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Guitar Articles About: Reaching Your Guitar Playing Goals

11 Damaging Mistakes Guitar Players Make And How To Avoid Them            
Do you know how many guitar players practice a lot in order to improve their guitar playing, but they still struggle to play guitar exactly the way they desire? They don't improve quickly. They begin to doubt their guitar playing potential, and wonder if they will ever learn to become a better guitar player. Read the full guitar playing article and learn how to improve your guitar playing.


3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Big Results From Taking Guitar Lessons         
Have you taken guitar lessons, but became frustrated and quit? Perhaps you weren't making enough progress? Do you doubt that guitar lessons are worth investing your money and time? Many guitar students do not get the benefit from guitar lessons that they could be getting. Find out the secrets to better guitar playing


Why Aren't You A Better Guitarist?           
Struggling with your guitar playing? We've all been there. Discover the 20 guitar playing secrets you need to know to become a better guitarist. Read the full guitar article on how to become a better guitarist.


5 Ways To Turbocharge Your Guitar Progress 
You won't be able to move your guitar playing forward until you eliminate the poor practicing habits that hold you back. Additionally, to become a great guitarist fast, you must look for more than just new things to practice. Learn which things slow down your progress and cut them out of your guitar playing so you can become a better guitarist faster.


Are You A Bad Student? I Was!         
I wasted years of valuable time, thousands of dollars and much frustration in my pursuit to become a great guitarist and make it as a professional musician. If I knew then what I know now, I might have become a great guitar player at a young age instead of getting off to a slow start with my guitar playing. Read my guitar article on how to become a better guitarist so you will never repeat my stupid guitar learning mistakes.


Choosing A Guitar Teacher           
Looking for a local or an online guitar teacher? Not all teachers are the same, there are a LOT of bad ones out there, and the majority are just mediocre guitar teachers. Read this guitar article to find and choose the best guitar teacher for you.


Do You Really Need A Guitar Teacher?         
If you want to quickly learn to play guitar, find a great teacher as soon as possible. This guitar article is a MUST READ if you have any doubts about whether you need guitar lessons.


7 Things Your Guitar Teacher Will Never Tell You   
If you have ever been frustrated with the lack of results from guitar teachers you've worked with, you are not alone. Most guitar players skip from guitar teacher to guitar teacher many times before they find someone who can help them effectively achieve their musical goals as a guitar player. The truth is, 19 out of 20 guitar teachers simply do not understand how to help you become a better guitarist. Learn how to become a better guitar player by finding a great guitar teacher.


Begin At The End          
Why do most guitar players fail to reach their guitar playing goals? Contrary to popular belief, the fastest, easiest and most effective way to reach your guitar playing goals is to begin from the 'top down', NOT the 'bottom up'. Find out what this means and what you need to do to reach your guitar playing goals


5 Keys To Achieving Greatness As A Guitar Player   
Are you serious about becoming a great guitarist? Fact is, most guitar players do not even truly understand what it means to achieve greatness and even if they do – they often settle for mediocrity. Read this article and learn the 5 keys to becoming a great guitarist and fulfilling your true potential.


Most Of You Are Totally Out Of Balance         
Have you ever felt out of balance with your guitar skills? Maybe you are strong in some areas but lagging behind in others. It is not important to be strong in 'every' area of guitar playing, but it is important that you are strong in the 'right areas'. You need to be clear on exactly 'what to practice on guitar'.


Plans Are NOT Goals         
Many musicians make the mistake of confusing "plans" to do something with "goals". This common fundamental misunderstanding leads guitar players to start out on the wrong path to achieve what they want musically. Read the entire guitar article on how to become a great guitar player.


The Most Important Skill That Most Guitar Players Don't Have         
Ear training (also known as aural skills) is one of the most underdeveloped skills for guitar players. Learn what you can do immediately to improve your aural skills. Read the full article on developing your aural skills.


