Question: Hello Tom Hess, I only play since 2 years. Do you think it is possible for me to become a guitar teacher in let's say, 4-5 years from now? Thanks Tom

Tom Hess's Answer: Yes of course it is possible. The fastest way to become a guitar teacher is to take lessons with a great guitar teacher yourself AND get training on how to teach guitar. Although having more experience as a guitar player and musician is obviously important (and you should continue to develop these musical skills) it is a mistake to ‘wait’ until you feel confident as a guitar player before thinking about getting the guitar teacher training.

In addition it is likely that you will be teaching a lot of beginning guitar students. If you are taking lessons from a local guitar teacher or have used guitar method books yourself as a beginner than you have likely experienced linear guitar teaching approaches. I strongly advice you NOT to use a linear approach as is often taught by guitar teachers and in guitar teaching books. I suggest to begin now to learn and understand how to teach beginning guitar using my Geometric Guitar Teaching Method™.

Learn how to teach guitar for a living from an expert guitar teacher trainer.

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