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Articles About Developing A Successful Music Career

Why Only Few Musicians Succeed In The Music Industry And How You Can Join Them   
Have you ever wondered why some musicians become highly successful in the music industry while others have a difficult time earning a good living? Fact is, the key to success in the music business is to offer high value and minimal risk to anyone you work with. However, there are often 'hidden' risks that most musicians are unaware of that prevent them from developing thriving music careers. Learn how to become a successful professional musician by reading this article and finding out how to reduce and eliminate the amount of risk you pose to others in the music industry.


The Best Way To Become A Highly Successful Professional Musician NEW!
Want to become a successful pro musician? You'll need much more than just musical skill. Truth is, the most successful pro musicians aren't that much more skilled or talented than those who don't ' make it' . However, there is one crucial thing that separates them from everyone else. Learn what it is by reading this article about becoming a professional musician.


How To Get More Music Fans And Promote Your Music To More People   
“How do I get more fans to hear my music?” “What can I do to promote my music to more people?” “Where can I find more new fans?” These are the questions that I am asked about on a regular basis by musicians looking for advice on how to improve their music career. Regardless of what it is you do in the music industry, you need to have fans who are excited about what it is you are offering, so this particular topic is a very important issue for all professional musicians, particularly those who make a living as performing artists. Read more in this article about how to get more fans and promote your music.


How To Achieve Success In Your Music Career   
Most musicians attempt to build a music career on their own by reading music business books, searching online forums or asking for advice from their friends. However, this approach often fails to provide great results because it either comes from ‘amateur’ sources or is too generalized to help you with your specific goals. In order to reach your goals in music quickly and effectively, you must find a mentor who has already achieved success in the music industry. Learn how to find a great mentor by reading this music career mentor article.


How To Make More Money In Music   
Do you struggle to make money in the music business? Most musicians do. Fortunately, it does NOT have to be difficult to make a great living working as a musician. If you avoid the common mistakes that most musicians make when trying to develop a music career, you will have no problem achieving financial security in the music industry. Read this article to learn how to make more money in music


Top 10 Mistakes Musicians Make When Trying To Get Into The Music Business   
If you want to become successful in the music industry, there are many things you need to know and do. Many bands and musicians seeking a career in music have the same patterns of assumptions, problems and mistakes over and over again. Read about the Top 10 mistakes musicians make.


The Truth About Who Makes It In The Music Business   
Want to know who makes it in music and why? Truth is, many musicians unknowingly spend most of their time working on things that decrease their chances for sustaining a successful music career. Avoid this and learn about the most important qualities you must possess to build a long-lasting, successful music career by reading this article about how to make in the music business.


Why You Still Aren't A Professional Musician NEW!
Tired of NOT being a professional musician? Most musicians go years without becoming professionals only to end up frustrated and disappointed. Don't become another statistic! Learn the 6 things that will bring you music career success.


4 Music Career Questions You Should NOT Be Asking  
Your success in the music industry all depends on the quality of the questions you ask. Most musicians ask low quality questions that lead them down the long path to failure. Learn which questions you 'should' be asking by reading this article on how to make it in the music industry.

How To Get More Fans To Your Gigs     
Are you frustrated because you aren't getting as many people to come to your gigs as you want? Getting 'new' people to come to your gigs is not even the main challenge, even most of your own friends and fans usually won't come to your gigs regularly. This fact makes it harder to get bigger and better gigs that pay more money. Read the full article and learn how to get more fans to come to your gigs

How To Prepare For Gigs And Make Your Live Shows Better
The very best way to get more people to repeatedly come out and see your band play live is word of mouth. When your live shows are great, people will like it and talk about you to their friends both online and offline. Besides the obvious point of playing good music that people like, there are 5 main areas of preparing for your gigs. Read the full music career article about how to prepare for gigs.

The 7 Rules About Finding The Right Musicians For Your Band  
Are you having a hard time finding the right musicians for your band? Building a great band full of highly motivated musicians can seem like an overwhelming challenge. However, there are 7 rules that will help your band succeed in finding truly dedicated musicians. Learn how to find the right people for your band in this article on how to find band members.