The 80/20 Rule         
20% of what we do brings us 80% of our results, but the other 80% of what we do brings us only 20% of our results. Understanding this simple, yet profound theory and applying it to your guitar practice can make a huge difference in your guitar playing. Read the whole guitar playing article on guitar practice secrets.


Top Secrets Of Common Sense - Part 1         
No matter what your musical skill level is right now, there are going to be many significant challenges ahead of you. Your attitudes, and the ways you deal with musical challenges, will be the single greatest factor in determining how much you will achieve as a musician. Continue reading the guitar article to discover the first step in how to become a better guitarist.


Perseverance - It Will Make You Or Break You!           
Whenever you're frustrated and ready to give up, read this guitar article about perseverance for guitar players.

How To Solve Guitar Playing Problems  NEW!
Are you frustrated by a lack of progress in your guitar playing? The reason why you are struggling is you have developed several bad habits in your playing and they are holding you back. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might think to overcome these problems. Learn how to solve guitar playing problems and become a better player fast.


Guitar Articles About: How To Practice Guitar Effectively

Top 5 Reasons Why You Lack Motivation To Practice Guitar   
Do you sometimes feel a lack of motivation for practicing guitar? For most guitarists, this occurs because they do not understand how to get the most out of their guitar practice time. As a result, they make very slow progress and become frustrated. Find out how to increase your motivation to practice guitar by learning how to practice guitar more effectively.

How To Eliminate Mistakes From Your Guitar Playing 
The first step you must take while learning something new on guitar is simply trying to 'get it right'. However, using this approach all the time will neither prevent you from making mistakes in the future nor help you become a truly great guitarist. To do these things, you must practice to 'never get it wrong'. Learn how by reading this article on how to practice guitar effectively.

How To Play Anything On Guitar
Have you ever spent a long time trying to play something on guitar only to end up frustrated when you couldn't play it right? It's time to finally get it right! Read this article with guitar practice advice and discover the exact steps to playing anything you want.

How To Tremolo Pick Fast On Guitar NEW!
Want to tremolo pick faster on guitar? Then STOP trying to "move your hands faster" - this will never work. I’ll show you the 4 steps you need to take to REALLY improve your tremolo technique so you can play lightning fast and make it feel super easy. Practice this exercise to greatly improve your tremolo picking.

How To Find The Best Guitar Exercises     
If you feel frustrated with not knowing how to make sense out of millions of guitar playing exercises, guitar method books and videos, you need to read this article that will show you exactly how to determine the best guitar exercises for you.

How To Practice Guitar Effectively With And Without A Metronome     
When it comes to practicing guitar with a metronome, guitarists typically fall into two camps: some use the metronome very frequently and others almost never use it. Fact is, both approaches are misleading and will severely limit your guitar playing progress. Read this article to learn how to use a metronome effectively and discover how to make a lot more progress in your guitar playing.

Build Lightning Fast Guitar Picking Technique
Don't take longer than necessary to build fast guitar picking technique. Fact is, most guitarists waste tons of time trying to do this, causing themselves a lot of frustration in the process. However, developing fast and efficient picking technique is easier than you think. Learn how by reading this article about building guitar speed.

How To Improve Your Guitar Technique - Part 1       
Discover the 5 secrets to improving your guitar technique. Play cleanly by becoming more accurate. Eliminate any sloppy playing and unwanted string noise. This guitar article is designed to improve guitar technique

How To Improve Your Guitar Technique - Part 2: Stop Unwanted Guitar String Noise And Sloppy Guitar Playing           
If you are still suffering from sloppy guitar playing, the cause is likely unwanted guitar string noise. For some guitar players, improving guitar technique may have nothing to do with how they are playing the notes they ‘want’ to hear. The sloppy noises we sometimes hear are caused from the notes (strings) we do ‘not’ want to hear. Learn how to eliminate unwanted guitar string noise


Get More From Your Guitar Practice
8 Steps To Develop A Highly Efficient Practice Schedule         
If you are like most guitar players you sometimes feel frustrated with your guitar playing. You know mastering guitar playing takes a LOT of time, energy and effort. It seems like a huge mountain to climb in order to reach the highly advanced levels of guitar playing. You know that few people who attempt to climb that mountain will actually achieve it... but if you are truly determined to reach these goals you certainly can! Read this guitar playing article to learn how to develop your own guitar practice schedule.


