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Learn how to teach guitar better by reading the guitar teaching articles below. The articles are grouped in two categories, 'how to teach guitar' and 'growing your guitar teaching business'. You may also want to check out my music career articles and other guitar articles.


Guitar Teaching Articles About: How To Teach Guitar

The Best Way To Become A Successful Guitar Teacher  
Becoming a truly great guitar teacher and climbing to the top of Mt. Everest have many things in common. Both require a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment - However, there is one additional (very important) thing that both successful guitar teachers and expert mountain climbers share in common. Learn what it is so you can quickly build a successful guitar teaching business.


Why Some Guitar Teachers Are Highly Successful: The Psychology Of A Guitar Teacher  
Did you ever notice how some guitar teachers seem to be highly successful while others struggle to make any real progress? The truth is, becoming a great guitar teacher requires not only knowledge of teaching guitar, but also an understanding of how your psychology can work 'for' you or 'against' you. Find out how to become a successful guitar teacher by learning how to take advantage of your strong personality traits while minimizing any of the negative side effects that may come along with them.


Teaching Guitar: How To Fix Bad Habits And Solve Problems Your Guitar Students Have   
If you sometimes struggle to get your guitar students to correct bad habits or solve problems in their guitar playing, read this article and learn how to teach guitar better by discovering how to solve guitar teaching problems.

How To Teach Guitar More Effectively And Help Your Students Make MASSIVE Progress  
Do you have a difficult time helping your guitar students to make powerful progress in their guitar playing? This is a problem that prevents many guitar teachers from becoming truly successful. Read this article about how to teach guitar to learn how to help your students to become awesome musicians and become the most sought after guitar teacher in your area.

5 Big Mistakes You Should Avoid When Teaching Beginning Guitar Students     
Do your beginning guitar students usually progress slowly? Do they sometimes 'get stuck' in their guitar playing? Is teaching beginning guitar students sometimes very frustrating for you? Are there times when you are unsure about what to teach them, how to teach them, or in what order to teach them things? Do you have a significant number of beginning guitar students who quit lessons with you after less than 1 year? Discover the 5 most common mistakes guitar teachers make when teaching beginning guitar students and how you can avoid them. Read the full guitar teaching article and learn how to teach beginner guitar.


How To Effectively Teach Guitar Chords To Beginning Guitar Students     
Beginning guitar students very often struggle with changing guitar chords quickly, fluently and musically. This can become very frustrating for them, and for you, the teacher. Learn how to solve this problem by reading this guitar teaching lesson on how to effectively teach guitar chords.


Learn How To Teach Guitar   
To learn how to teach guitar well and build a successful guitar teaching business, you need to know some critical steps that most new guitar teachers either don't know or don't do. Read more in this article about how to teach guitar.

How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Practice And Make More Progress   
One of the biggest challenges for many guitar teachers is getting their guitar students to make progress during each lesson. Fact is, most guitar teachers spend a lot of time doing things such as showing their students new techniques or licks to play on guitar but spend very little time showing them how to actually ‘practice’ what they learn. Learn how to teach guitar students to practice in order to make more progress by reading this guitar teaching article.


How To Get Started Teaching Guitar   
Do you want to get started teaching guitar, but don’t feel confident in your teaching abilities yet? Gain confidence and become a great guitar teacher fast by identifying and avoiding the most common guitar teaching mistakes - Read this article about how to start teaching guitar while avoiding the 11 largest mistakes made by new guitar teachers.


Common Guitar Teaching Questions You Should Never Ask  
Before you reach great success as a guitar teacher you will have many questions that need solutions. However, many common guitar teaching questions are based on false assumptions that will be harmful to your guitar teaching business. Learn the top 7 guitar teaching questions you should never ask if you want to become a successful guitar teacher.


Guitar Teaching Articles About: Growing Your Guitar Teaching Business

How To Make A Good Living As A Guitar Teacher  
Want to earn a good living teaching guitar? The truth is, most people totally FAIL when it comes to making a lot of money in their guitar teaching businesses because they all use the same conventional (and ineffective) guitar teaching approaches. Read this article on how to make a living teaching guitar and learn the top 7 guitar teaching ideas that you must avoid in order to build a successful and highly profitable guitar teaching business.


The 5 Steps You Must Take To Become Successful At Teaching Guitar NEW!
You will not become the number one guitar teacher in your area until you understand (and take action on) the principles that massively successful guitar teachers use. It doesn't matter what level your teaching skills are, where you are located or how much experience you have. These 5 principles for guitar teaching success are essential for your growth and prosperity.


How To Become The Number One Local Guitar Teacher
Most guitar teachers are destined to achieve mediocre results for their students and fail to earn good money in their guitar teaching business. Don't become one of them! Learn the 5 main reasons why you haven't become the number one teacher in your city and how to change this. Read this guitar teaching article.


Make Money Teaching Guitar   
Most guitar teachers struggle to support themselves full time on their income from teaching guitar. Many simply give up the idea of pursuing teaching guitar as a career path and instead get a non music related day job. Fact is that there are several key reasons why most music teachers struggle financially that can easily be avoided once you become aware of them and take steps to correct them. Read this article to learn how to make money teaching guitar.


The Biggest Reason Why Guitar Teachers Fail
Fact: only a very tiny percentage of all guitar teachers earn good money and build successful guitar teaching businesses. Before you will join this select group you must begin investing more time into to expanding your business rather than 'only' focusing on day to day guitar teaching activities. Learn more by reading this article about guitar teaching.


How To Attract More New Guitar Students 
Do you struggle to keep your teaching schedule full of guitar students? Most guitar teachers struggle with this as well because they 'only' focus on advertising as much as possible. Truth is, you will only attract a lot of guitar students when you can do, show and prove 6 things - Learn what they are by reading this article about attracting new guitar students.


Why You Struggle To Get Guitar Students       
Do you struggle to attract a lot of new guitar students? Do your guitar teaching ads and website not seem to really work like you want them to? Are you sick of constantly having to put effort into promotion and aren't getting enough students from it? Does it seem impossible to fill up your teaching schedule (and keep it filled)? Read the full guitar teaching article to discover how to increase your ability to get guitar students.


How To Get More Guitar Students In The Summer NEW!
It's clear that less guitar students inquire about taking lessons during the summer. However, it's much easier than you think to get 'more' students in the summer while expanding your guitar teaching business. Find out how by reading this article about attracting new guitar students in the summer while keeping your current ones from leaving.


How To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Teaching Business By Eliminating These Top 9 Mistakes Guitar Teachers Usually Make     
Are you struggling to be a highly successful guitar teacher? Do you want to have more new dedicated guitar students who remain committed for the long term, but your guitar teaching methods are not working as effectively as you would like them to? Are you unhappy because most guitar students don't reach their musical goals and/or an advanced level of guitar playing? Are you unable to support yourself and your family with your guitar teaching job? Are you not earning the money you would like to? Read the complete guitar teaching article to build your own highly successful Guitar Teaching Business.

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