I’m 57 Years Old. Am I Too Old To Start A Guitar Teaching Business?

Answer: In one word: No. We have very successful members as old as 66. :)

Here is the longer answer:

1. If you are thinking about starting a teaching business, you are not too old. If you were too old, the idea wouldn’t cross your mind at all. 

2. Here are some inspiring stats for you:

- The 10 oldest people to climb Mount Everest ranged in age from 65-80. 

- Ray Kroc (who made McDonald’s what it is), Colonel Sanders (who started the KFC chain), Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman and Henry Ford – all hit their (first) big successes in their mid 40’s, 50s or 60s.

- (My personal favorite): At age 95, Nola Ochs was certified by the Guinness Book of Records as… 

The world’s oldest person to graduate college!

Granted: other people’s successes have nothing to do with your potential to teach guitar. (Even though climbing Mount Everest seems to me a bit more dangerous than teaching someone how to play AC/DC songs.)

But either way: I doubt these people could have done what they did, thinking they were too old to even try. Do you?”

3. Back to teaching guitar: 

I helped many people who once through they were “too old” to teach guitar to earn a full-time living doing it. (While working part-time.). Including people who got into teaching guitar after a 20-30 year career in a different industry. 

Here are some examples:

- Tommy G. from Arizona got into teaching after 23 years in military service and a career in IT network engineering). He was 51 years old, on a tough recovery road from multiple health prolems. Today he is earning 6-figures teaching guitar.

- Maurice R from Canada got into teaching after a 30-year career in IT. He had no interest in teaching (in his own words: “I didn’t seek out teaching – it basically found me.”) He has been able to replace his (and his wife’s) income and today he is earning 6-figures per year teaching guitar.

Here are a few more case studies of members who are now earning 6-figures or more:



Note: I can't guarantee or even promise the same results to you. Your results depend on your actions.
But I can promise I'll give you the exact same training and coaching I gave to every guitar teacher who is now earning 6-figures (or multiple 6-figures) - teaching part-time.
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