How To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel Easy NEW!
If you always use the traditional speed building method of starting to practice slowly and increase speed incrementally, you will struggle to build fast guitar speed and stay relaxed while playing at higher tempos. To avoid the limitations of the traditional method, learn this new approach for building guitar speed and making it feel easy.


How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of Time        
It may be difficult to increase the total amount of time you have available to practice guitar, but it is actually easy to maximize the results you get from your practice time. Read the full guitar playing article for tips on how to practice guitar.


Practicing Guitar: Self Discipline or Fun?       
Do you find it difficult to fully enjoy the process of highly disciplined practicing? Most guitarists either have lots of fun practicing, but are not highly disciplined, or try to be very disciplined, but find it boring or unfulfilling when they do so. So most people make a (conscious or unconscious) choice to sacrifice 'fun' for discipline, or discipline for fun. Making sacrifices with your guitar practice is not only unnecessary, but can be counterproductive to becoming the guitar player you want to be. Read this guitar article and learn the best way to practice guitar.


How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 1             
Shred guitar insider secrets of how to build your maximum guitar speed. Practice guitar speed exercises the way top shredders do. Read the full guitar article article on how to build your maximum guitar speed with unique guitar speed exercises.


How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 2: Speed Builder Strategy 2         
Develop your maximum guitar speed by practicing this guitar speed exercise. Many top shredders practice this exercise to develop their speed. This is part 2 of How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed. Read the guitar playing article to get started with your guitar speed exercise regimen.


How To Practice for Maximum Guitar Speed - Part 3     
Have you ever noticed that playing something clean and fast is much harder when playing an actual song compared to when you practice that same guitar lick or solo over and over again? Learn more about how to increase your guitar speed and solving this problem in part 3 of this guitar articles series. 


How To Practice For Maximum Guitar Speed - Avoiding Common Mistakes In Learning To Play Guitar Fast     
Are you frustrated with not being able to play guitar as fast as you want? Do you feel that your lack of guitar speed is limiting your ability to express yourself musically? Although playing guitar fast is not everyone's most important guitar playing goal, those who do desire greater guitar speed typically want it badly and are often frustrated with their inability to improve fast enough in this area of their guitar playing. If this describes you, read this article about increasing your guitar speed.


The Best Approach For Building Guitar Speed 
If you use the conventional speed building approaches used by most guitarists, it will take you a very long time to build speed (if ever). The key to developing guitar speed is to balance 'always' practicing slow with always practicing fast in order to get the best of both worlds. Here is you can do this in order to increase guitar speed quickly and effectively.


An Analysis of "SUCK"         
A cool guitar article about a true story of one frustrated guitar player and his friend who rapidly became a much better guitar player. Read the good guitar practice advice I gave him.


How To Avoid Musical Burn Out           
Do you sometimes find it difficult to stay focused and motivated to practice or play music? We've all been there at some point in our guitar playing lives. Discover new inspiration to practice guitar. Overcome musical burn out. Read this guitar article about inspiration to practice guitar.


Mindless Exercises           
Do you sometimes feel that your practicing consists of boring mindless exercises and your improvement on the guitar is slow? This guitar practicing article will help you find the balance between 'exercises' and real progress in your guitar playing. Transform your mindless exercises into an effective guitar practice technique


Picking Hand Discipline         
I have often been asked how I, and other players, are able to play really fast without playing sloppy. Playing sweep picked arpeggios cleanly while using a lot of gain (distortion) can be a big challenge. Many players have a hard time keeping all of the lower strings from ringing out while soloing on the higher strings, causing a sloppy noise. Read this entire guitar playing article to discover how to mute unwanted guitar string noise.