5 Keys To Music Career Success NEW!
You will not succeed in the music business unless you acquire five main keys possessed by all successful musicians. Once you possess all five, achieving your musical goals will be infinitely more easy. However, you must have them ALL or you will not make it. Learn what they are by reading this article about building a successful career in music.


How To Start A Successful Music Career      
Do you need some immediate music career advice? Discover 4 key things you can begin to focus on right now to start a successful music career.


How To Transition From Your Day Job Into A Successful Music Career       
Do you want to be a professional musician, but don't know where and how to start? Do you really want a successful career in music, but your fear of failure is holding you back? Are you unsure about what to do if your plan doesn't work? Learn how to start a music career.


How To Make The Right Connections In The Music Industry     
You know that making the right music industry contacts is a key factor in developing a successful music career. The problem is, most musicians really don't know 'who' the most valuable music industry contacts are, where to find them, how to actually transform a 'first contact' into a meaningful relationship, what it really means to have the 'right music industry connections', etc. Read the full music career article to get advice on how to make the right music industry contacts


The Pursuit of the Record Deal     
Do you want a successful, stable and rewarding music career as a professional musician? Would you like to know exactly what record labels, music producers, and artist management companies are looking for when seeking out new artists? There are many great musicians who are not able to build a successful career in music because they do not know what it is these music companies want from them. Read my music career advice in this article about taking your first step to getting a record deal.


Want To Become A Professional Musician? Start Here       
If you are like most people who want a music career as a professional musician, the first question you ask is probably, "What do I have to do?". You ask this because you are not sure what you need to do first, second, third, etc. And it seems obvious that you must actually do things in order to move forward and build your own successful music career. Read more about how to become a professional musician in the complete music career article. 

How To Become A Professional Guitarist and Musician ~ Part 1: Facts and Myths           
What does it take to become a professional guitar player and musician? The answer remains a huge mystery for the vast majority of musicians... but it doesn't have to be. Read the complete music career article about how to become a professional musician


How To Become A Professional Guitarist and Musician ~ Part 2: Facts and Myths           
Insider secrets to becoming a professional musician. Read this music career article and case study of an artist in the process of becoming a professional musician.


How To Become A Professional Guitarist and Musician ~ Part 3:              
Acquire an Accurate Map

You wouldn't drive in your car aimlessly in an unfamiliar city without a map (or at least a GPS unit). So it does not make sense to 'aimlessly' wander around the music industry in order to start a career in music - yet that is what most artists try to do - and it's the biggest reason why these artists fail. Learn how to start a music career.


How To Become A Professional Guitarist and Musician ~ Part 4: "Making It"             
Most people believe there are only two possible outcomes when trying to become a professional musician: You either "make it"... or you don't. Fact is, there are many more opportunities in the music industry than most musicians realize. Continue reading the complete music career article and learn more about how to make it in the music business


How To Become A Professional Guitarist and Musician ~ Part 5: How Successful Musicians Build Their Careers   NEW!
To become a successful professional musician you must do more than merely copy the same 'actions' of other successful musicians. Fact is, musicians succeed based on the way they 'think' (this is what leads them to take the 'right' actions). Learn how to build a successful music career by reading about the 5 mindsets used by highly successful musicians.


5 Reasons Why Most Musicians Fail To Break Into The Music Industry   
You want to get into the music industry? Thousands of musicians attempt to make it in the music business every year but very few succeed. The reason why is musicians believe in incorrect myths about 'making it' in their music careers. Learn which myths will lead you to failure so you can avoid them and break into the music industry and build a career as a successful professional musician.

Building An Army Of Fans Every Time You Perform   
Want more fans for your music? Read this awesome music career article by Draven Grey. This is a very useful lesson on building your fan base.

Guest Articles

Review Of Common Music Career Advice - An Interview With Tom Hess   
When you talk to others about pursuing a career in music, do you ever get their "expert" advice on what you should do? In most cases, these people have good intentions to help you succeed in reaching your musical dreams. However, unless they actually are a professional musician, their advice is likely to do more harm than good. In order to become a professional musician, it is important to seek the advice of someone who has already achieved a high level of success in the music industry and knows what it takes to succeed. Become a successful musician by learning the difference between successful and amateur music career advice in this Tom Hess music career review.

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