Ballbuster Magazine (USA)

by Wayne Klinger

A lot of serious guitarists out of Illinois--Dave Uhrich and Tom Kopyto to just name 2 of the last few years with Kopyto being the newest 7-string phenom. A 3-piece of 2 Hess brothers; Tom on guitar and Scott on drums,and Mike Walsh on guitars as well putting forth this 12-track gem of over an hour's worth of neoclassical,progressive release with some avid romanticism. Well received by George Bellas himself,the trio are influenced by him, Malmsteen and Jason Becker.  I agree to a certain extent with my prognosis as Friedman, Yngwie and Dream Theater. Either way you slice it,there's plenty of execution and ideas of their own of keeping this fresh and not another rehashed "run-of-the-mill" release. Very respected is the production and the guitar layout; both rhythm and lead, to keep this well in hand a great independent release. Chalk up another electoral vote for Illinois and the guitar scene going on there.

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