Vibrato Control       
Vibrato is probably the most expressive technique on guitar. Many guitarists, however, don't spend much time trying to master this technique at all. Fact is, you will be judged more on your vibrato technique than on any other single technique. Check out the complete guitar playing article on guitar vibrato technique.


Why Making Too Much Progress Too Fast Is Harmful For Your Guitar Playing   NEW!
Think the best way to become a great guitarist is to make the fastest progress possible? Think again! Fact is, making fast progress is not the same as reaching your guitar playing goals in as little time as possible. Learn the difference between the two by reading this article about fast guitar playing progress misconceptions.


Guitar Articles About: Overcoming Your Guitar Playing Frustrations

Are You An Unhappy Musician? 10 Ways To Get Musical Pain Relief       
Are you happy and fulfilled with your level of musical skills? Can you honestly say that you have reached all of your musical goals? Has your guitar playing consistently gotten better during the time you have been playing? If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, then read the full guitar article to get 10 guitar playing tips to put you on the path to say 'yes' to every question above!


4 Fears That Keep You From Becoming A Great Guitarist  
You will go years without advancing your guitar playing skills if you don't identify and overcome the mental barriers you've created for yourself. These barriers are built from your greatest 'fears' (such as the fear of failure, criticism or performing in front of others). Overcome these fears so you can become a great guitarist much faster by reading this article about making progress on guitar.


Playing Live: What To Do With The Little Voices In Your Head       
Whether you play for tens of thousands of people every night as part of a world tour, or 20 people at a backyard barbeque, most of the mental anxieties musicians experience while playing live are the same. In almost every case the negative little voice in your head is centered around fear (fear of rejection, self doubt etc.). We all have experienced some level of stage fright, performance anxiety, fear or nervousness when playing live at some time or another. Read the complete guitar article to discover a stage fright remedy for guitar players.


Can YOU Really Become A Great Guitar Player?       
Find out if you can really become a great guitar player (hint: Yes you can!). If you want to become a better guitarist, read this guitar article about how to become a better guitar player


Musical Frustration          
Are you musically frustrated with yourself? Are you not the guitar player that you want to be? Or not as good as you could be or should be? Do you look with envy at other guitarists who are doing what you wish you could be doing? Does reaching your musical goals seem out of reach? Read the full article if you want to be a better guitarist


Take The Test         
Do you think you REALLY know what you want from music? Read this guitar article to find the truth.


Fire and Inspiration           
Think back to the time when your interest in playing guitar was born. Remember the time when you got your first guitar and actually started playing it. For most of us, even when we were total beginners, clueless about how to play anything, it somehow didn't matter because we were just so excited about beginning our musical/guitar journey. Want to get that inspiration back? Read this guitar article on inspiration for guitarists


For Love or Money         
Are you torn between creating the music that you REALLY 'want' to make and playing 'what sells'? You don't necessarily have to make sacrifices.


Guitar Articles About: Creativity and Songwriting

How To Play With Emotion In Your Music     
Can you make people feel the emotions you want them to feel by playing guitar? Most guitar players have a hard time doing this because they do not understand how to explain and predict the feeling of the notes they play with. Read this article to learn how to use your guitar to create emotion in music.


How To Play Killer Shred Guitar Licks     
Want to play awesome shred guitar licks that add fire and intensity to your soloing? Study the exercise in this shred guitar article and learn how to create great shred licks without having to play faster.


How To Make Your Guitar Solos Sing     
One of the most impressive things you can do on guitar is to create melodies that ‘sing’. Most guitar players focus too much on technique while ignoring the melodic side of their guitar playing. This causes their guitar solos to quickly become uninteresting. Find out how to create better guitar solos by making your guitar sing in this guitar solo lesson.

How To Play Expressive Guitar Solos Using Only One Note

The Holy Grail of guitar soloing is being able to express yourself fully while creating an intense emotional reaction in the listener. The cool part is, you can do this easily by using only ONE note! Read this article and find out how to play emotional guitar solos.


