I’m 18 Years Old. Am I Too Young To Earn Money Teaching Guitar Lessons?

Answer: If you are old enough to hold a job, there is no reason you can’t also earn money teaching guitar. 

Our youngest EGTIC member was just 18 when he joined and (he now earns a fulltime living teaching guitar part time).

Here is why: 

Your age will almost never be the issue someone does or doesn't decide to take guitar lessons from you. 

What assures students that you are the teacher for them is:

1. How you talk to them (what questions you ask them and how you listen). If you speak with conviction, ask questions that show you understand your prospective students’ pain points and frustrations, they will see you as a pro. (No matter your age.)

Conversely: if you don’t know how to speak to prospects in a way that earns their trust, you’ll come across as an amateur. 

2. Giving them a quick victory (a small breakthrough in their playing they can see & feel) when they first meet you. 

Get good at this and nobody will even think to ask about your age or use your age as an objection to taking guitar lessons with you.

Of course, doing these 2 skills well takes a lot of training. But here are the results I’ve helped (relatively young) guitar teachers achieve after I taught them to act like pros inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle





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