal fulfillment from helping others to reach their goals, as well as financially.  In order for me to help you begin your successful teaching career (or make your current situation more successful), I want you to test yourself and your current approaches to teaching guitar. 

Answer the questions in the assessments below.  You will immediately receive an e-mail with your score, together with my specific feedback on your results.

How Effective Are Your Beginning Guitar Student Teaching Methods?

How effective are you in getting your students to practice, believe in their potential, and to remain your students until they achieve their goals?  Most guitar teachers struggle with doing this successfully.  Very often their approach to teaching could use a lot of improvement. 

If you are not successful in this area of your teaching, test the efficiency of your beginning guitar student teaching methods here.

How Prepared Are You To Grow A Highly Successful Guitar Teaching Business?

There are many things that are needed to build a highly successful teaching business. Do you know what these things are? Are you ready to implement them? 

Find out here

How Effective Are You In Attracting New Guitar Students?

Do you have highly effective strategies for attracting A LOT of new guitar students to your teaching studio?  Are students pounding on your door to study with you?  Do you find it easy to keep your schedule totally full of students?

If you didn't answer "Yes", to all 3 of these questions, this test will help you find out why.

Test Your Guitar Teaching Skills
Find out how much you really know about teaching guitar and test your guitar teaching skills.


How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice Guitar

Most guitar teachers do a very poor job at teaching their students how to "practice" guitar and this is one of the reasons why their students rarely become exceptional musicians. Take this assessment to test your skills in teaching your guitar students to practice.

Free Guitar Teaching Business eBook:

Free eBook About How To Earn More Money In Your Guitar Teaching Business
Most guitar teachers want to do much better in their guitar teaching business, but they simply do not know 'what to do', nor 'how to do things' to reach that goal. Read this free mini eBook and get 11 tips that you can use right away to build your guitar teaching business better and stronger. 

Free Guitar Teaching Mini Course:

How To Be An Excellent Guitar Teacher

This free 7 day mini course will show you how to establish and grow your reputation as the best guitar teacher in your area. You will learn how to achieve exceptional results with all of your students and help them develop  into great musicians.   Also, you will discover how to attract more of the kind of serious students you want to work with. 

Get the mini course on how to become an excellent guitar teacher here. 

Articles About Teaching Guitar And Building A Successful Guitar Teaching Business:

Why You Struggle To Get Guitar Students

Do you struggle to attract a lot of new guitar students? Do your guitar teaching ads and website not seem to really work like you want them to? Are you sick of constantly having to put effort into promotion and aren't getting enough students from it? Does it seem impossible to fill up your teaching schedule (and keep it filled)? Read the full guitar teaching article to discover how to increase your ability to get guitar students.

How To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Teaching Business By Eliminating These Top 9 Mistakes Guitar Teachers Usually Make

Are you struggling to be a highly successful guitar teacher? Do you want to have more new dedicated guitar students who remain committed for the long term, but your guitar teaching methods are not working as effectively as you would like them to? Are you unhappy because most guitar students don't reach their musical goals and/or an advanced level of guitar playing? Are you unable to support yourself and your family with your guitar teaching job? Are you not earning the money you would like to? Read the complete guitar teaching article to build your own highly successful Guitar Teaching Business.

5 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid When Teaching Beginning Guitar Students

Do your beginning guitar students usually progress slowly? Do they sometimes 'get stuck' in their guitar playing? Is teaching beginners sometimes very frustrating for you? Are there times when you are unsure about what to teach them, how to teach them, or in what order to teach them things? Do you have a significant number of beginning guitar students who quit lessons with you after less than 1 year? Discover the 5 most common mistakes guitar teachers make when teaching beginning guitar students and how you can avoid them. Read the full guitar teaching article and learn how to teach beginner guitar.

How To Effectively Teach Guitar Chords To Beginning Guitar Students  

Beginning guitar students very often struggle with changing guitar chords quickly, fluently and musically. This can become very frustrating for them, and for you, the teacher. Learn how to solve this problem by reading this guitar teaching lesson on how to effectively teach guitar chords. 

Teaching Guitar: How To Fix Bad Habits And Solve Problems Your Guitar Students Have 

If you sometimes struggle to get your guitar students to correct bad habits or solve problems in their guitar playing, read this article and learn the best ways to improve your guitar teaching by discovering how to solve guitar teaching problems.

Learn How To Teach Guitar  

To learn how to teach guitar well and build a successful guitar teaching business, you need to know some critical steps that most new guitar teachers either don't know or don't do. Read more in this article about how to teach guitar.

Free Guitar Teaching Videos:

How To Become The Number One Guitar Teacher In Your Area

Discover guitar teaching business secrets most guitar teachers will never know about. 

Watch this video about how to build a successful guitar teaching business.

Additional Resources:

Guitar Teaching Tips

Get 15 free guitar teaching tips that will help you to improve your guitar teaching skills AND help you to build a very successful guitar teaching business. 

Click here to get started.

Ready to get serious about your guitar teaching? Learn how to teach guitar, build a highly successful guitar teaching business, get guitar students to come to you and make money teaching guitar.

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