How To Play Expressive Guitar Licks Over Any Chord NEW!
You can easily express tons of emotion in any guitar lick you play without knowing a lot about music theory. To do so, all you need is a good understanding of the simple idea (similar to pitch axis theory) discussed in this article. Learn it now and start expressing emotion in your guitar licks.


Why So Many Guitar Solos Sound The Same And How To Avoid That   
Imagine if your guitar solos could ‘sing’ like a great singer. Fact is, most guitar players create guitar solos based on guitar licks and phrases, but not a combination of guitar phrases and lyrical melodies that would make the solos much better. In this revolutionary new guitar article on how to create guitar solos you will learn a secret that took me 20 years to discover! Read the full guitar lesson article here.


Guitar Video: How To Create Rock Guitar Soloing And Improvisation Licks   
Do you want to learn how to write tons of new rock guitar licks? The truth is, most guitar players try to make new rock guitar licks by cramming together several random musical ideas in hopes that everything ends up sounding decent. That said, this is actually a highly ineffective approach when it comes to improvising and creating guitar licks. Learn how to write a lot of new rock guitar licks while improving your overall soloing skills by watching this video about guitar improvisation.


Play Sweep Picking Arpeggios That Are Fast And Clean NEW!
Before you can play ultra clean, lightning-fast sweep picking arpeggios you need to pinpoint the mistakes that slow you down. Identify your mistakes and learn a powerful sweep picking variation by reading this article about playing clean sweep picking arpeggios.

Why Yngwie Malmsteen Is Underrated And How This Can Help You Become A Better Guitarist     
When you think of underrated guitar players, who do you think of first? Of all the great guitar players, there is one that should immediately come to your mind, and his name is Yngwie Malmsteen. Find out why he is one of the MOST underrated guitarist of all time and how his guitar playing can help you improve your own guitar skills in this Yngwie Malmsteen guitar lesson.


5 Elements Of John Petrucci’s Style That Will Make You A Better Guitarist     
John Petrucci is well known for being a world class guitar player. However, there are 5 important elements in his guitar playing style that you have probably overlooked. Learn what they are and use them to enhance your own guitar playing in this John Petrucci guitar lesson.

How To Play Better Guitar Solos Than You Ever Thought Possible
One of the most important parts of a great guitar solo is excellent vibrato technique. Most guitarists 'think' they know how to use vibrato creatively, but really have no idea. Find out how you can use highly creative vibrato to play killer guitar solos by checking out this article on how to play better guitar solos.
How To Make Your Guitar Solos Sound Better NEW!
The best approach to improving your guitar solos is NOT to simply change/add notes. By altering 'how' you play the notes within your solos (rather than 'what' notes you play), you can easily transform them from average to KILLER. Follow the steps in this article to learn how this is done and play killer guitar solos.

How To Play Creative Blues Double Stop Licks
Fact: Most blues guitar players merely copy double stop licks from other guitarists without learning how to use them creatively in music. To play killer blues guitar double stops, you must learn how to get the maximum amount of expression and intensity from the technique. Check out this blues guitar double stops article to learn how play the coolest, most intense and most expressive double stop licks.


How To Play Awesome Rhythm Guitar Riffs    
Do you have trouble with consistently creating AWESOME rock and metal rhythm guitar riffs? If so, there are several things you absolutely must know about how to play and practice rhythm guitar so that you can begin to make much faster progress in this area of your guitar playing. Read this rhythm guitar playing lesson article to learn what to do to begin creating better sounding rhythm guitar riffs.


How To Play Killer Blues Guitar Licks 
Want to know how to play killer blues guitar licks that sound aggressive 'and' clean at the same time? Most guitarists believe that you can only do one or the other, and are never able to play their solos with maximum expression. However, you CAN play awesome blues guitar licks with both qualities and I'll show you how. Read this blues guitar licks article.


How To Make Your Blues Licks More Expressive  
Want the power to create tons of highly creative blues guitar licks whenever you want? You can easily do this by learning just a few techniques for making your blues guitar playing more expressive. Learn these techniques by checking out this blues guitar video.


