Question: Can anyone with high guitar playing motivation become a good guitarist?

Tom Hess's Answer: In order to become a truly great guitarist, you MUST have strong guitar playing motivation and desire to play guitar. There is no way around this. However, being motivated to play guitar is not the only factor.

Learning how to become a good guitarist takes thousands of hours and many years of dedicated practice. Most guitar players have a high level of guitar playing motivation initially, but if they do not see consistent progress from their guitar practicing efforts, their motivation level begins to decline. On the other hand, if you do see consistent and measurable results from your guitar practice, your levels of motivation continue to grow further and further. To benefit the most from your natural amount of motivation, I highly recommend to study guitar with a great guitar teacher who can show you how to become the guitar player you want to be in the fastest way possible. Read this article to learn how to find the best guitar teacher for you.

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