Question: I have been playing guitar for 15 years. I learned a few songs here and there. I have never pushed myself. I want to get serious and become a better guitar player. What's the best way to approach this?

Tom Hess's Answer: This is a very common question that many of my current students asked me before we began online guitar lessons together. Before I could even begin to answer to your question, I would need to know MUCH more about your guitar playing goals. Here is my suggestion to you: In order to become a better guitarist, you first need to get a clear understanding of your own musical goals and the steps required to achieve them. To learn about what you need to do to become the guitarist you want to be, visit this musical goals page. Once you have done this, you need to determine the best path to take in order to turn these goals into reality.

There are essentially two ways to do this:
1. Try to figure everything out on your own through a time consuming ‘trial and error’ approach.
2. Take guitar lessons with a guitar teacher who has helped many others (who have been in the same situation as you) reach their musical goals.
Of course, the choice for which path you choose is up to you. To become a better guitar player in a short amount of time, I recommend that you take lessons with a great guitar teacher. Study this free guide to find out how to choose the best guitar teacher for yourself.

Make serious progress in your guitar playing, learn guitar online.

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