How To Play 7 String Guitar More Creatively   
Want to come up with more creative ideas on your 7 string guitar? To play this instrument well, you will first need to understand how to get the most out of the unique features it brings into your guitar playing. Improve your 7 string guitar skills by reading this 7 string guitar lesson article.


How To Transform Any Guitar Lick Into A Killer Guitar Lick   
There are 2 things you can do to know and play better guitar licks. The first idea is to simply find cooler licks. The second (better) idea is to make small changes to the licks you already know which will make them sound killer! What you need to do is see and hear how a single tiny change to just one note of your guitar lick will make it sound massively cooler. Watch how in this lead guitar licks video and article.


How To Express Yourself In Music  
The single greatest thing you can ever do as musician is to truly express yourself through your music and also to control what your listeners will feel… Now imagine having the unique ability to control their emotions in the way you want, how you want, when you want and how intensely or dramatically as you want. For most musicians, that is the Holy Grail of musical goals. Read more about how to express yourself in music.


How To Transform Any Guitar Lick Into A Killer Guitar Lick Part 2   
You can make any guitar lick sound awesome by using guitar phrasing techniques to get as much emotion as possible out of each note. Use the exercise in this lead guitar playing article to learn how.


How To Become A Great Classic Rock Guitar Player   
If you want to master the classic rock lead guitar playing styles of Angus Young, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen and other classic rock guitar masters, there are several important skills that you absolutely must develop in order to reach this goal. Read this article to find out how to become a great classic rock guitar player.


How To Create Great Guitar Solos And Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing   
Would you like to learn the secrets that great guitar players use to consistently come up with awesome sounding guitar solos? The reason why master guitar players are able to express themselves fully when soloing and improvising is because they approach the process of creating a guitar solo in VERY different ways than what most guitarists do. Read this article to find out how to create great guitar solos.


Guitar Solo Lesson And Video: Getting A Lot From Little   
Do you still struggle to create great guitar solos? How are you trying to fix this common problem? In this guitar solo lesson and video, you will learn how to use what you already know to get a lot of cool sounds and emotion out of playing very few notes on the guitar.


How To Write Guitar Solo Phrases That Demand The Attention Of Your Listeners   
If you want to play guitar solo phrases that get the attention of your listeners, it is NOT a requirement that you play highly technical or fast guitar licks. Learn the process for creating guitar phrases that force other people to stop and pay attention to every lick you play by reading this guitar solo phrasing article.


Guitar Solo Lesson: How To Create Kick Ass Guitar Solos         
There are lots of ways to create guitar solos. Most guitarists focus on ‘what to play’ versus ‘how to play things’. Fact is, the nuances of phrasing (‘how’ the notes are played) often matter MORE than the notes we actually play. How many times have you heard someone play a guitar solo ‘without’ much emotion? Often there was nothing wrong with their choice of notes. The solo lacked emotion and interest because the ‘phrasing’ was weak.

Check out this guitar solo lesson.

Killer Lead Guitar Lesson With Backing Tracks   
Learn how to improve your guitar phrasing and self-expression on the guitar in this free lead guitar lesson with backing tracks.


Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 1     
Professional guitar players talk about the elusive topic of guitar phrasing. Guitar teachers talk about it in their lessons and books. We hear about how important it is to have good phrasing and to spend time working on it. Read the full guitar article to improve your guitar phrasing.


How To Play Powerful Sweep Picking Arpeggios That Demand Attention  
Do you want to play intense sweep picking arpeggios that demand attention for anyone listening to you play? To do this, you must learn how to use sweep picking to add tension to your lead guitar phrases. Learn how by studying the sweep picking exercise in this article.


Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 2     
In my first article, "Improving Your Guitar Phrasing, Part 1", I explained what phrasing is and why it is important for guitarists to develop this critical skill. In Part 2 of this guitar articles series, we will go deeper into these things in order to help you improve your guitar phrasing


Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 3     
In this 3rd guitar solo phrasing article we are going to focus on the unique sound of legato guitar phrasing. Read the full guitar phrasing article.


