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HESS - "Opus 1" '99 CD. Today we have the great pleasure to make the review of a new and virtuoso American instrumental guitarist and I just wanted to let all you know that his name is TOM HESS, and he already has available a brilliant debut CD called HESS - "Opus 1" and it was released on U.S.A. just in 1999. One of the best unsigned Instrumental bands in the world. The guest list on the album is also quite impressive, because there are appearances by the Guitar Tom Hess is easily one of the most talented, impressive and serious guitarists these days !!! Kicks out classic rock rhythm and solos infused with his own individual and incredible style !!!

Hess is one of the finest rock Instrumental bands I've ever heard. I am pretty sure this CD will end up high on the yearly album charts. This is a fantastic Instrumental-album that every guitar fan should have in their collection. I can't find the right words to describe this fabulous CD other than a "classic guitar release".

The CD contains 12 superb classic Virtuoso Instrumental Guitar tracks and it is maybe the best release so far. Really a masterpiece this year !!! And this masterpiece CD contains the following 12 songs : (Exploration, Homage, Phoenix Rising, Empire, Modes Of Expression, Lydian Speaks, Imperial, Through Space And Time, Golden Colloseum, On The Brink, Queen Of Me and Palette Of Shades).

The HESS members are :

- Tom Hess plays Guitars, Bass & Keyboards. Currently he is creating a new approach for playing in the neo-classical style, with touch of wonderful harmonies, combined with progressive rock. He offer great songs with tons harmonies and quality too.

- Mike Walsh also plays Guitars with natural talent, which is simply amazing too.

- Chris Dowgun play Drums and he is always dynamic and creative.

The three musicians are ultra professional and remind me of the sound of the 80's to 90's. Together they have made a wonderful and pure instrumental guitar record that will easily find it's way to anyone that adores guitarists/bands like MARTY FRIEDMAN, YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN and DREAM THEATER...

The production of Tom Hess is really massive and huge !!! I really love this production...And I don't have anything further to add about this record other than to say that this HESS record will be one of the top albums of 2002 !!! It's hard to pick favorites, because all 12 songs are favorite tracks of mine. The band is currently playing at Clubs along American in promotion of independent "Opus 1" CD, a impressive self-made disc that is more than the soundtrack to a Virtuoso Guitar party.

A compliment to American's Guitars rock history. A true Instrumental super group of three musicians have come together here and have created a wonderfully detailed, some times quite complicated, but always entertaining album of intelligent Instrumental. All fans of pure and Virtuous Instrumental Guitars and especially those who are into JASON BECKER and GEORGE BELLAS can not miss this record, right ?!! Get this CD a.s.a.p. !!!

Check out one of their shows to see for yourself and for Show dates and other details, e-mail Tom Hess at: . Keep up the good work, guys...For more immediate information such as reviews, interviews, free MP3's, Photos and Tabs, please, visit Tom Hess website too : Okay ! Please ! If you are a great fan of Virtuous Instrumental Guitar with tons quality , Tom Hess - "Opus 1 " CD is now available and you can contact the band via e-mail: for most current In-Stock quantities or you can now order your fantastic copy for following Snail Mail address :

PO Box 113
Cary, IL

Points : 90/100.

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