Question: Which is best? Teaching private guitar lessons, group guitar classes or some other method of teaching guitar?

Tom Hess's Answer: Which do you think is best? Let me guess... you think ‘private guitar lessons' right? Hmm… The vast majority of guitar teachers falsely believe private guitar lessons are the best way to teach guitar. Fact is, this is simply wrong. Certainly private guitar lessons are valuable for some situations, but its strengths are also its biggest weaknesses.

So if private guitar lessons are not best, then what about group classes, aren't they then the best option? Not necessarily. Although group classes are extremely valuable for many students, and they can provide value to your guitar students that private lessons never will.

Both private lessons and group guitar classes have their strengths and weaknesses, but the BEST guitar teaching format which will help your guitar students become superior guitar players/musicians has no weaknesses and solves the problems that these two formats cause.

I teach and train guitar teachers like yourself exactly how to do this in a special program for people who want to learn how to teach guitar. To get more details on the basic ways in which other 'innovative guitar teaching models' work, check out this video about building your guitar teaching business

In a nutshell, the main idea is to find innovative combinations between both private guitar lessons and group guitars lessons as well as other formats and ways of teaching guitar. It's best not to make 'sacrifices' in your teaching format, take the best of both worlds and combine them together into one.

Learn how to effectively teach guitar and make a good living as a guitar teacher.

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