Improving Your Guitar Phrasing - Part 4    
Do you want to be able to express yourself more fully in your lead guitar solos? Are you struggling to apply all of the licks and techniques you’ve been learning? Check out this guitar phrasing article to learn how to improve your guitar phrasing skills.


Learn The 3 Essential Elements Of Lead Guitar Phrasing NEW!
Before your guitar solos can sound totally killer, you must learn and master 3 main elements of guitar phrasing. In fact, ALL truly great guitarists have mastered these elements and use them in their playing all the time. Learn these 3 guitar phrasing elements now and start playing the best solos you ever played.


The Pursuit of Artistic Greatness         
The pursuit of artistic greatness has been among us for thousands of years, yet it has eluded most of us. It seems almost impossible to pursue that which we can hardly define (artistic greatness). It's not surprising that so many people who may possess all the potential they need, still fall short because they didn't realize they already possessed the single most important element. But what is the right path to the pursuit of artistic greatness?


Express Yourself         
Self Expression is the pinnacle of all art. Anything less, "is less" in my opinion. I offer you both philosophical and practical advice on how to achieve musical self expression


Is being original a musical goal you should pursue? Find out here and get real advice on how to become an original guitar player


Creativity and Expression - Part 1         
If you have ever felt uncreative, uninspired or just not expressive musically, find solutions in this article about creativity and self expression.


Creativity and Expression - Part 2         
Part 2 in this guitar articles series about creative guitar playing.


How To Develop Your Own Guitar Playing Style - Part 1 (It's All About You!)           
"How can I develop my own style... my own sound?" This is the second most frequently asked question I am asked ("How can I become a great guitarist?" is the first). As a very broad generalization, people in the United States tend to focus more on originality, in Europe people tend to focus more on mastery. Read the full guitar playing article to begin developing your own guitar playing style.


How To Develop Your Own Guitar Playing Style - Part 2         
Part 2 of this topic will take you deeper into the quest to develop your unique guitar playing style.


Songwriting - Part 1             
Discover new songwriting techniques. Expand your songwriting options and get a fresh new approach. Read the full guitar articles series on songwriting techniques.


Songwriting - Part 2           
Get more songwriting advice and use another unique process to approach your own songwriting. Part 2 will focus on melodic writing as a process. Read on to expand your knowledge of songwriting techniques.


Songwriting - Part 3           
Learn fresh songwriting techniques. Expand your songwriting options. Part 3 focuses on new rhythmic concepts. Read the full guitar articles series on songwriting techniques.


Songwriting - Part 4          
The primary focus of part 4 in this article series is to give you specific songwriting advice so that your listeners will be more likely to actually 'pay attention' to your music while listening to it. Read the entire article to learn more songwriting techniques.


Songwriting - Part 5           
Expand your songwriting options. Learn fresh songwriting techniques. Part 5 in this songwriting article series focuses on writing for more than 1 instrument. Read on to learn more songwriting techniques.


Guest Articles

Guitar Practice Myths – A Tom Hess Interview And Review Of Common Guitar Advice
Do you ever wonder if the guitar playing advice you find in online videos, forums or blogs is actually useful? The truth is, most of the conventional guitar tips you get from others might actually ‘slow down’ your progress as a guitar player. Learn how to avoid bad guitar advice by reading this special Tom Hess review of guitar practice myths conducted in interview format.

Tom Hess Interview And Review Of Common Guitar Practice Problems
One of the biggest reasons that guitar players do not make fast progress is a lack of efficient and organized guitar practice. If you do not understand how to practice guitar in a way that helps you reach your musical goals effectively, you will waste a great deal of time only to end up frustrated when you cannot play guitar how you want to. Learn how to practice guitar to reach your musical goals faster by reading advice for some of the most commonly asked guitar practice questions in this Tom Hess guitar practice review.

Reach your highest guitar playing goals fast by working with the best online guitar teacher.

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