Question: I've watched videos of scales etc… but still don't get the concept of phrasing and end up going back to the same minor pentatonic scale over and over. So my question is, what advice could you give me guitar soloing tips as a guideline to improve my guitar playing?

Tom Hess's Answer: Phrasing is not a skill that is specific to any particular scale. It can be applied to every scale (including the pentatonic scale). Phrasing refers to 'how' notes are played rather than 'what' notes are played.

To practice improving your lead guitar phrasing, pick a simple 3-4 note melody that is from the scale you are using to play your solo and practice playing ONLY that melody over the chords many times. Use whatever techniques you have at your disposal as a guitarist to make that melody sound creative and expressive, but do not actually change the pitches you are playing. This, in a general way is how you should practice guitar solo phrasing.

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