Why Cookie-Cutter Guitar Teaching Methods Suck And How To Teach Your Guitar Students To Turn Them Into Kickass Musicians Fast

Best-Guitar-Teaching-MaterialsMany guitar teachers make a huge mistake of using the same cookie-cutter guitar method books or courses with their students.

Unless you only teach total beginners, here are some problems you will face when using this one-size-fits-all method with your guitar students:  

  1. Your guitar students will progress very slowly. Most guitar teaching methods (and books) were designed to explain musical topics, rather than help your students reach their specific musical goals. (You won’t find many guitarists who became great from studying a certain method book.)
  2. When your students don’t see the connection between the materials you teach them and their musical goals, their motivation to practice guitar goes way down.
  3. Because of problems 1 and 2, your guitar students will quit lessons with you way sooner than they should.

  4. You will have a hard time attracting new guitar students because what you are offering is no different and no better than every other guitar teacher in town. New students will have no reason to study with you vs. your competitors.
  5. Because of points 1-4, you will struggle to make good money teaching guitar.

Here is what the very best guitar teachers do to successfully teach hundreds of students (and what you can do to avoid the above problems):

Step 1: Change your mindset. Instead of teaching your students “information”, focus on getting them to DO what you want them to do… This produces far greater results. You are not in the business of “teaching guitar”. You are in the business of solving musical problems and eliminating the frustrations your students have. This is what it takes to transform your students into kickass guitar players.

Step 2: Identify what holds each of your guitar students back from reaching their specific goals. Then create a personalized strategy that will get each student where he/she wants to go. To learn how to do this, get guitar teacher training.

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Step 3: Create guitar lesson materials that help your students reach their goals. These materials can be reused with different students in ways that are consistent with the strategies you create for them (more on this below).

Step 4: Offer classes that help develop specific musical skills your students need to reach their goals. Get your students to enroll in the right combination of classes that are appropriate for their unique goals.

Common question: “Tom Hess, if I do this for all my guitar students, won’t this create an insane amount of extra work for me? Do I need to spend a lot of extra/unpaid time to create personalized lesson strategies for every single student I teach?”

Answer: No and No. “Don’t confuse guitar lesson materials with strategy. You CAN reuse the same materials with different students (since some of the skills your students need to learn will be the same), but the strategy (the order/combination of the materials) must be unique for each person.

Best guitar teaching materials

When you teach group classes (instead of traditional, ineffective 1-1 lessons) you can have multiple students in the same class who need to develop the same skills. You can easily do this even if your students are all at different skill levels. (I’ve trained hundreds of guitar teachers to successfully do this for their students.)

By enrolling your students in multiple classes they need to reach their specific goals, they will progress much faster and you won’t need to teach any additional hours to make this possible. In fact, you will teach less hours with this teaching model than a normal guitar teacher does who only teaches private 1-1 lessons (and can take on a lot more students).

When you implement these guitar teaching strategies, your business will transform in several ways:

  1. You will keep your guitar students taking lessons with you much longer (because none of the usual problems that drive students to quit lessons will exist). Study this free guide to learn more about keeping your guitar students in lessons for a long time.
  2. Your guitar students will become better guitar players faster because your new system will focus directly on their specific goals.
  3. As your students quickly develop into kickass guitarists, your positive reputation as a guitar teacher will grow and your best guitar students will refer their friends to you.
  4. Your positive reputation as a guitar teacher will help you attract more new guitar students.
  5. By delivering unmatched guitar playing results to lots of people, you will make a huge amount of money teaching guitar and have a business full of hundreds of happy guitar students.

Download this free guide to learn how to keep your guitar students from quitting.

Learn how to improve your guitar teaching skills by getting training for guitar teachers.

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