Question: I've been training my guitar finger independence ever since I began first started playing. My left ring finger doesn't seem to be getting any better. I also seem to have a lot of finger tension guitar playing issues. How can I fix these things and get better results?

Tom Hess's Answer: It is very important to minimize excess finger tension in your fretting hand as you play guitar. If you use more pressure than is necessary to fret notes, you are essentially programming your muscles to play guitar in a highly inefficient manner. Find the smallest amount of pressure necessary to get the notes to sound clearly in your fretting hand.

In order to improve your finger independence on guitar, you need to practice unfamiliar ideas very slowly at first. As you do this, pay attention to how your fingers feel while they are NOT yet playing and notice the exact moment when the finger tension first begins to take over. If you notice it right when it starts to appear, it will be easier to relax it and continue playing. To see an example of how to get your mind to control your hands in this way and improve your finger independence on guitar, watch this video about developing guitar coordination.

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